PSA: Sheller / Jodora (scamming/chargebacks)

Posted 3 months, 3 days ago (Edited 2 months, 15 days ago) by Chuchy07

EDIT RESOLVED: sheller has refunded everyone to my knowledge !

Sheller / Jodora / Shellerteller / hershelclayton (discord) link to mais bulletin for more context but seriously this just. defeated me. dealing with severe art block and self loathing already, but this just sealed the deal. i genuinely dont know if im going to do adopts or anything on TH anymore because of this. this same exact situation has happened to me twice. (where someone gets a design from me, they resell it, then charge me back. thus i cannot take the design back OR dispute anything through paypal since they always side with the buyer) this is just. i dont even know how to explain anymore. im just tired and i want to rest. please be aware of this person and do not do any business with them. they seem to be still active so be aware.

i dont have any other income besides my art, and having this happen along with my block. i just dont know how im going to make it out of this along w the numerous bills i have to pay and people i owe. this is just embarrassing at this point. if you wanna donate literally anything, u can do so on my ko fi. ill offer up some bases and exclusive stuff in a bit. i just need to settle down and really think about things atm. ty to everyone who is interested in my work. genuinely you all have been keeping me afloat for so many years, and i cannot thank you enough.

as for evidence of this. heres my screenshots on my side. the design in question was this one here: . it now belongs to mithra, they dont have anything to do with this so please dont attack them. but anyway

on feb 12th i had sold this design as they wanted to AB it. i was eternally grateful as i always am. the support i get from TH is insane and i appreciate it so much. i figure it was just like any other transaction
they decided to do a payment plan and i was okay with that, they were totally aware of it too (keep this in mind for later)

me getting the first payment and everything going through nicely

sheller had decided to resell my design, which i was fine with. they apparently charged $50 more than its worth, i get it, it was a mistake, so i was fine with that. im assuming everything went well with mithra.


proof of the ownership log. im sure if any of you have seen the adopt, you wouldve seen this too.

and here i am today, with the charge back of the whole entire payment plan of $300. apparently it was an "unintentional charge" even though they were FULLY aware of the purchase. i have already disputed this with paypal but i really doubt they will side with me, as they have done this before in the past (with a person named "amen" however their account is now closed. they got away with it). im really hoping with the amount of evidence, everyone can get everything situated but i really am just lost.

i had gotten several emails from their "mother" (above) and everything seemed to be okay? but theyre still active and are hiding and trading characters as we speak. please avoid doing ANY business with them. i am down $300 in a time that i have to pay a bill that is MORE than that in less than a week. theyre practically stealing the money that i had earned. and this hasnt just happened to me but SEVERAL others. im at my breaking point. if you have any experiences or screenshots of them please leave it below.

also sorry this is sloppy, never made a psa before nor do i care if its well written, im just trying to get the word out to as many people as i can and make sure others affected are not alone in this.


I think they made a bulletin recently abt to discuss this ! I just hope to get my design back if they can't send me the money.


For people who have lost money; people are keeping tabs.


Dunno if anyone else saw this on Twitter but instead of actually posting a response or ya know canceling all of the chargebacks that haven't gone through yet, Jodora is begging an artist that theu scammed $200 out of to take down their tweets talking about it-

Edit: Jodora on their alt Twitter account begging to be defended instead of canceling the chargebacks that even if their Mom did them is still their responsibility to make right


someone who says they're gill's friend tweeted this:


take this how you will - personally im still skeptical but i do think waiting for their response is important but dear god i hope they can cancel all the chargebacks + everyone affected gets their funds back :[


8k in debt and buying 3k worth of commissions, I doubt they'll be able to return all the money when they're e-begging.


littlelapin if it's any help, here's what F&F with my friend, Goods & Services, & an invoice payment look like on my end on the Paypal web UI as a seller POV!

if they did send payment via F&F I think it's important to point out that at no point did you ask them to do so, so as a seller you should at least be relatively safe from the allegation that you sought to circumvent buyer protections in any way (because you didn't)!




It appears their friend who has been attempting tk defend them, slimeyflowers (pallasiteflowers on Twt) is purchasing back some of the designs. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but I suspect they will give them back to Gill. Which... y'know. I would not be comfortable.

Slimey, if you read this, I understand you are trying to help your friend and have witnessed their mother's alleged abuse, but please understand that this is extremely fishy to a ton of users and you are rewarding Gill's bad spending habits by attempting to regather characters. Abusive mother or not, Gill is still bad with money and needs to learn the hard way it seems. I think it would be better if you sent them some articles and whatnot for spending addiction.