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A brand new bug report thread - report your bugs here! After several months of missing forum posts because I wasn't getting notifications, I figured I'd create this. Check below to see if your bug is described and try the fixes (if applicable). If that doesn't resolve the issue, then feel free to post a bug report below and I can give you personalised help! This can also help me with identifying and fixing bugs.

Bug report form

  • Operating system and browser:
  • Description of the bug:
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available):
  • Screen captures (if available):

Common bugs and how to fix them

Stuck on loading screen

Description: You're stuck on the loading screen with the spinny wheel. The load screen doesn't disappear. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Your browser, adblocker or VPN is blocking JavaScript on the page, preventing the site from functioning.
  • The browser is storing a cached (outdated) version of the code (possibly because I forgot to do proper cache busting, my bad), and mismatches in code files are causing errors.
  • Your custom code is causing Ace Editor to crash (e.g. having HTML tags inside an HTML comment confuses Ace Editor's code parser).

Fix: To isolate the cause, the first thing to do is open the browser's console (usually F12) and see if the error messages give you any insights. Then, check if the site loads fine in incognito/private browsing. If it is also broken in incognito, it is probably an issue with your browser, firewall or VPN blocking some of the script files: see if turning that off makes it load. If it's OK in incognito, and you have an adblocker extension, turn that off and see if that fixes it.

If you're sure the above things are not the cause, go to the code editor and hit Ctrl+Shift+R or Cmd+Shift+R. This will force the browser to download any new code files to replace cached versions.

If the problem still persists and you're sure the code is causing the problem, click the hard reset link on the loading screen, which should download your code into files and clear the code panels. Occasionally, it can be that my website is broken in some way, in which case simply drop a comment below.

Code has disappeared after reopening the editor

Description: You open the code editor, and all your code that you were working before has disappeared. Sometimes, a couple of lines still remain. This happens occasionally, and I still haven't figured out the cause of it. As of adding the "backup restore" feature, there is now a way to retrieve a backup from the last time you edited it.

Fix: First thing is, do NOT refresh the page as this could replace your backup. Delete everything from the text field that bugged out. The trash icon will turn into a trash-undo icon . If all went well, the previous version of the code when you last closed the editor should now show up inside the relevant text field.

CSS that works on Toyhouse is broken on code editor

Description: After pasting CSS from Toyhouse into the code editor's CSS area, there are no visible changes in the preview, or it doesn't show up as expected. This is almost always because the CSS code is trying to import a stylesheet from a private Toyhouse URL that this code editor can't see. Check for a line that looks like @import 'some/characters/here'.

Fix: Toyhouse import rules are intentionally designed to prevent theft of CSS sheets. One workaround is to fetch the CSS from the relevant profile's page source code, but please do not do this without permission from the creator of the CSS.

HTML that works on Toyhouse is broken on code editor

Description: The theme looks fine on Toyhouse but on the code editor it "explodes" and things are in the wrong places. This usually happens because of missing closing tags (e.g. a li doesn't have a matching /li). Toyhouse applies some back-end processing to your code after you post it and automatically fixes missing end tags, but my code editor doesn't have that functionality.

Fix: Look for missing closing tags. Some of Ace editor's tools can be useful for that—clicking the little down arrow next to a start tag will cause the entire element to collapse, if you have properly closed it. If Ace can't find a matching closing tag, the element will fail to collapse.

HTML that works on code editor is broken on Toyhouse

Description: The code looks and interacts just fine on the editor, but on Toyhouse, certain elements look broken (usually split up in weird ways), or interactive elements don't function as expected when clicked. This happens because Toyhouse applies some back-end changes and cleanup to your code after you post it, before it is displayed. It is picky about certain formatting, e.g. it doesn't like div tags inside a tags, and only supports clickable/interactive a and button tags.

Fix: Check if you have any div tags inside a tags or are trying to use a div tag as an interactive element (these 2 situations are the most common). Generally, check if you have any block elements (like div) inside inline elements (like a or span).

