Trait Guide

🫀 Introduction 🫀




🫀 Traits 🫀

Currently, only COMMON, UNCOMMON, and RARE traits can be seen on MYO Unbleeders, except with the use of items from our store.

Required traits for an Unbleeder are a star metal Insert (of which the shape, number, and position on the body are separate regarding rarity), Cor material, and Pupil. A chain linking the heart to the chest, chest slit for the heart to be removed from, and weapon form for the heart are also required, but do not have associated trait rarities.

Inserts are made from the metal of a fallen star, which is naturally shiny and black or dark grey but can be painted the same way you'd paint nails, decorated with jewelry, or otherwise adorned with no change in rarity.

The Cor is, except in very rare cases, always partially visible through at least one gap or opening in the Insert, so even with the Unbleeder’s heart in their chest it’s possible to see the material that the heart is made of.

A written guide can be found below the visual guide!



*A broken insert may result in damage to the Unbleeder in question's memories. It is extremely difficult to break star metal, even with a powerful Unbleeder's heart weapon! Please be considerate of any Unbleeder you encounter whose Insert has somehow been broken, and patient with any absent-mindedness they may struggle with as a result of such damage to their Inserts.



In the case of uncommon biodegradable materials, or smaller materials that might otherwise fall loose, they are placed into the space in the Insert for the Cor, and then any gaps are filled with a resin developed by our researchers at the Llawes laboratories which does not react with the star metal and as such is not included in the Cor material that the heart and weapon are made up of. This also preserves anything that might otherwise degrade, keeping them the same forever, just like the Unbleeder in question.

In the case of rare contained liquids, the glass or plastic container counts as the second material. If a liquid is normally found with something else suspended within, it'll be accepted as rare, but if the two are unrelated, that'll bump the rarity up to legendary. Boba tea, ice cubes in a cocktail, pulp in orange juice, etc, would be fine, for example, but wine and rubies, or shells in seawater, would not count as rare, even if they 'match'. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis: if you're not sure, just ask a mod - DM gutter or ask on our discord server!

The only limitations with legendary Cors are that we ask you not make a 'flesh' Cor, as that would rather defeat the point of the heart altering upon resurrection!



You can have one of each mutation variant - regular and chain - if your Unbleeder's traits are all common.


🫀 Celestial Traits 🫀


The following traits are available only by playing this game - only one of these three traits are available per user, but they're all free!


Fluid Metal - Crystalline Body - Illusory Objects


🫀 Written Trait Guide 🫀



Common: Simple Horn of Any Size, curved or straight
Uncommon: Other 'natural' horns of any size e.g. deer, ram, unicorn. Simple shapes e.g. hearts, stars, flowers etc.
Rare: Open (cor fully exposed). Closed (cor fully hidden). Home-made or rough, i.e. not made by Llawes Corp. Broken (please refer to notes above regarding broken Inserts).
Legendary: Organic/complex shapes including body parts, animal features, jointed parts. Floating (must have at least one 'anchoring' insert attached to the body). Weapon-shaped.


Common: One
Uncommon: Two
Rare: Three-Six
Legendary: More than six


Common: Head
Uncommon: Spine/Throat
Rare: Anywhere else, including ears and inside mouth
Legendary: Heart


Common: Non-perishable materials; things that will not decay, die, or go bad over time.
                   (crystals, gold, glass, petrified wood, gunpowder, plastic, etc.)
Uncommon:  Biodegradable materials: things that will normally decay, die, or go bad over time. These are put into the space in the Insert for the Cor and then filled with resin, encasing them and keeping them the same forever.
                   (flowers, candy, any foodstuffs or plants, dead insects, etc.)
Rare:  Mixed Material, i.e. the cor is filled with two different common or uncommon materials. This also includes liquids, which are held in place by clear glass or plastic; the liquid heart is encased in the same material,
                   (milk, soda, roses and gold, strawberries and cream, leather and gunpowder, insects in amber, etc.)
Legendary: Impossible things: anything you can’t get normally, living or dangerous Cor material, uncontained fluid Cor material.
                    (bones, blood, eyes; dragon scales, a bit of cloud, a pinch of stardust; live bees, literal fire, floating water, dripping honey, etc.)


