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Basic Info

Preferred Name


Full Name

Richardine Budika Sansoni









Originally From

Colombo, Sri Lanka


(sometimes referred by me as Sazabi)

One of the main 8 characters in Trashland.

  • default age is 44, actual birthday is 2nd December 1959
  • born in Sri Lanka and moved to California at age ~3
  • has forgotten most of the Sinhala she knew, so only really speaks English
  • an only child
  • 6'8" tall. really fuckin tall. and that's without the hat
  • is almost never seen without a hat by the way
  • is Buddhist
  • is trans, but didn't come to terms with it until she was in her 30s
  • is also a lesbian and didn't realise it until she was almost 40. spent her early life thinking she was the other type of gay and then many years identifying as bi before declaring "actually men aren't shit and women are great"
  • and is polyamorous
  • loves guinea pigs, and introduced them to Dimension 0. they had never existed in that dimension before
  • was recruited for the Platinum Army in August 1978 (age 18) for accidentally shooting a kid
  • she bought the gun right out of high school for defence but never even intended to use it
  • after the incident she stole a car and drove to the coast in attempt to run from the cops
  • now drives a 1959 pink cadillac
  • had a reputation pre-transition in the Platinum Army for having a really high alien kill count, but now avoids combat situations all together and is trying to make a completely new reputation for herself that's nothing like her "old self" and more like her true self who is really friendly
  • one of the few people who actually tried (and succeeded) to get to know Masuyo
  • could probably persuade anyone into anything - very persistent
  • she no longer goes into combat situations but now has to do so much paperwork and she HATES it
  • sometimes her guinea pigs will "accidentally" eat paperwork
  • 3 of her current guinea pigs are named after various names for Sri Lanka: Ceylon, Eelam and Taprobana. the 4th is named Noodles.
  • fuckin loves watermelon and watermelon-flavoured anything
  • is dead set on destroying the stigma around the word "lesbian"
  • is a huge goof and hates that her job doesn't allow for shenanigans
  • installed a webcam in her office so she wouldn't have to put on pants to go all the way over there and talk to subordinates
  • has been in a relationship with Masuyo since 31st October 2005 and with Dom since 1st April 2006