Cursor is visually displaced from actual typing input

Description: Your cursor is one place, but when you type, the text appears somewhere else. Sometimes mouse interactions are also displaced. This is a visual glitch caused by Ace Editor's rendering, usually occurring when the editor is resized.

Fix: Refreshing the page will usually fix this.

Import widget says that import is not allowed (even after adding "allow-thcj-import" line)

Description: Even after adding the "allow-thcj-import" line, attempting to import the code from Toyhouse leads to the same error message stating that import is not authorised. Usually this is because the character is on auth only.

Fix: You can authorise my bot account fuchsiamoonrise to let the code editor "see" your auth only characters.

  • Operating system and browser: Windows 11 - Using Google Chrome
  • Description of the bug: I wanted to test the new mobile preview feature and it worked but when I returned to the desktop preview, there's a bug where it sent the code I was working on into the sidebar. I tried removing it by deleting all of the code but it seems trapped in there. I think it can be fixed by clearing my cookies but I just wanted to let you know about it.
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available): n/a because I took out the code and it's still there lol
  • Screen captures (if available):
    • image.png?width=1247&height=671

Ahh, it looks like the HTML may have gone to the Blurb area. This seems to happen sometimes and I need to get to the bottom of it - were you editing the Blurb HTML at any point? And did the code jump there immediately after removing mobile view?


Oh, I didn't even know the blurb section could be clicked into to edit the side-bar so no, I've never edited the Blurb HTML at any point.    And the code jumped there immediately after removing mobile view. Though I tried doing what I did again to see if I can replicate the problem but I was unable to get the same results.


im still having this issue. the older versions work just fine but the newest one has this issues


im also having this issues


Operating system and browser: Linux (Lubuntu) - Firefox version 111.0.1
Description of the bug: Using a template that using Font Awesome codes. After the latest update the same code is displaying the wrong icon. I assumed it was something on Font Awesome's end, but trying the code in ToyHouse it uses the correct icon.
Code that made the bug appear: The spinning icons in dualitas
Specifically: i class="fal fa-solar-system fa-spin mr-n4 mt-n2" style="font-size:15rem;color:#0e5c11;opacity:0.2;"
Screen captures (if available):
Image from ToyHouse, showing the correct icon:

Image from the Live Editor: (Look behind the character name, and in the top left corner)
Both are using the same code.


Thanks for the report! It looks like the code editor isn't finding the icon in the embedded font. Did it work alright before the update?


Yes, it did. Didn't have any issues before


Yep, found the cause of the issue, will be fixed in the next update!


  • Operating system and browser: Windows 11
  • Description of the bug: Stuck on the loading screen - Site is offline?
I've already tried hard resetting the editor but I still get the error screen. I got a pop up saying Cloudfare ( ? ) was offline, but I closed it not thinking it was related so I can't provide a screenshot.

Oh weird. It's possible Cloudflare may have had a brief outage - I just took a look the site seems to be online for me. Do you still get the error?


oh it's back, although my cache is gone - thankfully i downloaded it! thank you!

  • Operating system and browser: Windows 10 - Opera GX
  • Description of the bug: some of the colours are messed up, but not all of them? i tried with multiple codes i have and they all have messed up colours :(
  • Screen captures (if available):



Hmm it's possible the color picker update is doing something to it. Would you he able to share screencaps of what they're meant to look like on Toyhouse? And links to the original code if available?


i already added screencaps of how they're supposed to look and how it looks on the code editor! :0

also there are the codes i used for the examples


Ohh, didn't notice that each one was two images, oops. That's unusual, it looks like some of the default bootstrap colours are showing up different in the editor and on TH, rather than any custom hex codes. I'll investigate it.


hello! i figured it out!!
my partner started having the same issue so i investigated for a while and it was an error with opera gx, something with the "force dark mode" option
still thank you for taking the time to reply 💖


That would do it! I was wondering about that - might look into whether I can force it to look the same as TH!


