What superpowers would the OC above have?

Posted 11 months, 18 days ago (Edited 11 months, 17 days ago) by Meowdle

The title pretty much explains it! Just look over the above character's information and, based on that information that you've read, decide on what power(s) that character would have! Make sure to explain what that power does, if it's not obvious. Bonus points if you explain why you think they would have that power!

If this already exists, just let me know and I'll delete this ^^

There's just a few rules! -

- Make sure to post IC so that the person below knows what character to look at.
- Please look at the above character's information instead of just randomly giving them a power for no reason. You don't have to look at their entire bio, just enough to get the gist of it.
- Be nice! This is not a thread to bash people or their characters.
- Please don't just choose powers that the character already has. Be creative!
- Don't put any NSFW powers. Some violent powers are okay, but if you think that it could be sensitive to some people please put it in a spoiler box.
- Please don't just put a joke power unless the person above specifically specifies that they are okay with that!

Smokey firebuug

this sounds cool!!

i think haddock would have hydrokinesis and the ability to talk to marine animals!!! maybe he’d be proficient in a certain language, like dolphin or shark!!!!

Yotaro Shinn haiiroko

Ooo, I think Smokey would have the ability to control flowers and vines! Maybe he would also be able to turn into smoke and move faster??? Like smoke teleportation of something??? That would be cool!

No joke powers please!

Marina cr0wn

Maybe telekinesis or some kind of super strength?

Astrophel celestiials

She might have the ability to detect lies/dishonesty or have heightened empathy? I can see her have either power

Please try to avoid joke powers if possible! ^^;

Vitoria Estevan Kuuta

Hmm, possibly Astrophel could have the power to bend wind/air into his will?

Meros VincentVanGoat

I could see her with something like being able to take anger she would feel and make it work, by boosting her abilities ten fold. So if she has to put someone in her group in line, she'll not kill them, but if someone she truly hates decided to cross her, or even worse, anger her with remarks that'd get her pissed, yeah they'll probably be crushed beneath her pure rage, turned into super powered strength. Hopefully that made sense.

EDIT: No one could think of one for Vangoat so I'll change it up to Meros.

EDIT:Heck yeah, bards are great, I like that idea.

 trade VioletValentine870

I could see Meros having the same types of powers as a Bard- able to influence people and situations through music, perhaps?

Pierce qrizzly

pyrokinesis is the first thing that came to my mind! i think amelia would just use it to light small fires to keep her and others toasty though, haha


I thought of invisibility ! It could come in handy when getting (wrongfully so) harassed by those bullies ! and to pull off some pretty sick pranks ....

Castiel Cochise

Suduction! I think she’s be able to make any human being swoon at the bat of an eye~


I think that they would have some kind of fire or heat related power. 

Thomas Snowden kittyee

Hes so cute he just makes all evil people explode because they can't handle the cute

OK but seriously I think it would be cool if he could control flowers?? Like he can make them move sort of like a flower telecinesis I'm not sure how to spell that though

Vahasi DrockREQ

Thomas looks cunning, I think he would have invisibility and use it really well.


(sniped lol, amended to fit the new character)

its hard to gauge since i cant like, see the design lol, but based on what there is of the profile, maybe teleportation? kinda short range but, the ability to zap to be behind someone directly, or across the room and in your way in the blink of an eye. might make those who witness it a little nauseous as their brains try to catch up.