Q: Is there a discord/any plans for a server for Unbleeders?

A: Yes! https://discord.gg/eDauF9UJGE 

Q: What does Calon Ddi-waed mean?

A: It's Welsh! Translates pretty directly to 'bloodless heart', which is a play on 'bleeding heart', because of the lack of compassion Unbleeders experience with their hearts out! In-universe, I like to think that people started calling them Unbleeders as slang, almost in a derogatory way, and then Llawes Corp spun it into an official name to keep their creations seen in as good a light as possible.

Incidentally Llawes means 'sleeve' in Welsh, playing on the phrase 'heart on their sleeve'.

Q: How do projectile weapons work with Unbleeders?

A: Projectile weapons have the shooting part attached and the projectile not attached ! The projectiles are produced by the same magic that transforms the heart into the weapon, and dissolve first into stardust and then into nothing when touched by the hands of anyone who isn't the Unbleeder who produced them, except in very special circumstances. Thrown weapons stay attached to the Unbleeder's chest, but the chain is infinitely long, so no worries about it not reaching!

Q: What are the Very Special Circumstances under which someone else could take an Unbleeders heart out of their chest/keep a projectile solid?

A: Romantic ones, of course. This is incredibly self-indulgent and I recognise that but why shouldn't it be? I'd also say that extremely close familial or platonic emotions could work! But either way, a heightened emotional state and personal closeness is necessary. You don't have to do it like in Utena, but it helps.

Q: What are the limits of the heart's weapon form?

A: There technically aren't any limits! They don't even have to be a weapon, strictly speaking, but they have to be something that could theorectically be used to cause harm, and Llawes Corp is aiming to make indentured soldiers, so their production methods tend to make the weapon a Weapon. 'Bootleg' Unbleeders - that is, any that weren't made by Llawes, one way or the other, have a higher likelihood of having non-traditional weapons.

Q: What happens if an Unbleeder's inserts are forcibly ripped out?

A: Inserts are... very hard to remove. Something not technically canon to the lore because its a bit intense (and a bit body-horror to some maybe? so uh mild body horror cw for the rest of this paragraph) but consider to be true personally is that the star metal fuses to the bones of the unbleeder at the insert site, and 'tendrils' of it spread throughout the body, which helps give the Unbleeder their unnatural toughness, making them near-indestructible as well as immortal.

So, if you went with that, ripping the inserts out would essentially be the same as 'breaking' them, and would result in memory loss and/or sudden personality changes! 

If you didn't want that to be the case (and i like giving people flexibility with the lore, so id be fine with it), and the insert remained the same size and shape as it was upon insertion, then they'd go back to being a corpse! And would be revived again upon re-insertion !

Breaking the cor, however, would not affect the Unbleeder negatively.

Q: Do Unbleeders... bleed? Do they have regular bodily functions?

A: Yeah, Unbleeders have regular blood! Other than the immortality and the heightened durability and the Heart Thing, Unbleeders function mainly like normal humans in a medical sense! Wound healing is rapid but not instantaneous, - though death from bloodloss isn't something they're likely to worry about! Pretty much any wound will knit together in time, however Unbleeders don't take damage very easily!

They don't 'need' blood, technically. Without it, though, they'd have numb extremities and low body temperature, and probably some other issues, too. When their heart is in their chest, it pumps blood normally. 

Additionally, Unbleeders feel temperature normally, unless their cor material is something very hot or very cold, in which case they're resistant to that temperature! They cant get sick, but they can eat and drink (and tend to, mostly out of a remaining attachment to their human lives and instincts), and if they eat and drink, they use restrooms! If they don't eat and drink, they wont die, but they will be really low energy ! 

Q: If they have blood, does it come out when they pull their hearts out?

A: Nope! Unless the Unbleeder is particularly unusual and lacks the regular opening in the chest that only they can use (except in circumstances mentioned above), or unless you really want it to be the case for your own Unbleeder, there's no mess when they pull it out.