Operating system and browser: windows, mobile, Google Description of the bug: I was editing a code for my oc, everything was okay. i saved it to look how it looks (did this many times never had any problems with it), and i wanted to continue edting the code and the field is empty, but on my character page everything is showing up as it should, i didn't delete anything and it still works fine. i just can't see or edit the code, i tried restarting my laptop and phone and logged in and out of my th but it did nothing, i only have this with one of my ocs Screen captures (if available): im at war with th today LOL idk how to put a screenshot in here, sooo

i made a page with the screenshots


You may be looking for the Toyhouse help desk - my code editor is on a separate website and I have no affiliation with the actual Toyhouse site!

  • Operating system and browser: windows 10 + v114.0.2 of firefox (though this has been happening for a couple of versions)
  • Description of the bug: code breaks on the editor but not in toyhouse profiles? this appears to have happened after i used the 'format html' button on this code for a previous character
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available): (original, unedited code) , my edited code after i used 'format html' (character details arent gonna be up to date but i dont think thats whats affecting it (as in basic non html text), if you want a version of the code edited by me w/o having used 'format hmtl' lmk!)
  • Screen captures (if available): , its a video because pictures couldnt show the bug properly imo
i admitedly didnt know how to send bug reports until a while after i descovered this haha

the code ends up being fine despite being displayed all wonky on the site it seems ( thats the profile where i first found the error using the code editor)

update from a few hours later : i just formated a messy code and that did in fact cause the issue. it seems to be visual though like i said


Thanks for the report and the video! I just looked into it and found what's causing the issue in the formatted version of the code: there's an <i> tag that's missing the matching closing </i> tag inside the personality section (the paragraph about the character's personality). Once I remove that i tag, it all seems to display normally. Toyhouse's backend probably adds in the missing closing tag to "fix" the code; this is a known difference in behaviour from the code editor. I'm not sure how the formatter introduced that issue but would you be able to check if the unformatted version also has the unpaired <i> tag?


hmm i cant find any unparied <i> tags in an unformated version, it most likely got thrown in by me copy pasting a line from another code by accident! thank you for the help, ill be sure to keep an eye out for stray tags from now on o7

  • Operating system and browser: ipad pro, 11 inch // opera, chrome
  • Description of the bug: when trying to use the editor using any browser on an iPad, it’s seemingly impossible to use. in horizontal mode the code boxes take up 90% of the screen and can only be dragged upwards, and in vertical mode the text boxes themselves no longer exist. 
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available): N/A
  • Screen captures (if available): r3VxnR5.jpg
  • ZfTpgwM.png


i don’t know what changed or if it’s my browser swap, but this has apparently fixed itself…?


Oh, that's weird, but it wouldn't be the first time - sometimes the old version of the code can be cached by the device. I'll have to test it more on ipad because I do admittedly tend to neglect to test it with browsers that I can't easily access!


that’s absolutely okay and understandable! funny enough, it’s my beta testing browser where it worked fine, haha 


Not wholly sure it counts as a bug since it's browser-specific but:

  • Operating system and browser: Windows 10 / Opera GX
  • Description of the bug: When attempting to click through the navigation tabs in the editor, it will not switch to show contents of the tab or recognize that it was clicked, and clicking the first tab will only skip down to below the navigation. Tested in a different code and navigation also breaks there. Note: this does work correctly on Chrome, so it seems to likely be an effect only in Opera GX
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available): / 
  • Screen captures (if available): N/A

Hmmm I'd like to fix this if I can, would you be able to load the above code in, click a tab, then open the console (Ctrl + Shift +J) and send a screencap or copy/paste what's in there?


I hope this is what you need! It looks like its the same before and after clicking tabs too? 

