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There are never too many compliment threads, so I wanted to go ahead and make one more! 

All you need to do in this game is to look at the gallery given to you by the user above, and then say something nice about their art! Maybe you really like their aesthetic, or maybe their composition skills are top notch! The compliments can be anything, as long as it's related to the art itself: simply complimenting the topic of piece choices doesn't cut in this thread, but you're obviously allowed to mention that as well. This is also a game where I really wish people will put effort into their posts and be sincere: give others the kind of comment you'd like to receive yourself. 


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@TheFaeryKing Your colors may be bright but they're amazing! I love the fact that you're willing to work with such bright colors in this fashion! It's honestly inspiring! When you use more pastel colors I think those pieces look great and the more faded or darker colors really make a contrast in your gallery which is great for a lot of reasons! Your style comes off as very cute and rounded! Round is your shape and you own it! I certainly never seen an art style like it before and that really stands out to me! You have amazing stuff and even more amazing potential!


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CosmicJellie Although your art is digital, your linework has this almost real-media "inky" quality that I really like; it feels handmade and has character. Your coloring is super soft, too: I love the warm colors you use and the gentle gradations in tone in pieces like this one, and the colored interior lines are such a nice touch. Your art has a really unique look, and you have tons of potential. c:

My art: http://hedgemaze.tumblr.com/ 

Thank you!!


hedgemaze Dude your art is SUPER GOOD!! like uhmm? I really love how you color, its super nice and bright! I also love the lighting and shading its super good! also the anatomy is awesome! you nail anatomy you make it look super good! you do backgrounds very well in my opinion!! I can see you getting somewhere with your art. I also love the way you draw animals! you make them look super cute!

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Okay, so, to start off, your art style is super cute. I absolutely love the chibi look that you have on some of the art you've done. The colors you use are usually not too dark but they aren't so neon bright that your eyes bleed, which is honestly just the way i like colors on anything. I enjoy your art a lot and really hope to see it again in the future!


Casinopolis I find it to be very charming! I love how cartoony your style is, the simplicity of the art makes it stand out. The colors you use are very pretty too, and I have noticed that you use a decent amount of pastels, and natural tones and I really like that a lot. I also love how expressive you tend to make your art, it's not like they're just looking somewhere, they're feeling something. All in all very cute!



I liek how bubbly, soft, and plump everything looks. It seems liek you go for a lot of curves and circles with your works so it comes out round and plump looking XD Silly I know. Youre colors blend with the lineart so it looks seamless. and i like that you keep the messy lines in your sketches 


LunaBell I absolutely ADORE how you shade things, especially when you use gradients! This one in particular really jumped out to me with the super stylish and subtle yet visible hair gradient; I personally find gradients are often hard to pull off to look natural, but you do it perfectly! I also really, really like how you color your lineart: it gives a nice, soft feeling to them especially since your brush seems to be more on the softer side than sharp and crisp, in terms of texture at least! Your way of drawing eyes is also absolutely gorgeous, the way you do the glimmer and use colors to highlight certain parts is so pleasing to good at and perfectly aligns with your overall style

Something I also noticed is you really know how to use composition for your advantage! The way the characters you draw take up the space on canvas is honestly making me envious a bit, because the way you do it makes it possible single color backgrounds actually look really good and give all the attention to the character, whereas I often feel I have to add a lot of details to the bg or the character ends up drowning into it. 

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Caine !!! Holy hek! Your art is so pretty!

I love the colors on all your drawings- they’re so aesthetically pleasing aHhh! And your pixel art is super super pretty! I find it very hard to do pixel art myself but you do it so perfectly crying at how lovely your art is ;A;


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Your art gives off lots of soft and chill vibes. Even with your sketches, you have a rather distinct style and a great grasp on drawing humans. The way you draw hair just makes me really happy,, it looks so bouncy and full of life, like it has actual weight to it. I don't know how to link on here (i'm an idiot, i know) but your recent sketch of Maxwell captures everything I love about your style perfectly. The colors are so bright and happy and the lines are so sketchy and soft. Everything is clearly defined even though it's rather sketchy, and I love it. You've got some great work. <3

(i recently posted a bunch of older artwork. please ignore the first two rows of page 2 and anything else that looks particularly old. thanks!)


I absolutely love your art! The characters you draw express such personality, which makes them all really charming! The lines are really smooth and well-done, and the shading and lighting are gorgeous; you have a really good sense of where shadows should be, and it definitely adds more life than there already is! Your backgrounds and environments are equally polished and complement the characters well! You've earned yourself a new DA watcher, because you're severely underrated.

Here's my DA!


I love your lining! It's very clean and very well put together. I, myself, have a horrible time keeping lineart straight and you're so much better at it. XD You also have such clean cell shading. <3

My art: http://callmekatzchen.tumblr.com/archive/filter-by/photo

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Thanks so much. About the profile too. ^^



You are such a prolific artist! I respect the amount of art you make, that's impressive to me. I think you have a way with female character designs—it's great seeing a variety of body types and appearances; they all feel distinctly you (you have a very recognisable way of stylising faces, especially in profile) but also unique and distinguishable. Also, you have a very illustrative style that can be both striking and soft, the former kind in such images as the first one here, and the latter kind with stuff like your icon. It has a storybook feel with its detailed linework coupled with painterly colours.

(Side note: can I just say I'm loving the look of your user profile?)

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