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Hey everyone! To start off 2019, this account and thread was made so that we could get along and chat with fellow Toyhouse members here within a specific topic of the week! Inspired by the Weekly Show Me A Character thread, a really random question or topic will be given here and everyone is allowed to answer or contribute their experiences that fits within the weekly prompt. The weekly prompt can be anything, and by anything means it can range from your hobby to your favorite thing in Toyhouse! We will try to avoid anything too personal as well as a prompt that will encourage negativity.


  • Everyone's experiences and answer may be different and we respect that, but try not to vent too much.
  • This is a general, casual chat thread that everyone can join so no sensitive or NSFW contents allowed.
  • As we mentioned casual, you're free to share as short or long as you want regarding the weekly question. Also, it may be a "weekly" question but there is no deadline and answering any past questions from previous weeks are very welcomed.
  • Please PM the mod (in private) in case any issues happen.
Finally, let's all have fun and get to know each other, as well as making new friends!

Week 15: Tell us about your favorite and least favorite seasons, and why?

Past weeks' questions or discussions: 
  • Week 1: What have you accomplished in 2018?
  • Week 2: What are the things you want to learn, but unable to for certain reasons?
  • Week 3: What is your favorite local cuisine or food?
  • Week 4: What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
  • Week 5: What are your favorite ice cream flavors and/or toppings?
  • Week 6: What is the first website you check when you open your browser?
  • Week 7: What was your first console game?
  • Week 8: Do you have any allergies?
  • Week 9: Cold showers or hot showers?
  • Week 10: Are you currently saving money for anything?
  • Week 11: Are you currently collecting anything? 
  • Week 12: Tell us about your favorite genres!
  • Week 13: What do you eat on a daily basis?
  • Week 14: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Ooh a fantastic idea for a thread!~ Thanks for making it!~

Not too much, but I did make a lot of strides in character related things. I got my universe figured out, made a second one, then fused them from an idea and that's really paid off. Being on Toyhouse has helped me quite a lot! I joined, and was active in 2017, but for the most part, I was most active in 2018!~ Hopefully still in 2019, but I mean I dunno why that'd change! And well to me, my characters mean a lot, so to be doing better with them, that's great!~ Better as in my view of them, not anyone else's. But hey I do pretty good on faves so I do something right I'd say!


I'm so happy to see my thread has inspired another thread, especially one like this because I'm loving the idea! 

Week 1: What have you accomplished in 2018?

I drew a lot and actually had a lot of fun with it! I also started doing pixel art again and realized they're a great for commissions, so as a result I have done more commissions this year than ever before. Outside of art stuff, after I finally got medical treatment to ease up my physical pains and generally improve the quality of living I've been doing so much more than ever before while living in this city! I've met people more often, I have traveled more and just in general been able to get closer to my ideal way of living like a normal dang person. 

Oh and also I finished Sinfonia's first draft script, which was my goal for this year! I ended up with a bit over 100 000 words but since then I've been adding and editing more scenes so I'm pretty sure the amount will get higher as I work on it now. I also uploaded a demo this spring & I'm almost done with the second demo, which I'll post in January unless something big and bad happens, somehow. 


Fascinating thread idea, shall be looking forward to this often

Accomplishments for the year:

  • Not failing my classes lmao
  • Drawing a lot for other people,  both requested and trades :D
  • Managed to get some jobs and make my own money
  • Started reading books again when I found the time
  • Created some ocs lol
I'm sure there's other minor accomplishments I can't recall at the moment but those listed are some pretty important ones. ^^

Started learning German which has been something I wanted to do for a decade or so now but never did because I didn’t have the resources to learn it, nowadays learning languages seems more accessible so I’ve been able to pick up vocab super quick. I’m still a beginner and I can’t really speak German but I have 500 vocab words down already which I can build off once I crack the grammar I’m having problems with! I am at a point where I recognise every 3rd/5th word and sometimes it’s enough to get the gist of the sentence when I’m watching German drama. Whilst I can’t watch/listen to German stuff for long because I still find it tiring trying to translate for more than an hour but I’m relying on English subtitles much less which is great, I am aiming to at least get to a point where I can watch drama without subtitles. I also understood most of a few Rammstein and OOMPH! songs which I found very rewarding.

Got my art to a point where I’m happy with it and I’m now able to keep things fairly consistent. Not having consistent art always used to bother me so being able to stay consistent in a style I am happy with and enjoy drawing in is a big milestone for me. Still got a long way to go as far as learning the technical aspects of drawing are concerned but I’ve got a good start in the right direction! 

Finally sat down and developed most of my 13 OC’s. Still got 4 needing developing but I’m happy with what I have so far and I’m confident it won’t take me long to develop the remaining characters!

I’m getting better with conflict de-escalation. Don’t like doing it but it’s a necessity for work at times. I don't get as flustered as I used to and the recent times I had to de-escalate something I reguarly had several passengers comment on how professional I was including those involved with the initial incident.

I can’t recall anything else but if I do I’ll add it onto this post.


What have I accomplished.... Eh...... Nothing? Well, I'll try to find a few things :

- I got my degree and started a master
- I went to the doctor (that's an achievement)
- ......

Oh god this thread is actually depressing xD 


What have you accomplished in 2018?

I got myself a new job, work with an awesome team and am constantly improving for it. I also got a payrise after 6 months of working with them :'> (admittedly my main achievements are all work based, but tbh I'm p proud of them!).