Common: Black & round, like a normal human.
Uncommon: Slit pupil, solid colour.
Rare: Gradient, patterned, shaped (hearts, stars, etc)
Legendary: Heterochromic. This applies to pupils only - any Unbleeder can have regular heterochromia of the irises. This also covers any other mismatch in shape or pattern or such.


These are only available if your Unbleeder's traits are all common. An Unbleeder may have one mutation trait from each section.


Fangs: Any number of teeth replaced with the star metal that makes up an Insert
Claws: Nails replaced with the star metal that makes up an Insert
Released: No chain connecting the heart to the Unbleeder
Infused: The blood of the Unbleeder takes on aspects of the Cor material.
Invert Insert: Reversed emotional states (i.e. compassionate only when heart is removed from chest).


Colour Chain: The chain is a colour other than the normal black or dark grey of most star metal. This often matches the eye colour of the Unbleeder.
Cor Chain: The chain is made of the Cor material.
Shaped Chain: The chain links are a simple shape other than standard circle/oval.
Spiked Chain: The chain has sharp spikes growing from it!
Charm: The star metal spreads from the chain, partially covering the heart and forming a small charm of star metal that dangles from it in both heart and weapon form.


Coloured Sclera: The sclera of the unbleeder take on seemingly natural pigmentation that covers the whites/sclera, occasionally bleeding over partially into the iris. The colour often matches the Unbleeder's Cor, or the black/dark grey of star metal, but not always!
Glowing Eyes: The Unbleeder's eyes gain a soft glow. This often matches either the iris or pupil color, and brightens a little when the heart is out.
Geometrical Heart: The Unbleeder's heart, instead of its natural shape as a human organ, takes on a fairly simple, geometrical shape, not too much more complex than an Uncommon-rarity Insert.
Star Metal Bands: The limbs of the Unbleeder develop bands of tough star metal, either in neat lines or with minimal 'spread' from the clearer areas.
Cor Bands: The limbs of the Unbleeder develop bands of the Unbleeder's Cor, either in neat lines or with minimal 'spread' from the clearer areas.
Bioluminescence: The Unbleeder's body (not including inserts or heart) takes on bioluminescent aspects. This can be in simple patterns or 'patches', and include up to two colours of luminescence.
Iridescence: All star metal on and in the Unbleeder's body is iridescent, even when painted.
Star-lined Slit: The inside and outer edges of the slit on the Unbleeder's chest is lined with star metal.
Cor-lined Slit: The inside and outer edges of the slit on the Unbleeder's chest is lined with the Unbleeder's Cor material.


After an Unbleeder wakes up from resurrection, very occasionally the previously-solid insert will take on semi-liquid properties. The Fluid Metal trait wont cause the insert to lose shape, or drip, thanks to the magnetic nature of the metal, but it will 'flow' and 'wobble', occasionally trailing globules of metal when the Unbleeder moves! You can even stick a finger in there no problem, it'll come out clean - though it's not exactly recommended if you're facing some of the grumpier Unbleeders out there.

Very occasionally, whether due to extensive damage to the body, or just a natural shift in composition, patches or parts of an Unbleeder might take on a semi-translucent form. The Crystalline Body trait is just as flexible as flesh and blood - and not much tougher than the average (already tough) Unbleeder, but it sure is pretty. When an Unbleeder has a crystal Cor, it often matches that, but not every time - some of the more translucent crystal structures even show pre-existing body parts through them.

Particularly unusual and inexplicable is the sudden onset of floating, intangible objects surrounding an Unbleeder's body. The Illusory Object trait shifts and rotates around the Unbleeder - some of them may glow slightly or their movements might become more agitated with high emotion, but they can't be touched or controlled. by anyone including the Unbleeder they follow. Typically, they take the form of stars or hearts, but they often also reflect the individual theming of the Unbleeder, or their Cor, instead.



  • As this species has a somewhat futuristic setting, all sorts of cybernetics and prosthetics are 100% allowed as untraited design choices, including animal features such as ears and tails, however they  must be visibly not 'real' and have a robotic/cybernetic visual to be approved.
  • Body modifications, such as making ears pointed, split tongues, and so on, are also untraited design choices.
  • The no-kemonomimi ruling does not apply to crossbreeds. Current crossbreed rules are that any of our affiliate species can be included in Unbleeder crossbreeds, and any other species will be considered on a case-by-case basis - ask a mod!