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Help / Troubleshooting

[GUEST FRIENDLY] Need clarification on a rule? Unsure how to work a function of Toyhou.se or Discord? Think you might want to join Anathema, but you're not sure? Get help from staff and fellow members here!
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Find roleplay partners, get that juicy drama for your characters, and seek out future plots!
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Use this forum to discuss any ideas you'd like to explore about the world or lore of Anathema! This board can also be used for personal character development. Anathema is a collaborative setting, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!! 👀
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Post and view adoptable concepts / designs here! Find someone to play characters related to yours, find unused designs, and more!!
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Player-Made Locations

Ivras locations of your own design! What locations do you imagine for the game? Whether you've got an idea for a single shop, a settlement, or an entire region, tell us all about your vision here!
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Player-Made Factions

With old conflicts constantly emerging in new ways across Ivras, characters are bound to take sides. If you have an idea for a group past or present, use this forum to tell us about your faction, recruit new members, and form rivalries and alliances.
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art and literature


display your writing, art, collaborations and more! This forum is a place to make threads to use as specific "galleries" of your choosing!
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Art and writing support

Share tutorials, ask for help, seek collab partners and more!
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roleplay forums


The continent's busiest port, Ivras's capital, and the City of Veils, Faline is a bustling metropolis scored by canals that connect Ivras's many rivers to the sea. This huge city is home to the king and his court, and is the heart of Ivras's trade and culture.
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Surrounded by miles and miles of swampland, Namarast is a hulking tower made of braided redwoods that reaches unimaginable heights. Originally constructed centuries ago as a ramshackle encampment to detain mages, it is now a massive structure that serves as the home of the prestigious Mage Order. The Order welcomes closely-guarded outsiders to tour its academy, libraries, and training grounds.
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Settled Ivras

This board encompasses all the cities, villages, roads, and other settlements known and explored within the kingdom of Ivras. Use this forum for nonspecific or user-made areas under control of the crown.
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Southern Wilds

At the tip of the Ivratian peninsula, dense woodland and unnavigable swamp have hindered the crown's quest for control. Use this board to play in the disputed areas in the south of the kingdom, and anywhere the defiant clans call home.
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Foreign Lands

Ivras shares the southeast corner of Ritha with two other nations: the empire of Nymene to the west, and the magocracy of Siregal to the north. Use this board when writing visits to these neighboring lands.
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Time Machine

Travel to the past or future in this board, dedicated to roleplaying flashbacks and visions of possible futures. While threads this forum don't affect Anathema's current plotlines, all roleplay must still be set in the Anathema universe.
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