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Trait Upgrade Ticket: 4 LC
- Increases the rarity of one trait on your Unbleeder by one. Seems it can only manage to get you up to one Legendary trait...
Slot Upgrade Ticket: 8 LC
- Increases the overall rarity of your Unbleeder by one. Seems it can't quite boost from Rare to Legendary, though...
Predetermined MYO: 12 LC
- Receive a Common MYO slot with your Cor material and Insert position chosen by Dr. Hasapi.

- Cor material and Insert position randomly assigned from a selection which includes up to Rare traits.

Crossbreed Ticket: 10 LC
- Allows even non-humans to undergo revival and become an Unbleeder. Only seems to work on humanoids... (If crossbreeding with an unaffiliated species, please check with a mod first!)

-  This is not a MYO slot. It must be used in conjuction with a pre-existing MYO slot to obtain a crossbreed. Alternatively, you can also redesign an existing Unbleeder into a crossbreed with this!

Free-choice Common MYO: 15 LC
- Receive a Common MYO slot with no restrictions.

  • All sales are final and non-refundable
  • All items are single-use.
  • LC cannot be traded.