Show Me Your Scientists~!

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can be mad scientists, bioligists, chemists, ANYTHING!! i just adore scientists so much!

heres my mad scientist girlie Rosie. shes a few crumpets short of a tea party oops 

sorry if somebody has done this before ;u; lmk!

Norval paranormal-thingum

technically norval is a scientist. legally he is considered a scientist. but even though he works in a lab and everything he never actually does anything science-related except for making everyone EXTREMELY aware that he has VERY CAREFULLY read the worker's safety manuals by saying they can't do anything even vaguely against the rules and guidelines. he is in practice more of a very aggressive hall monitor than a scientist

...actually why haven't they fired him yet

Avery Vyner FellowPigeon

I love scientist characters!

Avery is an aspiring 'Mad Scientist' and has even managed to get some of their more outlandish projects to work (although they haven't yet found that they aren't technically doing science)

Also I'm currently working on Steam punk inspired scientist for my Heteka Bay story In short, he built a time machine and travels into the future only to find himself in a alternative version of history.

The Dollmaker TheBottomOfTheTrash

Oof, scientists are so fun ;w; I have a weakness for mad scientists and doctors but The Dollmaker and Doctor H. Beat are the first two that come to mind!

The Dollmaker is a mad scientist obsessed with his power to bring any stuffed animal he makes, any object he sews, function like a living organism. He often experiments on himself by cutting off parts of his body and sewing them back with fabric to see the effects, and carries around a bag of nearly finished creatures to attack and mutilate people. 

Doctor H. Beat is a super paranoid surgeon who believes everything can be explained logically, no matter the cause, and is terrified of being killed in his line of work. He takes EXTREME precautions so he'll be sure his patients don't hurt him and his room is full of rambling notes over every patient he's ever had in the prison he works in.

Darron (?) Kitten_Kush

This fellow is a scientist of sorts :) He mainly is a biologist gardener but his scientific studies and degrees allow him to gain access to plant species that are otherwise unobtainable! Through years of studies and research, he had met his doom through his passionate hobby ;u; falling victim to an alien plant species he held within his greenhouse without proper equipment! 


Posting OOC because I HAVE TOO MANY. Can’t link cuz I’m on mobile, but if you dig around you’ll find eight.

Henri Akumanorobin

Here's henri, a chaotic neutral scientist that wants, and will, achieve his goal no matter how many test subjects he needs for his experiments.

Lance Sadismancer


Hector Chimney

Your typical mad scientist dude *sHRUGS*

Rita Acharya manyface

ohhh boy here she is! 

Oliver Lucas Kane HowlingCat

A good ol' scientist nerd here~

Hippolyte Seiden

Their profiles aren't finished yet, I'm going to work on them during holidays... but here are mines!
I love scientists too, maybe because I'm one myself, ahah.

Hippolyte is a geneticist.
Méristème is a botanist.
And Daniel Bleykasten is... well, a Pokémon Professor o/ still counts as a scientist ?

Pandora Writer SweetlyViolent

frickin tiny genius over here 

she's gonna be scary when she's an adult im sure

n hella condescending  

Desmond ScarletGamerArtist

A robotics scientist! :)

44 brightlyblue

44 is a surgeon that specializes in cybernetics, if that counts~