An Unbleeder is a living weapon created from a recently-deceased human through the magic of a fallen star.

Granted ageless immortality and the ability to remove their heart from their chest, transforming it into a weapon perfectly suited to the individual wielding it, they're navigating an otherwise-ordinary future with all the difficulties - both daily and philosophical - of a life without death. Sure, there's a lot more violence, too, but with a mega-corporation in control of everything, what else can you do, really?

Want to achieve unending life? Or just to not die yet? Sign up for Llawes Corp's insurance and even if you spend a lifetime paying off the star metal that grants you immortality, you'll have plenty more lifetimes to live after that








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10/19/23 October & November schedule shake-up! A little preview into the rest of the year.

10/18/23 Pop-up MYO sale! 2 days only. [Closed now.]

10/10/23 Week 4 of collections! Thank you all for visiting Cantre'r Gwaelod -- have fun on the coasters?

10/10/23 Next month's guest artist applications are now open!

10/6/23 A Stunning Nightly Performance - check out this adopt batch featuring the talents of mods and guest artists alike!


  1. You must purchase a MYO slot or adoptable in order to own an Unbleeder.
  2. Our lore isn't mandatory to keep up with, but we encourage you to dip into it to whatever degree you're comfortable with, especially as a lot of our monthly events and prompts are lore-focused, and not participating in lore content may inadvertently exclude you from them!
  3. You can sell an Unbleeder or MYO slot for no more than the original price + the value of additional art. If your MYO slot was free, you may not sell it for money unless it has accompanying art. You may only trade free MYO slots.
  4. Payments via PayPal only, and must be sent within 48 hours.
  5. Mods have external lives! Please be patient with us, but if we don't respond within 24 hours without apparent reason, message Gutter to check in.
  6. Do not trace/copy or take heavy inspiration for your own separate content from Unbleeders, their lore, or their traits.