October 2022 | Special

October 2022

Special Challenge


October's challenge is to make a bundle of matching codes. You can make this for any content type you want - matching user/character codes, matching couples codes, basic/extended codes, flat/tabbed... you name it! Your bundle needs to include at least 2 codes, but you can make more if you have the time.

The codes in your bundle must use the same style, or at least be visually similar. You should be able to tell that the different codes are part of the same set! The codes in your bundle must also use different layouts - reusing parts is fine, but you can not reuse the whole layout for two separate codes. For example, having basic and extended versions of the same layout is fine, but having bootstrap and custom coloured versions of the same layout will not count.

You can choose to preview all the codes on one page or separately, but you must have two codes finished before you can submit this challenge.

Your bundle needs to include a minimum of 2 matching codes. You can earn bonus points on this challenge - the base bundle (2 codes) will earn you one regular challenge point, but you'll recieve a bonus point for each additional code in the bundle.

The max amount of points you can earn for this challenge is four (for a 5-code bundle).


The Challenge:

  • Create a code bundle!
  • Your bundle must include at least 2 codes.
  • The codes in your bundle must all use the same style/be visually similar to eachother.

You may not...

  • Reuse layouts for different codes in the bundle. You can reuse parts, but different codes cannot use copied layouts.
  • Frankenstein, copy or take heavy inspiration from other coders. All code should be your own.

Your posted code should link back to this challenge - it can simply be linked in a text block above the preview.

You're always allowed to release your finished challenge as a P2U code!

If anything is unclear regarding the guidelines you can send a comment here!

Submissions will close on October 25th, 8PM CET.

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