Your OC is forced to marry the OC above!

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I've thought of this weird idea after listening to some love songs and even wedding songs. This is probably the forum game we never needed, but I'll still post it for the heck of some giggles. So, how the heck does this work?

This is like Persona Q's Group Date Cafe dungeon, except it's completely random.

As you entered the place you were supposed to enter, you encounter something else. You are surrounded by sculptures of angels and adornments of white ribbons and bows with roses at the middle. The warm sunshine pierced through the colorful stained glass, emitting kaleidoscopic reflections. As you look up, you see the sacred illustrations at the ceiling.

You're confused. Tried to move, you noticed something off... Your clothes... Instead of what you last wore, your clothes changed to that of a bride/groom's due to some unknown phenomena. As you look straight to the altar, someone is waiting for you.

In short, you're getting married prior your notice.

Now I've explain what the heck's going on, let's proceed with the rules:

  • Your character must be above 18 years old.
  • Unless 24 hours have passed, you can only post every after 3 posts.
  • Please have at least 3 sentences in your reply. Although this is a crack roleplay thread, please be literate and legible with your replies.
  • Claim a post when you have a rad idea for a reply.
  • Please tell if you want your OC's sexuality to be respected. Though since this is a crack thread, I don't really mind for myself, surprise me.
  • Please, make your bio readable to logged in users, at least. If you were to post a locked character, you will be skipped without your notice.
  • Remember, this is just a crack thread and this is an AU, and this will never be canon. OCs who are taken can also take part, if you don't mind the cursed NTR.
  • Though if you really want to marry the OC above you, might as well ask the user about it before actually marrying them.
  • Rules can be changed anytime.

How does this work?

It's hard to explain it with words and I can't type as much since my back hurts, but let's do it like this. Don't imitate my examples, though.

  • 1st guy
  • 2nd guy: "Y-You've got to be kidding me. There's no way I'll marry someone as sacrilegious as you! In fact, I am already married! Well why would you...?!"
  • 3rd guy: "W-Why am I marrying this guy?! I mean, we're both guys and I only like pretty girls! He reeks, too!"
  • and so on...
Yuuto Nijimura Akeya

“You’re cute but... I just don’t think we can get along.” They sat across from each other, discussing their forced marriage plans and trying to find a compromise. She was obviously invested into someone else and the same could be said for him. “Look, we can be married by law, but we never have to see each other again. Sound good?” 

To be completely honest, even if he were single, he’d probably never even date her. She’s manipulative, easily grasping the mind and heart of those who fall in love with her. Just the word manipulative made him uncomfortable. And maybe what she does at “work” gives him a chill up his spine. 

“Lets just try to make the best of the situation we’re in for now.” 

Anna May PicklePantry

"Ooh, marriage? That's so kawaii!" Anna beamed with small hearts floating around her. "You're really cute! But what really hooked me was that you like video games and anime too?? Ooh, I have so many games I think you'd love! We could grab some junk food and play them together then take a break and watch anime! Doesn't that sound great, husband-kun~?" she cooed before growing somber. "Buuut I don't think my family will like hearing about this sudden marriage. How good are you at dodging bullets?"

Lucky WaterSpiritKelpie

Lucky looked at the woman and oped his mouth then closed it again. Lucky didn't even know if this was legal as technically he's a cat but he looked human at night, just his luck it was very much dark out. Lucky finally managed to sputter out some word.

"You seem like a person." Lucky spluttered out but "But I am not human." He was normally good at speaking but the thought of marriage just gave him a bad feeling causing him to forget the English language. 

She was still looking up at him oh crap what was he supposed to do. He reached out a hand and patted the woman on the head, this was a normal human thing to do right? He finally fought through the embarrassment and found his words finally.

"You don't seem so bad but I just can't marry you... but I'm going to have to arnt I." He sighed and looked at her once more "Fine just be warned things are weird with me and my associates, so if you don't like it I wont blame you if you turn tail and run as honestly I would do the same." 

Dante iIIusional

Dante observed Lucky from head to toe and blew off some smoke. This was quite troublesome. "Never heard about marrying a cat. Is this some sort of a fetish?" Well, even though Lucky had a human form, it just didn't feel right. "I'm not really into committed relationships, sorry. Besides, you hate just about anyone, don't you? Except maybe women. Too bad I'm not one." At that moment, Dante's eyes seem to slightly gleam with interest. "-but I'm interested in taking your soul though. You don't mind right? After all, cats have nine lives."

Poro Yuna_Animatus


Poro wasn’t certain what the intention was, setting her up with such scum, let alone forcing such an antiquated human tradition on the both of them. She’d never understood the human inclination toward matrimony, it seemed rather pointless. Surely, people could live together in a loving relationship without having to go through an entire ceremony devoted to it.

Well, she didn’t care about that so much at the moment, she only cared that such a ritual was being pushed upon her. If she were to marry another demon, she’d rather it be someone who would allow her to be dominant, to take charge. She would have to be the leader, the unquestionable ruler of that relationship.

She wouldn’t get any of that with this scrub.

“With such a violent, unmotivated reprobate? Hmph… I think not. If this were to work then you’d need to follow my every wish… and I see that you have a tendency to… do your own thing?”

Chuckling grimly, she rapped her fingers against her side and shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but you’re on a much lower level than I. That alone excludes you from marrying me. But your unruliness is what seals the deal. Let’s be serious, neither of us really want this… so rather than argue about this, I think I’m just going to look for whoever is forever is forcing this upon us. I have a few choice words for them~”