Heart of the Storm

"I don't know about you, but I don't much fancy hanging tomorrow."

  • RATING: Teen
  • GENRE(S): Romance / Fantasy

Tempest - a wanted pirate with no ship and no attachments - spends her time dancing around the gallows and making a mockery of the law. She takes and does as she pleases, consequences be damned.

But that might all change when she saves Callisto's life.

My current primary project, a lesbian fantasy romance featuring Tempest and Callisto as the main characters. The comic is in progress, and will be posted to Comic Fury when it's ready.


Dreams of Old Gods

"You are a bear. You’re very good at being a bear, you think. You’ve never really tried to be anything else."

  • RATING: Teen
  • GENRE(S): Action / Adventure RPG

You found a cave like nothing you’d seen before, or perhaps it was a nest? The walls were rocks like a cave, but they were strangely shaped - all exactly the same size, and stacked so carefully on top of each other, like the nests your feathered friends make. You decided it must have been a nest for a very large bird once. But nobody was home, and it was so warm inside... so finding yourself a nice little corner, you settled in for a long, long winter.

But when you went to sleep, you met a creature you’ve never seen in your woods before. And when you woke, you were no longer a bear.

An older and less fleshed out story concept of mine, intended to be a video game where you play as [Bear Noises], a bear given an elven form and sent to save the world.



"I'm gonna capture the greatest fable the world has ever seen! You should come with me Junie, we'll write it together!"

  • RATING: Gen
  • GENRE(S): Fantasy

Elwyn, a young girl raised with the tales of her parents adventures, and niece of the Master Fabler Warlon himself, is gifted with a knack for finding secret entrances and unsolved mysteries. It's with this gift that she sneaks her way into the abandoned lighthouse just outside her uncle's town... and discovers it's not so abandoned after all—why, there are moths living there!

And so it is that with her many tall tales and grand fables she becomes fast friends with Juniper, the little moth girl who lives there sheltered from the world.

Six years later, following in her uncle and her cousin Edel's footsteps, Elwyn begins studying to become a fabler herself—with her best friend Junie by her side! But a month into their studies, her big cousin disappears...

A children's story centering my & Jellyfishgay's characters, Elwyn and Juniper.