Opposite characters!

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I thought this would be fun-- like the Similar OCs game, this is the opposite!

Look at the character above you, and post IC as a character who is their opposite! Maybe the character above is outgoing, and yours is shy; they're a tiny fairy and yours is a hulking brute; they're a succubus and yours is an angel; they love pineapple pizza and yours thinks it's an abomination-- have fun with whatever differences you can find!


  • It's fine to post characters who have no description (and let the person below compare only by appearance), but try to pick a character you think someone can find something to respond to.
  • It's ok to do comparisons like "Bob is male and Jenny is female" or "Spirit is a wolf and Craig is a human," but try to add in more comparisons than just those, if you can!
  • You can post as little as one simple comparison, but it's fun if you can think of several, or if you can think of something a little in-depth (comparing personalities or backstories, etc.)!
  • Let at least two people post before going again. Try to vary the OCs you post, if you can.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

I'll start with this guy. How is your OC unlike him?

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♛Rutherford♛ LifeInCartoonMotion

Vasilij keeps people at arm's length while Rutherford always wants to be the center of attention.

Garzlan starfast

Rutherford is blunt and agressive. Garlzan is very passive and tends to sugar coat things quite a bit. 

Connor Hawk kittyee

Garzlan is slow to anger and forgives others easily, but Connor is very short tempered and holds grudges. 

Fishbowl alexlion0511

fishbowl is a bad fighter and tries to stay out of trouble

Bear Trap Dangerine

Bear Trap loves to watch things get demolished and laughs when others get hurt. What an asshole.

Glaucio Goldenqilin

Glaucio is calm and level-headed. He’s rather quiet, as well.

Cathedral Finches

Cathedral grew up in a wealthy household, and has a smug/arrogant/fiery personality. He frequently gets himself in trouble with his mouth as well.

Ventera Swissy

Unlike Cathedral, Ventera doesn't like long walks and punk fashion. he also has a calm personality opposite of his fiery personality. Vent's purple colour scheme is also an opposite colour of cathedral's yellow according to the colour wheel (a complementary colour basically)

Lithani Ahju FoofyFaun

Ventera is anxious, hates being the center of attention, fragile, and has good self-control.

Lithani loves ALL the attention, piratically invites pain if it means having a challenging fight, (although she is a sore loser) is very loud, and has little to no self-control. Especially when it comes to anger management.

Vetitum Armis Historia

Unlike Lithani, Vetitum isn't loud, and also, he's dead, while Lithani is alive.

Zamir hedgemaze

Vetitum is fearless, nimble, and proficient with a sword (also, he's a ghost).

Zamir is fearful and a mess who isn't really great at anything (and he's alive).

❤️ かわいい 🖤 clownymoon

she doesnt know the meaning of the word dextrous which is fine since she is the farthest thing from elegant 

shes just determined to have lots of fun in her afterlife time!

Nathan Parodiea TheLadyAnatola

Nathan is alive and basically afraid of everything. He's often too anxious and uncertain to do anything out of the box to have fun.

Connor Hawk kittyee

Nathan is shy, weak willed, and doesn't have a good relationship with his family, Connor is outgoing, strong-willed and very close to his family! 

Zoe suckerlouv

Connor has a good relationship with his siblings and is good at fighting.

Zoe has an awful relationship with his brother (they almost never talk) and is very weak physically, he would pass out with a single punch.


Zoe isn't hostile to anyone tho, I stan a polite boi™