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8/9: New PSA added.

5/14: 2 new PSAs added.

4/8: New PSA posted and additional information on Squidribs added to relevant PSA.

It was suggested that there should perhaps be a general thread for PSAs which is a fine idea. A place that links to other PSAs and keep things organized.
You can link your threads/PSAs/etc, and I'll add them to the posts. :D
Please Note: I can only accept public PSAs. Anon PSAs are too much of a risk to accept, as they can be open to slander.

Things That Count for PSAs!
-Illegally chargebacked (you did a commission, but person claims you never did, for instance)
-Being shifty on doing owed things (taking months on an icon for example, lack of contact or updates, etc)
-Tracing and profiting off of it...

Things That Don't Count!
-Someone has better art than you
-Rude behavior
-Subjective issues
-Dog ate your homework

Obviously, this is just the basic frame work. Each case is different. For instance, someone could go around harassing artists for art and customs, or for people to give up their adopts and whatnot, and that could almost certainly be considered for a PSA...

Of course, it would be great if no more PSAs occur, but in the case they do, I support people posting them because they keep the community safe and will link to them in this general thread. owo/

There'll be two posts, one for PSAs and one for resolved cases! ^^



Who: Heather/Purrdue/Adorabel (TH/DA/DA)
Submitted By: Hunibi
Description: User has been going around purchasing people's resells and adoptables only to end up not paying and making a variety of excuses. Occasionally they do pay some people, but it can take a long period of time that many people cannot afford. Until recently, Heather was also caught overpricing resells. For example, selling something that was 100 points for $20 instead, and making excuses when people noticed. Also appears to try to press people into selling adopts to them when people are not interested and tries to buy adopts that are up for trade. Posting this to TH due to noticing they have been rather active here.

Who: Gaylicious (TH)
Submitted By: Nadopt
Description: The user Gaylicious has been found uploading designs made by Nadopt and claiming them as their own, when the user does not actually own any of these characters. 

Who: Almond/GarbageKitten (TH/FA/DA), HoneyKing (TH/FA/DA), MidnightQueen/Alysthene (TH/FA)
Submitted By: EntropicTeacups
Description: The user was gifted a Plunny (CS by Honeyking) by a former friend and purchased a Kindling spot with the help of their ex (however this was EntropicTeacups's money, the ex just sent it over). Almond and MidnightQueen eventually fell out with EntropicTeacups. EntropicTeacups later found out the Plunny they had been gifted, along with the Kindling spot they had purchased, had been illegally taken away from them and given to Almond and MidnightQueen. EntropicTeacups provided evidence to HoneyKing that the designs were rightfully and fairly theirs, but was turned down with little concern for their situation. MidnightQueen was also noted to lie about communication with EntropicTeacups over the design. This PSA is made to warn potential customers and sellers of these three's deceitful and harmful nature in the treatment of ownership of designs and respect for people and characters. 

Who: KarnxJiro and OrphanageofKarn (DA)
Submitted By: Jayden
Description: Once paid, the artist became extremely difficult to get a hold of, and months went by with little update or word on the commission's progress, and a string of broken promises about the completion of the artwork. Has also reportedly kept several other customers waiting, again with little communication. They are unprofessional in behavior and work ethic, it appears.

Who: Ikashima (TH) / Meltymilks (DA, deactivated)
Submitted By: Muley
Description: User has conducted a mass amount of chargebacks against artists they purchased adopts from and artists they commissioned art from. At least 20 people are affected, and the user is proving difficult to reach concerning the matter by concerned artists looking for answers and communication. Again: Chargebacked twenty people.
Update: Appears to be trying to resolve matters and provided an explanation of sorts in the linked thread.

Who: Squidribs (TH/FA/Twitter) / Iprie (DA)
Submitted By: Vespisia
Description: User has taken money in exchange for art that was never delivered, and has left many people hanging over a period of 2-3 years. Also lied to most of those they did get in contact with (a confrontation that had to be initiated by the customers themselves after 1-1.5+ yrs, mind) that they would finish everything, be it art or refunds, only to disappear.
4/8: Have been receiving reports that they have new victims from 2016.

Who: Vyness 
Submitted By: Que
Description: Vyness sold Que a physical product, claiming they needed money for food. The seller was later found using the money, likely gained from Que, to attempt to purchase an adopt, and blocked Que to prevent contact, along with ignoring Que asking for a tracking number for the physical product in a note before the block. [11/29] Que has updated thread to show that Vyness is refusing to send payment, even challenging Que to try and regain the money, while informing Que of having multiple PP accounts. This user shows harmful behavior.



Who: Dytri
Submitted By: Petitexcosette
Description: Owes artwork for nearly a year, and has proven poor in communication and professionalism concerning the matter.
Note: Caution is still advised, as Dytri has not finished the commissions they owe others, and appears to not have contacted the other customers.

Who: Lynn (TH) / Lynniee (DA)
Submitted By: Vespisia
Description: User has been found to attempt scams worth hundreds of dollars.
Note: Has made progressive strides in better handling of business.

Who: Hatsumi (TH) / Lumenoise (DA)
Submitted By: Galeforce
Description: Excessive illegitimate chargebacking
Note: Caution still advised by victim if Hatsumi resumes activity.

Who: Hatsumi (TH) / Lumenoise (DA)
Submitted By: AgentM-Chan
Description: One of the victims of Hatsumi's chargebacking 

Who: 20Beth01
Submitted By: Amnesiac-Daydreamer
Description: User has been found to be reselling characters owned by other people.
Note: Has had all the characters deleted, but caution would still be advised.

Who: Aquapyrofan (DA/TH)
Submitted By: Hane
Description: Artist engages in illegal and questionable business practices concerning adopts and poses a risk to their customers as well as unprofessional behavior. Issues with understanding copyright and trademarks. Caution is advised.
Notes: Understands what they did wrong and has made changes to fix it. Much improvement in business practices and approach to the adopts market and is doing well.


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I have a public PSA about the same user as waltz, I don't know if we actually need it twice but just in case here's my own one about that incident





You're welcome! Apologies for the delay in reply, had a very busy past week. I've added the PSA to the thread. I actually saw it discussed on DA and just ouch, there is a great deal of people hurt. :(

Hello! Apologies for taking so long to reply. I'm sorry to see that you too are a victim of Hatsumi, and the trouble it has caused you. :( I will be including your PSA too as it provides further evidence of caution with engaging in transactions with Hatsumi.





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If you have one, you may link it here as well if it fits the requirements and I will add it to the PSAs masterlist. Thank you.