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Basic Info


Sag (pronounced saaaag)








Aromantic Asexual (ghost default)


Lawful Good/Lawful Neutral

Elements (classical)



The Spirit of Sagittarius of the Zodiac Sisters | Main Character inĀ Heroes of Thantopolis | she/her

The Zodiac sisters are a collection of old and fairly powerful spirits who embody the signs of the Western Zodiac and guide their mortals along the path of the stars. Sagittarius should be the relentless, wild and spontaneous party girl that Sagittarians are known to be, but after being imprisoned for fourty years by someone she thought was one of her sisters, Sag suddenly feels a bit adrift in the world and in her role as a Zodiac Sister.

Sagittarius is very congenial and makes friends with people very easily. She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in and is very honest and finds it hard to keep secrets. She's loyal to the people she trusts and dedicated to helping the people who help her. Her emotions can get the best of her at times, however, and you don't want to be the person she chews out in a bout of anger. Sometimes, when she's in pursuit of her specific goal or belief, she can become short-sighted and lose focus on important details, but her focus and dedication makes her a great fighter and very good at following difficult plans.

Sagittarians are known to be curious, and Sag has lately been asking a lot of questions about herself and the person she wants to be versus the person she's expected to be. What will become of those questions and that dilema is yet to be seen...

As the spirit of the Archer, Sagittarius can easily summon her hard light bow and arrow and shoot with incredible accuracy. She can manifest arms and legs when she needs them, and rarely fires her bow without centering herself with her legs first. A direct hit from Sag's arrow will cause a ghost's form to destabalize and the ghost will be missing (temporarily) certain limbs or body parts. It is also pretty painful, but not as deeply painful as an arrow of ghost energy would be. Sagittarius also knows a lot about history since she's been around since the horoscope was invented in ancient times.