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hii, if you mean the discord event, those mystery prizes will be distributed by the end of the weekend - thank you so much for your patience! ive been very sick unfortunately, but im catching up steadily! if you mean the ongoing love-is-war event, other than LC , those prizes will be decided upon based on how many winners there are ! 

swapping predetermined MYOs can be done in our discord server, via direct message, or via a bulletin ill put up later once im all caught up !! <3 again, thank you for your patience !

Hi hi I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I didn't wanna spam gutters dms as I've already sent one (I'm anxious 🐜)

But ‼️ is there any rules regarding myos and taking inspiration from videogame characters at all? Just wanted to ask before I start designing mine :]

hi hi! ill be getting to my dms once im at my laptop later , and feel free to send any whenever 👍👍👍💖

inspiration is always ok, but copyrighted material should be avoided, and we dont allow recognisable 'versions' of existing characters ('dekudogs' and such) , sorry ! 

Heya there! I have two myo slots and im designing an oc using my RARE slot.
I was curious about the weapon and material I'd like to use. Since the weapon has to be connected to the UB (from my understanding) I wanted to make like ninja star things but that wouldnt exactly work as they cant be thrown. Instead, I thought it'd be cool to either have one MASSIVE ninja star my UB whips around or, (the one I'd prefer), a bunch of tiny stars attached to one big chain that he can do a slicey-dicey with. My other question is what would a latex or rubber cor be considered in rarity?
Sorry to bother or if these questions are dumb I just don't want to misunderstand anything.

hi hi ! dont worry, im always always happy to answer unbleeder questions ! both of those weapon concepts sound not only feasible but also seriously awesome - please feel free to use whichever you prefer! after a bit of research, looks like latex and rubber are both biodegradable, and therefore would each count as uncommon !

Yayay okay! Thank you so much! :D

Hi there, I was just wondering when i might be able to buy a myo? 

hey! We're actually having a free myo event here so you came just in time

aha ty gutter told me !

hi! you cant buy one right now, and there arent concrete plans for when myo slots will be sold next - but you can get a free slot right now by joining our discord server! heres a bulletin about how to get that ! https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/699272.discord-server-and-free-myo-event-

Perfect! TY

hi! is there a rarity requirement for a damaged insert? i have an unbleeder with tentative plans to break part of his insert later on (story stuff! :>) but he’s of common rarity, so would i need an upgrade ticket to have that happen?

hi ! no rarity requirement for that ! i figure its just something that can happen !

Awesome, thank you!

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hi! not a bother at all!

you absolutely can ! as long as the other species is also okay with it, and as long as the design still fits the allowed traits for an unbleeder of your slot rarity !

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yeah thatd be fine, just remind me when youre getting them approved !

Are there limitations lore-wise? Like having my Unbleeder's personal lore being on loan to a company in the story world I'm building, etc. And will there ever be a forum/discord for community interactions? 

you can do pretty much whatever you like lore-wise, no worries! ♡ the established unbleeder lore is entirely optional and if you want to ignore it or only take the bits that are relevant to your own unbleeder rhats totally fine!

as for a forum or discord, there still arent any plans to make one - mainly because its not something i personally have the ability to mod atm. if theres enough demand, or the species gets big enough, and if we recruit more mods to take care of that aspect, then it might happen! 

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most people have been inserting the character into the myo slot character, yeah! if youd rather make a new one, you can let me know when you send the design for approval and ill help sort it out at that point !

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no prob ♡♡♡

Hi hi! Found these lads and they're super neat. If we get one can we use them in personal works/other species?

hi! thank you so much ♡♡ 

if youre asking about using unbleeders for non-unbleeder related content, thats totally fine - as long as you aren't profiting off the base concept of unbleeders, you can do whatever you want with your own character!

if youre asking about crossbreeds, we'd ask that you have the appropriate rarity MYO slot from the other species as well as for an unbleeder, and that that other species allows for CBs, too ♡ but yeah its basically okay!

Hello! I have some questions (replying to this to not clog the top) if ok to ask and all ;;

I was wondering about the heart/core in the chest, if it can be a different shape or needs to be heartshaped?

And I was also wondering if an unbleeder can be crossfused with another species if it's personal/has anatomy changes? Like stuff that breaks the humanoid mold, like adding a tail, or edible bodyparts, or digigrade styled legs?

hi there ! it does need to be heart-shaped, but that can be anatomical or stylised ♡

crossbreeds are allowed with our affiliate species no questions asked. for other species, dm a mod (in this case, me - gutter) with a link to the species you have in mind, and we can discuss possibilities !

Ah I see!

And got it, I'm not sure I'd affiliate them atm since they're not public, but thank you for answering me!

ah, to be clear - your species doesnt have to be affiliated for a crossbreed, we just prefer to chat directly about non-affiliate crossbreeds ♡ 

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permission granted !!

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yes, that is totally fine for a rare unbleeder! also i should note that damaged cors wont cause any trouble, but damage to the metal of the insert itself might damage the unbleeders memories!

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that would count as a mutation, yeah! i should actually edit that to say any number of teeth - when i was writing out the traits i was considering that one in context of fangs, but in retrospect just one is really cool too !! :0

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i think those would be okay for a rare unbleeder, as long as they didnt mimic the texture of hair and stayed completely immovable! 

also, please dont hesitate to ask as many questions as you like! i love unbleeders, so im always happy to answer anything!

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one for common or uncommon, two for rare ! <3 this includes the material for any containers holding liquids !

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Me again, can I mix Insert rarities (Like have a common insert and an uncommon one)?

as long as you have a slot of the higher rarity (in that examples case, uncommon), i dont see why not ! 

Hello! I was wondering if it would be okay to put a picture of a heart shaped piece of the crystal I want to use for my MYO's heart + cor that I own instead of drawing it? I just want to make sure ahead of time that it would be alright. Tysm for your time!

as long as the image is either available for free use under creative commons or such and properly credited, or your own, that would be fine, yes!

Alright, tysm!

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yep, its me! <3

Is there a discord for the CS we can join? :0

as of right now, we don't have a discord server or any plans set in stone for one! that might change in future, but for now, this toyhouse world is the hub for all things unbleeder !