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It's said that Madeleine will either go on to become a mild-mannered history teacher or a brutal warlord—depends on the day. No, she doesn't have Penny's mean streak, and she's far too polite and sensitive to ever hurt someone. Madeleine's just a young girl with a strong fascination for early ancient history and all the bloody wars, neat weapons, and blocky, towering architecture that came with it.

While not native to Apricot Bay, Madeleine moved there from overseas with her parents to escape the desert sands that often made it impossible for a young Madeleine to breathe. Her asthma is still a going concern, even in Apricot Bay's clean air, and her fragile, sickly nature growing up led to her instead ravenously consuming the various textbooks and historical non-fiction her father had collected working as a lecturer back home. It all blossomed into a love for the weird and powerful side of the long past.

Madeleine is rather often seen with her boy Colton, whom she meets over the course of the story after discovering him noodling on his hand-me-down acoustic guitar during a trip to the Art Gallery. Even with some resistance from her parents, the pair become inseparable, him protecting her and her caring and loving for him, sharing long walks and exploring the corners of the Valley Cascadia together like only teenagers who grew up too fast could.

Take note of her accent: while Madeleine doesn't sound quite as foreign as she used to (the closest Earth analogue is an Egyptian accent), if you know what to listen for or she's feeling a bit heated, you can still hear it. Her English, however, is impeccable, if a bit dated (teaching yourself to read from a young age using 30-70 year old textbooks will do that to you).