Jeffrey Soucy



6 months, 24 days ago


minor character in Trashland.

  • default age is 36
  • 6'1", without heels
  • dating Thaddeus
  • bi (preference for women)
  • has a sort of three-way rivalry with Grappler and Slyger though they are both united in thinking Jeffrey is a massive tool
  • never stops bragging about shit
  • always wears boots that are at least calf-height. hasn't worn regular height shoes in over 10 years
  • legally his name is spelt Geoffrey (in Trashland legality doesn't mean shit so it barely matters) but he hates that spelling
  • adds random Spanish words to his speech sometimes, can't actually hold a conversation in Spanish
  • is one of those guys where being tall is a personality trait for him. makes fun of short guys because of this (makes an exception for Thaddeus)
  • one of the best dorito (plane-car spaceship type thing) pilots in the whole Platinum Army and very very aware of it
  • almost as bendy as Slyger