Got into the gym and go regularly, and spending a lot more time with friends than I used to. Overcame some personal things, and much comfier in life.

Travelled around Thailand for around 3 weeks, which was really amazing. (and should be going again this coming year for christmas!)

It's kinda difficult to sum up the year tbf, there's been a lot that's happened and it feels like it's been a loooong year, but there's been some really good stuff and personal development so It's really nice.

Character-wise I've gotten a lot of profile layouts done, though confess not so much writing, but I've made a good dent in art I need to get for things, and revamps and designs.

I'm sure I'll remember more soon :'>


Week 1: What have you accomplished in 2018?

- drew more than the past years, improved with anatomy and proportions a little
- started putting more effort into animations
- discovered a whole lot of new music
- 1 year anniversary with my s/o
- got into ocs again
- talked a bit more? not much irl or directly but i wouldn't have touched public forums or discords with a stick 2017 backwards
- i like to think i improved on writing and worldbuilding a little, at least
- slowly starting to get into reading again (the last time i read this much was like, elementary?)
- participated in artfight for the first time!
- properly opened commissions for the first time!

i fucked up a whole lot and my mental health is at it's lowest, but i survived!! and made it through the year!! hell yeah!!


Let's see...

  • I really don't like talking about most of my personal life but I entered college this year and live in a dorm, for my first time living kind of far away from my mother, it wasn't too bad. 
  • Opened my first commission and Paypal acc, this is the first time I was able to commissions most of my favorite artists who just never does Pts comm
  • Actually draw all my characters' fullbody references within two weeks, as well as their casual outfits
  • Biggest practice (and improvement?) of the year is getting rid of my same face syndrome, it's not perfect but there's definitely a lot of difference that also made me enjoy drawing more variety of characters now hahah
  • Joined this site, uploaded all my OCs here after years of using Weebly (which I still use) and Charahub for them. Revamped their profiles with HTML a few months later.
  • Commissioned one of my biggest inspiration in art.... I've been waiting since middle school for this moment....
  • And one of the biggest accomplishment is buying my first tablet after drawing with a mouse for almost 6~7 years. I still haven't fully converted to using a tablet (my lines and colors are cleaner when using a mouse, haha) but I did end up drawing  a lot more because of this...
  • I have no idea on what else I did but weh I'll add later 
....and lastly, the real biggest achievement this year is getting back to drawing. I've said in few other threads that I had an artblock for almost three years, and I drew a lot more artworks more than those three years combined. It's surprising that I didn't stop halfway, haha, and I have no idea how long this will stay but...it's good to be back to drawing all my characters, for once.

I wouldn't say this year was a good year (in fact, it's one of the worse haha) but if I were to forget all of that, this year have one of the biggest accomplishments I ever did when compared to past years, I guess?

  • Tabled at Shutocon against my best interests and still had an ok time
  • Survived anxiety and depression caused by illness and death
  • Destroyed Art Fight, probably my best accomplishment
  • Something something social media
  • Back into commissions
  • Bought a new laptop?

Like honestly, "nothing", really. Good hecking riddance 2018. /sigh


What have you accomplished in 2018?

  • I ascended to high school (i.e. I became a freshman)
  • I joined this site
  • I ended up actually establishing most of my characters' universe during this year (the groundwork was done in 2017)
  • I drew and designed... a lot... I also wrote a lot...
  • Got a new laptop, eh
  • Actually played Touhou on my old laptop; it was fun but I gotta figure out how to play Touhou on my Mac ASDFGHJKL-

What have you accomplished in 2018?

  • I improved my artstyle and learnt how to use Sai!
  • I finished two of my stories
  • Revived shocktopus
  • Did my first Artfight!
  • Bought exactly six kazoos
  • Was asked out, severely misinterpreted what they meant becuase i was playing said kazoo but all's well now
  • Visited my hometown in Vietnam for the first time in years
  • Got a job!
  • Became a Senior and got onto several committees
Overall i'd say it was a pretty decent year! ♥ I achieved a lot of things but lets hope that next year will be even better
  • Started to learn more about how to earn money with my art.
  • Bought a new computer with money I earned. Probably the first big purchase I've made and I felt really thrilled.
  • Learned to cope with my depression/anxiety and got medicated for it. (still a work in progress tho lol)
  • Learned to better communicate my needs and feelings in a more clear way to others. (also a wip lol)
  • Improved my self esteem a bit. 
  • Learned a lot about myself and how to listen to my body in general but there's still miles to go
It was a good year. 

- i was super afraid to open up commissions but i finally did this year and it wasn't that scary as i thought lol

- improved my art style? maybe? hey at least now i like drawings hands

- actually got comfortable with where my art is

- started reading more

- started writing. very poorly. but at least it's something lmao

not a lot eh, but not so bad either at least i'm doing some stuff unlike last year


What have you accomplished in 2018?

Well, i guess i got graduated from highschool and entered in college/university (idk what's the difference im not from usa). I also went abroad for the first time in my life. And that's it. Also my mood sucked most of the time so i guess that surviving is also an achievement lmao.


Stuff I did this year off the top of my head

-Got accepted into one of my dream schools

-Improved in ITG and DDR and made it a source of exercise

-Opened up and talked to people more

-Cosplayed for the first time

-Got to play piccolo/be section leader in band this year