Keyboard player in Persephone's Winter. Absent-minded piano teacher.

eccentric // kind // daydreamy

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2006


Full Name Gregory Blaine Haggis Age 24 Species Human
Nicknames Scurvy (by Izzy), Greg (by Haggis) Birthday January 17, 1983 Gender Male
Prefers Gregory or Greg Zodiac Capricorn Pronouns He/Him
Band Persephone's Winter Religion nonreligious Sexuality ???
Band Role Keys, composing Background Scotch-English Relationship Status Single
Day Job Piano teacher Birthplace London, England Living Situation In an apartment with his brother

"Peanut butter and dish soap needest we.
Alas, mates: the last line was in trochee."

- Scurvy

The Story So Far...

Scurvy had been working as a piano teacher for children when his brother's band persuades him to join them on keyboard for the duration of a battle of the bands contest they're entering. Performing for crowds in a punk band isn't really in Scurvy's wheelhouse, but hey, it sounds like fun!

...Doesn't it?

Idiosyncratic and somewhat eccentric, Greg, the "scurvy Haggis," is one of a kind. He's amiable, kind, and good natured, but because he's quiet and tends to keep to himself, in a group he usually gets overlooked. When the comic starts, he had been working as a piano teacher, and Izzy had to try hard to persuade him to join the band for the duration of the contest. He's a natural teacher, patient and good with children, and he'd be perfectly happy never being a rock star.

Scurvy can be very funny in an understated, subtle way-- a sense of humor that usually goes over the heads of people like his brother and Izzy. He likes wordplay and puns, and he has a soft, low voice and a gentle laugh.

He's smart but dreamy, disorganized, and absent-minded; he easily gets absorbed in whatever he's currently studying, reading, creating, or obsessing over, and can lose track of anything else, including the time. His brother Kay ("Haggis") is reminding him to do important things like eat probably as often as Scurvy is calming his brother down or dragging him out of trouble.

He bites his nails, though he tries to remember not to.

Finest Moment

He's often been just as much a listening ear for kids worried about their parents' divorces and other problems as he is a piano teacher.

Lowest Low

He's never had many friends.

Height: 5'11"/180cm Build: Lanky
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black, thick
Handedness: Ambidextrous Style: Eclectic

Scurvy has an odd sense of style and mixes and (mis-)matches weird thrift store finds-- though in fashion, he edges a little bit mod to his brother's rocker. Some of his favorite items are a blue military/marching band jacket, 3d glasses, and a red "mood ring" dog collar. He wears what he likes, whether it "makes sense" together or not, and he's not worried what anyone else thinks of him.

He looks basically the same in features as his twin, with an angular face, brown eyes, and a long but unbroken nose and choppy, chin-length black hair. Like his brother, he's tallish, but skinnier than him. Nearsighted, he wears glasses, and he takes them off when he's tired of seeing.

He's ambidextrous.

He reads constantly (anything and everything, literally anything, crap from the trash) and is especially interested in foreign languages, biographies, and poetry. The apartment he shares with his brother is overflowing with piles, shelves and filing cabinets of books, but he's not an intellectual; he just loves to read.

He finds new obsessions all the time, but some of his constants are the Who and the Kinks, chess, Ghostbusters, and '80s movies and culture in general. He can and will quote the entire Ghostbusters script in his sleep, to his brother (his roommate)'s great dismay.

He loves coffee and the smell of old books, and he loves the hammock nest he set up in their practice space like a forest animal.

He owns a late-'80s woody Plymouth Voyager minivan the band uses to transport their gear.


He likes action figures, and is sad there aren't more for his favorite TV show, Red Dwarf.

Scurvy's favorite band is The Who, and he's really into The Kinks and other British bands of the '70s, as well as storytellers and piano idols like Billy Joel and Elton John. The Wurlitzer electric piano is his favorite sound and he loves bands like Supertramp that used it well.

He has a good ear and is adamant about obscure, odd albums that are technically great to him, and he spends time trading rarities on message boards.

He's a very good pianist and his strength is composing songs, which is why Izzy wanted him to join the band so badly. He's often working on something or other, whether with his brother or the others or alone. He loves teaching, but his ideal job would probably be to write songs for other people; he's never really thought about performing, but he's curious how this will go.

His red Wurlitzer 200A synth organ is his baby. He rescued it from the trash, rehabbed and basically rebuilt it, but he loves weird synths and bits of equipment and finds strange effects pedals for his brother.

Guilty Pleasure

Scurvy doesn't feel guilty about anything he likes.


Haggis Twin Brother / Bandmate

Haggis (Kay) is Scurvy (Greg)'s identical twin brother. Around other people, Kay pretends to be embarrassed by him, and Greg teases him, but they're very close and they always both look out for each other even if they don't really talk about it. They've been playing music together since they were kids and they still work on music together. Greg is very observant and knows his brother probably better than Kay knows himself, but he's wise enough to stay out of things.


Izzy Bandmate

Izzy's the leader of his new band, Persephone's Winter. Apart from his brother he doesn't know the others well yet, but he thinks they seem nice. Even Izzy.


Xero Bandmate

Besides his brother, Izzy, Xero, and Roadie are the other members of Persephone's Winter, his band. He likes Xero fine.


Roadie Bandmate

Besides his brother, Izzy, Xero, and Roadie are the other members of Persephone's Winter, his band. He and Roadie got along quickly, and can always discuss music together.


Finlay Uncle

Finlay is Haggis and Scurvy's uncle. He helped raise the brothers and he's always been supportive of their creativity.

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