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Water Elemental

  • Aquila is volatile and vengeful. She is a woman fueled by spite and anger.
  • As an undine, she was born cursed unable to set foot on land and must remain at sea, until such a time as she falls in love and is truly loved in turn. Her curse can only be broken by a true union of land and sea. This desire to get what she feels is owed to her is what drives her.
  • Depending on who you ask, she's a pirate or she's a privateer, and she dresses the part. Out of the waters, she wears gloves and stays covered up for the most part, as much of her body is covered in her cursemark which she prefers not to have openly displayed.
  • HEIGHT 170cm
  • BODY SHAPE Muscular & rectangular
  • Species Undine
  • FACE SHAPE Square
  • EYE SHAPE Almond


  • Her older art has her drawn with elf-type ears, but this was later changed to fin-type ears to better reflect her aquatic nature. The fins are correct, the elf ears are not!
  • She's very rectangular in general. Square jaw, square shoulders, square torso. This woman is a brick. She does not have defined abs, however, she's a swimmer and a sailor. She's just very rectangular.
  • Her body is wrapped in black chain markings starting from her left and spiraling around her body down to her right foot. Said hand and foot are blackened, and the chains end at markings that make it look as if theyre shackled. This is her curse mark, it is not a tattoo—the edges around it look tinged slightly red. If she steps on land, these markings will flare up and emit an excruciating pain, until she returns to the sea.
  • The marks under her eyes are a tattoo, however.