Coney Island electric wonder.

impish // headstrong // loving

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1996


Full Name Hannah Thompson Age 21 Species Human
Stage Name Erina the Electric Wonder Birthday May 17, 1985 Gender Nonbinary (transfem)
Prefers Hannah Zodiac Taurus Pronouns They/Them or She/Her
Character Group Fearless Freaks circus sideshow Religion Ex-Jehovah's Witness Sexuality Lesbian / Female-aligned
Primary Roles Electricity stunts, music Background African American Relationship Status Dating Roxy
Day Job Student Birthplace Iowa Living Situation ???

"Hannah, you can't fight the ocean!"

- Roxy

Hannah's the electric wonder: in the sideshow, their act specializes in electricity stunts and music (props may include any of: electric chair, Van de Graaff generator, plasma globe, Tesla coil, theremin; and the act involves audience participation).

Born in the coastless midwest, Hannah's favorite thing about Coney Island is being able to watch sunrises and sunsets over the ocean every day. Hannah's a night owl, and loves the midway lights. They're quiet but impish, implacable, and headstrong when they have a good idea in their head. They love chocolate and swimming, and they're studying science or working in the university library when they're not working at the freak show.

They and Roxy are dating, and the two of them work together with Mephisto and the other freaks.

Height: 5'3"/160cm Build: Slender
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown, textured
Handedness: Left Style: Casual

Hannah is slender and small, with voluminous natural brown hair, brown eyes, and a soft smile. Their stage costume is usually a silver croptop vest/shirt, bicycle shorts and a ruffled silver skirt, to go with the electric theme. The pendant around their neck is in the shape of a feather.

When not at work, Hannah dresses more casually and androgynously, typically in jeans and a leather jacket, and their hair pulled back in a ponytail or otherwise out of their way.

A drawing note: Hannah has not physically transitioned and at this point, is unsure if they want to. Hannah does not have breasts.


Roxy Girlfriend / Coworker


Mephisto Coworker


Charlie Coworker


Roger Coworker


Ulysses Coworker


Etta Boss

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