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Basic Info






September 3rd (Virgo)


Human/The Queen's Champion




Aromantic Asexual


Chaotic Good

Elements (classical)


Theme Song

"Youth" by City of Glass (The Modern Age, 2014)


We've got high hopes for you/So much you've yet to do


Cyrus, The Queen's Champion | Protagonist of Heroes of Thantopolis | he/him

Arriving mysteriously one night in Thantopolis, Cyrus became the Queen's Champion - a mortal fighting on behalf of Queen Helene, the ruler of Thantopolis and goddess of ghosts. Like any twelve-year-old boy, even one on a quest from a goddess, Cyrus is immature, hasty and still a bit naive to the world. He is quick to make decisions and one of his main criteria is how "cool" something would be. Driven by his emotions, Cyrus is an incredibly caring, empathetic and generous person. His sensitivity allows him to connect with all differnet kinds of people - well, ghosts, in this case - and help them understand themselves better. However like any sensitive person, Cyrus can become consumed by his strong emotions, which make him more selfish and less understanding. Cyrus feels very deeply and seems to always know what to say to calm down a raging ghost or console a bereved spirit. Cyrus's heart and ability to love is both his greatest attibute and his Achille's heel.

In Thantopolis, Cyrus became the wielder of the Archaic Slumber's Mace, the ghost of a demon weapon. He also discovered a mysterious necklace underneath his t-shirt that, according to Queen Helene, has a spirit housed inside it who is lending Cyrus its ghost elemental energy. Cyrus can channel this energy through his mace, allows him to strike powerful elemental damage against ghosts, and summon and de-summon his weapon to his hands.

When he's not fighting ghost bad guys, Cyrus enjoys video games, sports, and spending time with friends. He is always excited to see a new part of Thantopolis. Cyrus has especially good hearing, which his friends don't really seem to believe, and he is a person who is informed through his senses rather than from intuition. When he came to Thantopolis, Cyrus had lost all his specific memories of his life, but he can recall if he likes or dislikes something when it is brought up. 

To Cyrus, his friends are his everything, and he would do pretty much anything for them. His relationship with Helene is less black and white: while she is certainly keeping something from him, she seems to be coming around to supporting Cyrus is a more surrogate motherly way, and Cyrus, missing his family, finds it easy to rely on Helene.