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Basic Info


Catherine (or Cat)




Pink fairy armadillo




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Catherine is an armadillo born to older but caring parents. An only child, she is her parents' pride and joy, and as such, was given their house when they made the decision to spend the rest of their days adventuring around the world. Her quiet, private nature means she lacks close friends, despite being well-liked in the neighborhood.


Character traits

Able to read what she calls "vibes". This can mean seeing someone's true, hidden nature or their future selves. It also means she's very good at sensing when trouble is afoot, though she'd be unable to tell you specifically what. Surprisingly stubborn, as she knows she's right even when she can't explain why.
The usual armadillo weaknesses including poor social skills, an aversion to physical contact and a shorter temper than most animals. Gets very stuck in routine and has a hard time with change.
She's not so much insecure as frustrated by people's lack of trust in her vibe reading. A psychic power so vague that no one will believe her.
Sensitive sight, sensitive hearing, gets tired easy.
Tics/Nervous habits
When nervous she becomes avoidant and mute. When she does speak, she'll quietly repeat words over and over again, as if to help calm herself down.


  • Alone: She's very used to being alone, and is most comfortable by herself. She has several little hobbies and interests to pass the time, including knitting, boardgames and documentaries that most others would find painfully boring. Gets lost in her own thoughts easily.
  • With people she doesn't know: Friendly and genuinely warm. She's as kind as she can be to everyone she meets, as she believes strongly in treating people how you'd like to be treated. As such she's also a very quiet talker.
  • With people she trusts: She continues to be kind and warm to her close friends, and likes to offer them knitted garments and homebaked cookies. Tries to introduce specific time in her routine dedicated to being with her closest friends.


  • At ease: Only speaks when necessary, is prone to napping when comfy. She's most comfortable when watching the action from a safe distance. Preferably with a warm drink.
  • Under pressure: Although she can usually prepare for stressful situations thanks to her vibe reading, when she does get properly pressured, she ends up stood frozen in place, curled slightly in on herself. She finds it hard to get words out, becoming rather useless in stressful situations.

Arc and Development

  • Character short (character introduction): Catherine sits in the porch of her parent's home to watch the sunset. She thinks about Sebastian, who's just arrived in town, and ponders on what it might be that's pulling her towards him.
  • The Observer: Catherine and Sebastian meet on a chance encounter in the upstairs cafe lounge during the town's New Year's celebration, totally alone except for one another. They get on rather pleasantly with one another, which comes as a surprise to him.