Surprise, I do have a dA account!

The probable reason no one knows this, is that my handle there is Sword-Dance. The reason for that is that was obsessed with the Pokemon Absol when I made the account. (I still love Absol.) I didn't publicise it because I wasn't using it, but lately I've been getting back into it because I just like how art is presented on that website.

I want to change my username to circlejourney, y'know, for Consistency's sake, but dA has set up a smart marketing ploy in which you can only change your username with Core membership.

Here's the catch! If you're buying it for yourself, dA forces you to get at least a $15 three-month subscription. But if someone buys it as a gift (which they can do very conveniently via your profile), they can get you just one month for $5. Seeing as I literally only need Core to change my username, I don't think I want to pay $15 for something I may not use. (Or even $5 tbh, doing this as a commission just helps alleviate my guilt.)

I will be more than happy to exchange Core membership for an art piece worth close to $5 (e.g. an icon or a half body sketch). Let me know in the comments or PMs if you'd like to help me out, and thank you in advance!

By the way, I've decided that my art commissions will be back mid-May. Exciting!





whom would you like an icon of



Awww yes I can do that 👀 will discuss it when I'm up tomorrow