Edit: even without code in it boots up with that too, if that helps at all



Yep, that's the one. Interesting, the SyntaxError messages don't show up elsewhere - the errors are making it seem like the browser isn't loading the files fully. There's more I could investigate but it might be a good idea for me to install Opera GX and check it myself - I've had a few people mention issues that only happen on Opera GX. Is it possible it has some sort of adblocker or VPN installed?


For some reason it randomly had started working for me a few days after the initial report so I have absolutely no idea! I don’t thiiink Opera has default ad block or VPN, though. Best I can think is the usage limiters? 


The team might already be working on it but I was recommended to report this bug by someone on a forum thread of me asking about it. The forum thread can be found here. EDIT: Added my phone to operating system as well since it happens to me on mobile too.

  • Operating system and browser: Windows 10 and Moto G Power(android), Opera GX (Note: I also tried google chrome and got the same error)
  • Description of the bug: Whenever I try to submit an image for a character it tells me that the site can't be reached. I can upload blank characters with no images just fine. I've only managed to brute force it to post an image/character twice. This also only started happening to me last night. 
  • Link to code that made the bug appear (if available): N/A
  • Screen captures (if available): 1VElQzh.png

Hi, this looks like a bug with the Toyhouse site; you might be looking for this forum: !


hey! posting for a friend who is having trouble with the site, idk if there is anything you can do about this, but i wanted to check and see.

my friend has tried opening toyhouse on multiple devices, their pc, their iPad, and their phone but it just crashes. on ALL devices it does this. it can open the page but as soon as they try to do anything it will crash.

idk if its just something on their end, or something on the site's end.


Just want to double check - are you referring to the Toyhouse site ( or the Toyhouse editor (


the site, !


Oh gotcha, in that case you might be looking for this forum.


sorry for posting on the wrong thing, then!! have a great day, man!



Operating system and browser: macOS - Safari

Description of bug: Code is jumbled on the display and is with other attempted codes. Website worked fine yesterday and I already tried clearing my cache + cookies and doing a hard reset of the website.

Link to code: I used multiple codes, but the one I wanted to use is the first link: |

  • Operating System and Browser: Windows 11 and Chrome
  • Link to code that made the bug appear: Hospital's ID by Butchery / Boggle by Pinky
  • Description of the bug: "HTML that works on Toyhouse is broken on code editor" exept I've used these codes before on the editor with no problem. It's happening with a few select codes but I'll focus on Nishiki and Rikano - the code seems to break and there is seemingly no reason aside from a really small error at the bottom after the last div but when I try to add more divs it doesn't work and when I hover over it, the tooltip doesn't show what's wrong.
  • Screen Captures: Under the spoiler to save space
For some reason, some codes work but these two dont - even when I post the raw code from pastebin. I don't know if I'm missing something but the only "errors" I get (I mean the little crosses on the side on the html box) are for the comments that don't effect the code because they use more than 2 dashes.



Theres also this error at the bottom of the code that just doesn't tell me what the problem is. Again, I thought it was because I'm missing a /div but it stays there, even when I scroll. There's no note that pops up when I hover over it either.

I could be really stupid and missing something that's super obvious but I'd really like some help/advice if it's not too much of a problem, thank you! ^^


MelonCipher Ashymations RavenRainProductions - so, I took a look at each of your codes and it looks like the problem is that certain tags (e.g. <i> tags for Font Awesome icons) aren't being closed properly.

Technically this is an issue with the HTML - but I recognise that the behaviour is not easy to understand, and it's not immediately clear why it's happening (+the editor used to handle these unclosed tags just fine). It started happening after I updated code parsing yesterday, to fix a different bug (HTML tags inside comments made the editor freeze).

I have partially rolled back yesterday's update while I figure out a better solution for that other bug. Those codes work for me now, but let me know if it's still not working!


Ahhh, they're working for me now thanks!! I didn't realise that they weren't closed properly, I'll be sure to tripple check next time for that, thank you sm!! (ᵔ◡ᵔ)


They're working now, thank you so much! <3