CardTamers World is a world focusing on an EvoCrit project featuring a large variety of plant-based creatures and the worlds they live in.  This world serves as a hub for CardTamers on Toyhouse, as well as a place to participate in the ARPG's many activities.

These include:
  • Tamer Creation and Starters: Before you can participate, you need a Tamer and at least one creature.  Seasonal starters are available if you don't have a creature.  Already have a Tamer but want to try a different strategy?  You can do that too.
  • Area Exploration (WIP): Explore a variety of areas to obtain project currency, items, and even creatures!  Sometimes you may also encounter NPCs.
  • Creature Training and Growth: Creatures can learn a wide variety of skills, which allow them to grow and change in appearance.  As creatures grow, they may even display more Traits than previously.
  • Arenas (Coming Soon): Challenge Arenas to see if your team can stand up to the Arena Master's strategy!
Boss Creature - Anthe Forest
The first Boss Creature has appeared in Anthe Forest!

Layout by aquapyrofan.

Latest Bulletin

CardTamers Search Direction Change

Posted 4 months, 17 days ago by aquapyrofan

I'm thinking about changing directions with the CardTamers Search Mini-Game - and this new direction will have site integration from the get-go!

I need to make some proof of concept code first, but it shouldn't take too long.  I'll probably be posting previews in the Discord soon.

Anthe Forest will remain the only area available to start, but everything will be done as part of the current site infrastructure, with new code to accommodate interactive elements.

Since I'm the only person working on the site, expect it to take a while.