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This world is for the closed species called War Paint Demons, or Warpas for short. Our species is aimed towards mature audiences, since our lore contains a few dark subjects such as: violence, religious/cult influences, and others. Because of this, we recommend being 18 or older if you wish to join.

You'll be able to find all of our group's information in here and if you own a Warpa, feel free to join and link your demon to this world!

Warpas were created by Mama-Choco  and we ask that you please do not make your own without permission.

About Warpas...
War paint demons are nightmare monsters that lurk in the many regions of Dante’s Inferno. They use their psychic powers to find nightmare energy in the human world and feed from it. Warpas' bodies are greyscale and so they use a special colored paint to create markings on their skin that allows them to gain their own unique identity.


How to Join!
If you are interested in becoming a member, we recommend joining the discord server first as that is where our community interacts the most. Once there, you'll be able to get a Warpa by keeping an eye on: Adoptables, yearly FTO Make your own events, raffles or member trade/resales. We also have a MYO purchase hub that opens seasonally.


Extra Resources

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Monthly Events


Nothing for the month of November! Be sure to keep an eye out for the Secret Satan sign ups at the end of this month.

Come Back Soon!

"See you again, Sinner!" 

Latest Bulletin


Happy December! It is, once again, the end of the year. A magical month where the festivities and jolly time can be felt even in hell. Every demon is excited about the holidays, a time where they can spend besides their family or loved ones and open presents, dine together or just cuddle up in front of the fireplace. It has certainly been a hectic year for everyone and maybe we went through harsh times or we experienced something that we have never experienced in our lives. But what about your Warpas? Did they experience some type of growth this year? Did they meet new people? Did they lose someone important? Did they move to another place? If not, do they have some type of goal for next year?

For this prompt, we want you to create a Christmas Card using your Warpa in a winter/holiday setting. You will create the front, which will have the main illustration + whatever message you want to put (Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, etc) and a From___ To___. You can fill these out or leave them blank. But you will also create the back of the card and there, you will add a little message. This message can be addressed to someone in your Warpa's life or it can be a general message of what your Warpa wishes to accomplish in this following year. You are free to make them digitally or traditionally. 


• Can be a digital or traditional full body, half body, or chibi. Can be painted or pixel, whatever you want! Feel free to get creative but it MUST be colored.
• Needs to have a Holiday greeting at the front (Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc) at the front and the From____ To____
• Must be original art, cannot use bases

• Cards must have a card outline/composition. It will not count for this prompt if it does not look like a card.
• You can include multiple Warpas in a card or create multiple cards. Max 3 cards.

• If you choose to create different cards, each card must be different. So have different drawing/decorations/colors/etc. You cannot just use the same card template on all 3. Get creative with them~ 
• When handing in your entries, please put the front and back together in one same file. 


You will gain +400 DC bonus for every card you make. We will compile all the cards at the end of the event to make a card collage of all of the entries.

Submit your entries to the #submission-Gallery channel in our discord or under this bulletin. Event ends on Dec 31st.