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GA Adopt | Pool Party!

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hiiiiiiii unbleeder nation ! my birthday is on the 17th !!! 

to celebrate im holding a free raffle on our discord !

and im ALSO running a slot sale here, where if you spend over $10 youll be entered into a raffle for a sketch custom from me!! 

GA Adopt | Skittle of Anarchy

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[LORE] Welcome home, Bran!

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A thought-abandoned high-rise apartment building caught alight in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood in Caer Sidi tonight.
In a tragic twist of fate, however, it became clear that the building was no longer abandoned, and in fact had several families living inside without proper support from the city, putting them in danger due to the lack of necessary infrastructure nearby and no official services being aware of their presence.
Thanks to the efforts of a handful of Llawes Corporation's own Cwn Annwn who happened to be in the area, however, there was no loss of life in our beautiful city tonight - every person and animal was safely escorted from the premises and away from the deadly blaze.
Sadly, the fire services were delayed in their approach, and the building has been almost entirely scoured by the flames, leaving it to the Corporation to provide proper shelter and new homes for these suddenly unhoused families.
CEO Arawn Llawes said: "We have plenty of resources in place to make sure anyone affected by this tragedy will find all of the support, help, and love they need. Everyone who was evacuated has been given hotel suites in the nearest Llawes Hotel for as long as they need, free of charge, and we'll put every effort into making sure everyone finds a comfortable new home with the infrastructure needed to take care of a family. Other abandoned buildings in the area will also be checked over, in case this is a wider issue; we'll have plans to build some more useful community buildings in the space where this particular building was in no time. "

and why were the hounds there, at the Usual Place, on a night when most of the CC who live there happened to be out?




GA Adopt | Love of a Friend

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Mod Adopt | Rainbow Rabbits

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June Newsletter - PRIDE

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   to celebrate yourself and your community!


pictured: january, august, riftan, nathan, lyra, demitasse, kaleo, walela, kaiden, anne-marie, sparrow, kukka, haven, chie, virgil, fresa, and cindy.


That's right! It's Pride Month, and this year Llawes Corp is pulling out all the stops to make the whole month a celebration!

As well as sponsoring the annual Pride Parades, the Corporation invites Caer Sidi citizens and Unbleeders alike to come celebrate at Avalon Park right next to HQ, where we've set up an extensive Renaissance Faire for all to enjoy!

We've transformed half of Avalon Park into the castle town of Camelot, where you can immerse yourself into a magical and medieval world - and celebrate your truest self at the same time! Just step through the fairy circle to Tír na nÓg in the other half of the Park, and find yourself at our month-long Pride Festival, with full parades every weekend and a party just for the grown-ups every night!

Featuring 20 stages for everything from DJs to jousting, magicians to drag performances, over 100 local artists and artisans, and, of course, fabulous food fit for royalty, we think we've managed to create something for everyone this summer!

Other than a handful of exclusive performances, entry to Avalon Park is, as ever, free, so we hope to see all of you here very soon!



This month's theme is...


of course!

As usual, we love to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community here at Unbleeders!! All our staff are somewhere under the umbrella, and we know a large proportion of our community is, too! Time to celebrate that!

And on top of that, it's time to celebrate our 2.5 year anniversary! That means there'll be a loredrop or two throughout the month, and a big adopt batch with our affiliates, as well as various giveaways and, of course, a FREE MYO EVENT at the time of the anniversary itself!

Please look forward to everything we have planned for you, but until then, please also enjoy our Rennaissance Faire, where everyone is invited to a massive immersive experience and party, all themed around the best imagining of historical life, where magic, music, and all sorts of fun await Caer Sidians of all ages! And of course, the whole thing is run and sponsored by Llawes, so you know that everything is top-quality, if nothing else.

Expect to see Unbleeders in all sorts of historical and 'historical' outfits, haha - and hey, that immortality means a lot more oomph to those jousts, huh?

(oh, and that murder mystery discord event is still going.. if you've been keeping up, theres even a clue in this very bulletin!)



1. Tír na nÓg: 

Draw or write about your Unbleeder and pride! Whether you're showing their LGBT+ or ally status, or whether they're proud of something else about themself, we want to see it!

2. Camelot: 

Will your Unbleeder be attending the Ren Faire? Will they dress up? Will they be performing or selling their wares! Draw or write about their experience in Avalon Park this month!

Requirements (both prompts)

♡ Minimum of a clean sketch with flat colours for art, 500 words for writing.

♡ All entries for either prompt must include an Unbleeder.  If you don't own one, you can draw someone else's - we have a channel specifically to find available UBs for this sort of thing in our Discord server! And don't forget, we have special, discord-exclusive prompts, too, which can earn you even more LC! 

♡ Each entry is worth 2LC, and you can earn LC for up to 2 entries for each prompt. (thats 8 LC in total!)


🫀Guest Artists!🫀

GAs got contacted late, oops! Keep an eye out for additions to this list as we hear back from invited artists - and if you applied, check your inbox!


June Guest Artist Apps!

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June is a half-anniversary and Pride month - seems we'll be looking for a few interns to help out around the labs this month!

(If it's been more than three months since the last time you were on our team, you're welcome to apply again!  While we do want to make sure that everyone gets a chance, we aren't opposed to returning faces!)


apply to be a guest artist here!

form closes 6PM on the 31st, EST.

F2E Unbleeder Raffle!

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200th mod adopt is being raffled off here!



GA Adopt | Sweetheart

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