Opposite characters!

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I thought this would be fun-- like the Similar OCs game, this is the opposite!

Look at the character above you, and post IC as a character who is their opposite! Maybe the character above is outgoing, and yours is shy; they're a tiny fairy and yours is a hulking brute; they're a succubus and yours is an angel; they love pineapple pizza and yours thinks it's an abomination-- have fun with whatever differences you can find!


  • It's fine to post characters who have no description (and let the person below compare only by appearance), but try to pick a character you think someone can find something to respond to.
  • It's ok to do comparisons like "Bob is male and Jenny is female" or "Spirit is a wolf and Craig is a human," but try to add in more comparisons than just those, if you can!
  • You can post as little as one simple comparison, but it's fun if you can think of several, or if you can think of something a little in-depth (comparing personalities or backstories, etc.)!
  • Let at least two people post before going again. Try to vary the OCs you post, if you can.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

I'll start with this guy. How is your OC unlike him?

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Kana Historia

Dominus is a ruler, but Kana, herself, is not! She also doesn't wear a crown, and she doesn't like wine either.

Marcel 21ky

whereas Marcel is purely natural colors, Kana is much more lively and colorful!!

Direke moryonenn

Unlike Marcel, Direke doesn't have parlour skills, but their tail can hold their whole weight.

Santiago hedgemaze

Direke has a hard time with public speaking, doesn't like attracting attention, and tends to get taken advantage of; Santiago craves attention, loves performing, and only cares about his own needs. Direke is also good at math, while Santiago really isn't book smart at all, and Direke is sex-repulsed, which Santiago definitely is not. Of course, they're also different species.

Hiromasa muwi

Santiago sings as he plays songs, and I presume he likes that, Hiromasa hates singing and playing music at the same time - he thinks the two should never go together.

He also plays a modern insturment, a guitar. Hiromasa plays a more traditional one, a biwa!

Santiago is pretty popular, especially with girls? Not only does Hiromasa's personality make him hard to be favoured by women, he can't talk to them at all (with a few exceptions)!

Zeveilt Althren totokatokako

even though both hiromasa and zeveilt are musicians, zeveilt sings instead of playing an instrument! he's also REALLY popular as hes naturally charming

Pazzia RadiantRaindragon

Zeveilt is friendly and positive, while Pazzia is grumpy and withdrawn. Also, Zeveilt seems pretty extroverted/outgoing while Pazzia is the absolute opposite of that.

Tremor Polymorphus

Pazzia hates kids, but Tremor kinda likes them! There's moment in his story where all the town kids start climbing all over him and he just lays there and lets it happen XD

Tomoko🎀 Sevenlole

Well, while Tremor likes kids, Tomoko despise them ! D:

Midori Memesogic

Hates everyone. She doesn’t!

Scurvy hedgemaze

She is a vegetarian; he hates vegetables!

Nero glizzrybear

Esmerae loves blood but Alpha's queasy AF :"O!

Casanova Hutcherson Kirbygal

Alpha is a smiling ball of sunshine and loves sweets but Casanova rarely smiles since he's super stoic/ unemotional, and he dislikes sweet things (except for one thing lol)

Spike RadiantRaindragon

Casanova is stoic, unemotional and perhaps somewhat unfriendly; Spike is open, friendly and outgoing. Also Casanova is very tall and Spike is kind of short.