Rhythm guitarist in Persephone's Winter. Anxious tough guy who isn't sure what he wants.

prickly // unhappy // creative

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2006


Full Name Gareth Kay Haggis Age 24 Species Human
Nicknames Haggis (by Izzy), Hag (by Xero) Birthday January 17, 1983 Gender Male
Prefers Kay Zodiac Capricorn Pronouns He/Him
Band Persephone's Winter Religion nonreligious Sexuality Gay
Band Role Rhythm guitar Background Scotch-English Relationship Status It's Complicated
Day Job ??? Birthplace London, England Living Situation In an apartment with his brother

"Just leave me alone already!"

- Haggis

The Story So Far...

Haggis has been playing in a punk band with his best friend Izzy and college buddy Xero for years when word gets around of Catband, a New York City-based battle of the bands competition that will be nationally televised. While performing for 20 disinterested patrons at local bars was one thing, Izzy's got big dreams for them to be more than that, and it seems like the band's big chance. Izzy convinces Haggis's twin brother Scurvy to join them to play keys, and recruits Roadie, a bassist, and they enter the competition as a five piece.

The spotlight feels pretty bright on Haggis, but if he just focuses on the music, everything will be fine... right?

Kind of an asshole, kind of a mess, Haggis just wants to make music and be left alone. As a musician, at least he can pass that off as "brooding."

If there's one word that would describe Haggis, it's "uncomfortable." He isn't comfortable with himself or around other people, and his life is a fruitless search for homeostasis. He has anxiety, is prone to panic attacks, and though he's mostly laid-back around friends, he easily gets defensive and blows things out of proportion. He's not really a bad guy, but he's bad at dealing with people, so he tends to act jerky and tougher than he is. He's not the one the band would ever want talking to the media.

He has a hard time with words and expressing his feelings and expresses himself much more easily in music or actions. When he can't handle a situation he flees, explodes, or takes it out on whatever or whoever is handy. His friends have had to drag him out of more than one bar fight.

Playing music is one of the few things that truly calms him. He enjoys spending time with his friends even if he'd rather listen than talk, and more than anything he's happiest when he's alone with Roadie, playing music or just spending time together.

He's a follower, not a leader, and he'll go along with whatever Izzy wants, even when it's not in his or Izzy's best interest. He's a guy who tries to protect everyone he cares about in his own stumbling way, though he would never admit it and fuck you for suggesting he cares.

Obviously he's not exactly a people person, and he has a hard time holding down a job because of it.

Finest Moment

He sends regular snail-mail updates back to his uncle, the person who most encouraged his and his brother's musical talents.

Lowest Low

Haggis worked for a call center once, but got fired when he had a panic attack on the phone.

Height: 5'11"/180cm Build: Fit, lanky
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black, thick
Handedness: Left Style: Rocker

Haggis is tallish and lean, with long black hair, an angular face, brown eyes, and a long nose that was broken once (he deserved it) and never set right. He wears three piercings in his left ear and one cuff on his right ear. He's never very cleanly-shaven. He sometimes paints his fingernails black.

He tends to take his body language to either extreme: usually hunching his shoulders and half hiding behind his long bangs, or defiant and jutting his chin and hips out around strangers. His hair is never tied up unless he's very comfortable, like when he's alone around Roadie, and his face never looks relaxed unless it's the same.

He usually dresses in practical, plain clothes: brown work boots and a leather jacket, ragged-looking jeans, and fitted t-shirts.

He's left-handed.

Haggis is happiest, calmest and most confident when he's writing or playing music. He doesn't like to look at the audience when the band plays and performing is not, to say the least, the part of being a musician that he loves.

He absorbs himself in some physical activity when he needs to calm himself down, like rage-cleaning or cooking or going for a jog. Roadie hates exercise but mysteriously always goes with him anyway as an excuse to spend mornings together. Haggis secretly thinks he slows him down, but there's inevitably smooching against trees involved, so he's never complaining.

He loves to cook and he's good at it. Roadie likes to watch and/or "help."

He secretly loves Westerns and folk music and he hates how hard it is to find real fish and chips in America. He likes rugby and soccer, which Roadie has zero interest in except to admire the players' butts.


He was on the track team in high school.

Haggis loves any kind of loud, dynamic music like arena rock and metal (AC/DC, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath), '80s hair metal, and glam (T. Rex, Queen, Bowie). He also likes '80s new wave like Depeche Mode and Erasure, and in more modern stuff he likes pop punky bands like Green Day and Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, and post-punk revival like the Killers, Franz Ferdinand and Louis XIV.

He can sing but doesn't like to sing around people unless it's as backup. He loves to sing falsetto in the shower when he thinks no one can hear him.

Haggis plays a black right-handed Fender Stratocaster (1988 American Standard) that used to be his uncle's, played upside-down but not restrung lefty, because it's the way he learned. His guitar strap is plain black leather (hooked to a strap button on the short horn of the strat, because it's a righty guitar). Haggis likes to play around with unusual tunings, and before Roadie joined the band, he played his band's bass parts by tuning some of his strings low. He's a better musician than he thinks he is or lets on, and maybe the most creative in the band.

He's saving up for an Ebony Gibson SG Special, but with his "bad luck" in the area of employment, the SG fund keeps being used for rent or repairs on his brother's van, so for now he gets to listen to Izzy for all eternity arguing why teles are so much better than strats.

Guilty Pleasure

He likes Guitar Hero.


Roadie It's Complicated / Bandmate

It's hate at first sight for Haggis and Roadie, but the more they're stuck with each other, that hate morphs into fooling around in secret and eventually... into something quite different, maybe. They would never admit to being a couple, not even to themselves, but it gets harder to hide even as the stakes get higher for being found out, and soon they'll have to decide what secrets are worth keeping.


Scurvy Twin Brother / Bandmate

Scurvy is Haggis's identical twin. Around other people, Haggis pretends to be embarrassed by him, and Scurvy teases him, but they're very close and they've always looked out for each other even if they don't really talk about it. They've been making music together since they were kids and as adults, it's still true. Scurvy probably knows his brother better than Haggis even knows himself, to his unease-- but deep down he's relieved to have him by his side in the band now.


Izzy Best Friend / Bandmate

Izzy is Haggis's best friend and because of their past, Haggis feels like he owes Izzy a lot, so he almost always lets Izzy have his way with matters of the band. They've long been partners in crime, two guys who were always a little rough around the edges and misunderstood, and Haggis is the only one Izzy tells his secrets to. That doesn't mean Haggis always returns the favor, though...


Xero Good Friend / Bandmate

Xero is the final member of the band and a buddy from college, but Xero is a prankster and a joker and Haggis is easy to make fun of, so sometimes he pushes him a little too far. These two are the most likely of the band to get into a wrestling match over something stupid. Just wait a bit; they'll get over it.


Finlay Uncle

Finlay is Haggis and Scurvy's uncle. He helped raise the brothers and he's always been supportive of their creativity. He's one of Haggis's favorite people, and he'll always be grateful to him.

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