Mop Maid



Basic Info

Age 🎂


Birthday 📆

28th January

Zodiac ✨


Personality 🎭

Lustful, Kind & Mischievous

Occupation 💼

Mop Maid

Likes 💕

Clean Spaces, Movies & Sweets

Dislikes 🗑️

Formalities, Uniforms/Clothes & Rugs



Mop Maid is a character of ours in Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café (Adults Only)! 

One of the main character of Deep Gold Diggers (an in-universe erotic TV series), Mop Maid is one of the many maids that works for her masters at a mansion so rich that each maid and butler has their own assigned super-speciality. As per her title hints, Mop Maid is in charge of mopping the mansion, cleaning up any spills and floors.

Despite her innocent appearance and thoroughness professionalism with her mopping duties, she is a known nymphomaniac, and frequently gets (and really enjoys) into affairs and orgies with anyone, be with her masters, other butlers and maids, and sometimes even strangers and visitors.

This attitude of her causes her to be both kind and mischievous, always being open to others, while at the same time often getting into compromising situations to cause as much fan-service and temptation to those around her. Whenever needed, she often has to use her mopping skills to hide her tracks.

Her thorough cleaning skills make her really appreciate clean spaces, she enjoys watching movies and is specially a sweet-tooth for all kinds of sweets. Despite being at a maid at a considerable-name mansion, she dislikes being approached with formality (and likes people keeping it casual), dislikes wearing uniforms and even any clothes at all, and has a pet-peeve with rugs because she can't mop those.