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  • Madeleine

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Madeleine comes from a far off, far dryer country. After a childhood of asthma attacks, bad coughs and hiding indoors from frequent dust storms, her parents moved to Apricot Bay for her health. Due to her isolated childhood, she's pretty sheltered, and keeps herself to herself.


Character traits

Highly intelligent and well-educated, she spent a lot of time indoors reading as a child and as such is knowledgable on many subjects, especially ancient history. She has a very good memory and takes in new information very easily. Due to her sunny personality, alright social skills and cutesy nature, she can be surprisingly manipulative when she needs to be.
Easily tired and physically weak due to her breathing issues. In danger of falling ill in dusty or humid air. She can also be too trusting of strangers thanks to her sheltered upbringing.
She's scared of being alone in nature, and isolation in general. She fears having an asthma attack when no one can help her.
Asthma, general weakness, quiet and easily ignored.
Tics/Nervous habits
When very nervous she'll fold one of her ears down and start playing with it. While mostly harmless it can lead to damage if she keeps at it for too long.


  • Alone: Madeleine prefers to keep to herself, because although she enjoys socialising, she can find it rather tiring. While alone she is quiet and thoughtful, commonly finding herself lost in thoughts of ancient civilisations and cool swords. She also usually ends up on her own little missions, searching for a specific book or document in her father's library.
  • With people she doesn't know: She's a very soft-spoken, well-mannered fennec who's good with polite conversation. She rarely lets her true emotions be visible to people she doesn't know, keeping herself seeming pleasant and friendly. After years of practice, she's a pro at quietly disappearing from social situations once she gets tired.
  • With people she trusts: While still pretty quiet, she's more boisterous and excited around people she trusts, especially Colton. She can be rather competitive and ruthless when she wants to be, notably during D&D sessions.


  • At ease: Mild, polite, bright, and friendly. She's happiest when other people are happy, a natural people pleaser.
  • Under pressure: Not much will make Madeleine visibly stressed as she tends to try and hide such emotions, but once pushed over the edge she'll cry. Despite this, she's pretty capable at problem-solving while under pressure, she'll just be teary-eyed and a little sniffly while she works.

Arc and Development

  • Character short (character introduction): While searching for a book in her father's library, a dust cloud triggers an asthma attack. After finding her pump and getting her breath back, she laments on her disability and how it affects her still, despite moving all the way to Apricot Bay.
  • Mothwing Bite: Madeleine gets caught curious after hearing someone playing music in the art gallery. She soon finds Colton singing and playing guitar in the foyer, and she—rather quickly—gets infatuated. She can't bring herself to introduce herself, however, and runs off.