The OC Above is Too...

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How this works: Post IC and state what the OC above is too much of/does too much. This can be based on looks, personality, etc. Anything is fine as long as it isn't hurtful, offensive, or unsuitable for minors.


Person A (the OP): Let's start this off with Character A!

Person B (IC as Character B): Character A is too tall.

Person C (IC as Character C): Character B is too pastel.

Person D (IC as Character D): Character C is too rambunctious.

You get the point, right? So let's start for real with Dr. Fire!

Gabriel Judas-la-Carotte

Dr. Fire is too hot :o

Seth Tamotsu windfall

"Haha, you're just too cute!"

Raphaël Judas-la-Carotte

Seth's hair are too long :v

(oh. wait.)

tobias littlebirby

"Raphaël is too clever. Disguising yourself as a human to find friends who will accept you as a person and not as an angelic deity -- that's actually not that bad of an idea."

Orca Orca

Tobias is too interested in that book he's reading...

Aiden Kelly bulgariansumo

"You're too happy. Tone it down a little, will ya?"

Vincent Vangoat VincentVanGoat

"Spending too much on hair gel, jeez man. Though your hair does look pretty rad..."

[CS- Gatherlin] Yasashi Beed

"Mmm, maybe... Maybe you're too self-involved?" Yasashi smiles gently. "Don't worry, it happens to all of us!"

Kiyung Cha AlleycatIrony

"I am betting that you are very much too caring! you can be being rude to people sometimes, did you know?"


"Bit too feminine, I could have mistaken you for a girl. Maybe you should try gaining some mustle, man. It would help out"


"Hmm, you seem to be a bit too obsessed with sharp pointy things... Ah what am I saying? You're the kinda person I'd hang around!"

Minx would chuckle and smile.

Alcott Northwind PicklePantry

Too sadistic kekekekeke

 Rina uraumi

You're too much of a smoker, sorry ;;

Thunder MaplesHaiku

"You're too stressed. Why not relax for a little bit?"