The aging rocker. The fun uncle.

lighthearted // fun // caring

Story: Catband
Setting: Scotland, 2007
Created: 2018


Full Name Finlay Haggis Age 52 Species Human
Nicknames Fin (by people close to him) Birthday March 10, 1955 Gender Male
Prefers either Zodiac Pisces Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Other friends/family Religion nonreligious Sexuality ???
Group Role Haggis and Scurvy's uncle Background Scotch-English Relationship Status Confirmed bachelor
Day Job Plumber Birthplace Scotland Living Situation ???

Finlay, or Fin, is the uncle of Haggis and Scurvy-- or, as he knows them, Kay and Greg. He's an important figure in their lives: he had a big hand in raising them, and he encouraged their musical talents. The boys are still close with him, and (Kay) Haggis sends him regular updates from America.

Fin is also a musician, but not of any fame: he's been playing in pub bands since he was young, and he still gets together with his mates to play gigs some weekends.

He's very proud of his nephews and he'd do anything for family. Fin's a cheerful, easygoing guy who doesn't take anything too seriously, but he's not as bad an influence as he looks. Even if he does own a motorcycle.

Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Sinewy
Eyes: Bright green Hair: Black, graying
Handedness: Right Style: Aging rocker

Fin resembles his nephews in many ways, with the notable exception of his green eyes. He wears his graying black hair slicked back, and has a closely-clipped, graying beard.

He dresses fairly neatly but casually, in muted solid colors, black shoes and his favorite black leather jacket.


Haggis Nephew


Scurvy Nephew

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