「Suggestions & Bugs FAQ」

Posted 11 months, 7 days ago (Edited 1 month, 9 days ago) by _featherweather

just a small hub of a lot of the questions i see get posted often.

feel free to ask any basic questions, although probably around 3/4 of the time, if it's not answered here,
i'll probably direct you to making a help ticket because it's probably an issue
or bug mods will have to answer.

please note this is all unofficial and not run by mods!!


StrawberryLunala Thanks!


I hope this hasn't been discussed to much but i tried giving someone a code and they say its invalid or not working. Can invite codes be broken?


TemporaryHappy_ generally when i get "code is invalid" errors, i've either gifted the code multiple times by accident or something got copied wrong.

first, check to see if the code you gave them is unused. if it is, make sure you're copying the right code to them.

also make sure the person who is using the code is not copying any extra spaces at the front/back, and that they're copy-pasting and not trying to type the code by hand (because that inevitable leads to problems in my experience lol).

if the person is still having issues, i can always generate another code for them to try? 

i've had someone who couldn't use one code but i gave them another and that worked fine. and then i used the first code for someone else and it all went smoothly.


_featherweather Yes I have looked to see if it was unused and the person who i gave it too has tried mutiple different ways and such. It would be gladly appreciated if i could get them another code to try.


Is there a reason for the length cap on folder names?


ViridianIgnis - that's something you'd have to bring up with the coders for the official reason but i assume there;s a character limit for a similar reason as on a computer - machines can only parse so much data before returning an error.

plus, long folder names can get unwieldy and the overflow can break coding. characters, bulletins, and threads have similar restrictions


Hmm, am I allowed to make a suggestion here? I'd love to see a feature that's similar to unlisted, but also keeps the character public. Essentially, a setting "in-between" public and unlisted-- where the character is public, but won't show up around the site (e.i. the home page and whatnow) without your permission. Just a thought! <3 



you're allowed to, but it's generally better to post in the to-do list or make your own thread! also i'm not sure what you're asking? you can list a character as public + unlisted and it'll do exactly what you want (visible to&listing are different settings, unlisted stops them from showing up in recent characters/random charas/etc, public means anyone can view, you can have both at the same time). just set "listing" as unlisted and "visible to" as public



Ah!! i'm sorry, I must have misunderstood the use of unlisting ^^;;;

My bad,, !! Thank you so much for the clarification!! 


Is anyone else having trouble posting threads?


Not for me @Little_Rascale, but I keep having notifications appear when I go to my profile on PC. I cleared out my notifications on mobile, but they still appear on PC and won't go away~


Little_Rascle & CatEnergetic 

there's a thread here that seems to be a compilation of glitches that have been happening today.

i legit just logged in today lol. right now i'm typing on my laptop but i have to read your comments on my phone because the page refuses to show me your posts so... there's another glitch lol.

there is a non-zero chance that this might be related to the server migration. i suggest you put in a helpdesk ticket or post in the thread linked with any specifics you can think of (time, where you were posting, any errors you are receiving, etc) to help the staff and coders pinpoint the issue!

Edit; i stand corrected, my notifs still show me the wrong #s on both laptop and phone