PSA: Sheller / Jodora (scamming/chargebacks)

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EDIT RESOLVED: sheller has refunded everyone to my knowledge !

Sheller / Jodora / Shellerteller / hershelclayton (discord) link to mais bulletin for more context but seriously this just. defeated me. dealing with severe art block and self loathing already, but this just sealed the deal. i genuinely dont know if im going to do adopts or anything on TH anymore because of this. this same exact situation has happened to me twice. (where someone gets a design from me, they resell it, then charge me back. thus i cannot take the design back OR dispute anything through paypal since they always side with the buyer) this is just. i dont even know how to explain anymore. im just tired and i want to rest. please be aware of this person and do not do any business with them. they seem to be still active so be aware.

i dont have any other income besides my art, and having this happen along with my block. i just dont know how im going to make it out of this along w the numerous bills i have to pay and people i owe. this is just embarrassing at this point. if you wanna donate literally anything, u can do so on my ko fi. ill offer up some bases and exclusive stuff in a bit. i just need to settle down and really think about things atm. ty to everyone who is interested in my work. genuinely you all have been keeping me afloat for so many years, and i cannot thank you enough.

as for evidence of this. heres my screenshots on my side. the design in question was this one here: . it now belongs to mithra, they dont have anything to do with this so please dont attack them. but anyway

on feb 12th i had sold this design as they wanted to AB it. i was eternally grateful as i always am. the support i get from TH is insane and i appreciate it so much. i figure it was just like any other transaction
they decided to do a payment plan and i was okay with that, they were totally aware of it too (keep this in mind for later)

me getting the first payment and everything going through nicely

sheller had decided to resell my design, which i was fine with. they apparently charged $50 more than its worth, i get it, it was a mistake, so i was fine with that. im assuming everything went well with mithra.


proof of the ownership log. im sure if any of you have seen the adopt, you wouldve seen this too.

and here i am today, with the charge back of the whole entire payment plan of $300. apparently it was an "unintentional charge" even though they were FULLY aware of the purchase. i have already disputed this with paypal but i really doubt they will side with me, as they have done this before in the past (with a person named "amen" however their account is now closed. they got away with it). im really hoping with the amount of evidence, everyone can get everything situated but i really am just lost.

i had gotten several emails from their "mother" (above) and everything seemed to be okay? but theyre still active and are hiding and trading characters as we speak. please avoid doing ANY business with them. i am down $300 in a time that i have to pay a bill that is MORE than that in less than a week. theyre practically stealing the money that i had earned. and this hasnt just happened to me but SEVERAL others. im at my breaking point. if you have any experiences or screenshots of them please leave it below.

also sorry this is sloppy, never made a psa before nor do i care if its well written, im just trying to get the word out to as many people as i can and make sure others affected are not alone in this.



I'm assuming you mean the PSA thread?


KizunaYui I actually meant the one sheller themselves posted here.

It's been now almost 3 full days and still zero word from Sheller about what this means or what they've done to mend their mistakes here.


idk i feel they will just disappear for a while until everything is forget to come back w probably another name and do the same thing  


im in contact with one of their friends.. they have now lost contact with sheller  so i think they just dipped and ran away from all of it.


I mentioned it in a previous page but please FILE TICKETS TO GET YOUR STUFF BACK. At this point sheller just seem to have gone into hiding (if not worse) so it's unlikely they'll send you back your oc or money. Get the admin to transfer stuff for you.

Even if the have the design hidden you should.still be able to grab the links to them via your transfer history I believe.


That's so fucked up that they tries to pin it on you, Lovementish you're not responsible for someone else's actions. Gill could have made drastically different life choices but chose not to. All of this was their choices. Spending $4k in two or less months on art commissions while already being in debt was their choice. No one cause any of this - only themselves.


I made a bulletin here but I'll repeat my update here as well.

Hello everyone, it's Slimeyflowers.
I made a bulletin and twitter thread on Feb 27th about the updated details I had on Sheller (Shellteller/Jodoras/Gill). In that update I spoke about what I knew at the time. Lovementish and I made public statements about Gill's scamming/charge backs,  recognizing it would burn our bridges but we needed to apply pressure for Gill to start reversing said charge backs. Gill did reach out to both  Lovementish and I shortly after.

As Lovementish stated we both  receive bizarre and erratic messages, leaving us alarmed and terrified.  In this update I will be leaking messages I had with Gill after my  previous update. I had been reached out by Gill and we talked about how  they would go about contacting Paypal without notifying their mom. I  will not say to believe the story about the mom, it's difficult to  prove. That being said I'm not inclined to make judgements on the  truthfulness of someone under abuse. Gill responded as if there was a  threat and I wanted to help them based on that assertion. The last thing  I want to do is make them feel as if they couldn't reach out to me when  it's possible to reach a resolution.

On Thursday 2/29 I received  these messages after talking about the above. At this point I had never  encountered such a strange shift, I've  spoken with Gill for many years  and have a good idea of how they might  respond so it took me off  guard. I also received the same alarming message as Lovementish did but I  wanted to add context to the bizarre nature of these messages. I left my DMs open as bait in case they would come back. My intent was to get  more information before I made another update. The time for that is now.




I don't think Gill will be  coming back anytime soon, willingly or unwillingly. Lovementish and I  encourage all affected parties to seek immediate and appropriate legal  action. Keep demanding for justice and do not let this issue stagnant.  Keep pushing for a resolution, I've been humbled by the steadfast  reaction of the artist community seeking justice. I'm in the dark about  what will happen next but I wanted to give an update with what I had.  Thank you for listening to both Lovementish and I, we want everyone  affected to get justice for what has happened.nnn

I'm reachable by:

🪶Twitter DM (pallasiteflower)

🧸ToyHouse (slimeyflowers)

✉️[email protected]