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Coders' Quarters.

>Hosting monthly coding challenges & prompts!

Notice: We will be making an effort to clean up around here! Excuse the mess while we get everything sorted :'D

What is this?

Coders' Quarters is a group where toyhou.se's coders can recieve monthly prompts! We've been running for over two years now, and our goals are to provide inspiration and ideas, as well as seeing how different coders take simple prompts in different directions!

Who can join?

All toyhou.se coders are welcome to join - As long as you've made at least one public code, there are no other skill or coding knowledge requirements. Some challenges will have more advanced elements, but we always try to make them adjustable to your own skill level.

Why should I join?

As a member, you'll be able to participate in our monthly prompts. You'll also get access to past monthly challenges and any future events we host! Your finished challenge codes will be showcased in our code gallery.

Additionally, we will track how many monthly challenges you've completed, just for fun! Every coder who participates gets added to our masterlist, where we track your challenge points and monthly streak. There are no punishments for inactivity though - we aim to keep everything as casual and optional as possible.

Rules + FAQ

You must have made at least one public code to join. You don't need to have a separate coding account, but if you do, please send the join request from that account.

Challenges usually start on the 1st every month (announced via bulletin + optional ping), and end on the 25th. Challenge extensions are available, but need to be requested before the 25th. PM Togo to request an extension.

Submitted codes can be F2U, D2U or P2U, but cannot be a custom for someone else. Making a private code for a challenge is fine, as long as you have a public preview. All submissions must be your own work - no frankensteining or collabs.

Posted codes should link back to the challenge page or the CQ homepage - credit does not need to be included in the code itself, you can just link CQ in your info card. Challenges will also have individual rules - please read the challenge guidelines carefully.

Challenge pings, masterlist info and user transfers are handled through these forum posts. If you have additional questions or feedback, please send a message here!

Join Requests

Please fill this out and include it with your request. If your codes are in a subfolder, include a direct link to that folder. Pings are done on our monthly "challenge notice" TH bulletins.

Code folder: (Link)

Challenge pings: (Yes/No)

You can request membership via the button below! Alternatively, you can send your application to Togo through PMs.


If your request is denied, it's because you haven't followed the guidelines or included all the necessary information. We will not reach out to follow up on denied requests - if you're unsure why you were denied, read through the requirements again or PM Togo.

Founder & Admin

elliott / Togo

Organizes challenges and events, codes the world and masterlist site, and has final say on most decisions.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions!


Mods log codes, add new members and do other administrative work. They also help plan monthly challenges and discuss changes for the group.


Helpers suggest challenges, and help out behind the scenes.

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