MYO Rules

Unbleeder MYO...

Before You Start...

First of all, make sure you've read our LORE, and check out the TRAITS guide here!

When you purchase a MYO slot of any rarity, a comment on the Unbleeders account with your slot number will be created and transferred to you. Please do not create a profile with your design until it has been approved.

Getting Your Design Approved

In order to get your design approved, message gutter or post in the MYO approval channel on theĀ discord using the form below:

TITLE - Unbleeder MYO Approval

SLOT - This will be your MYO ticket!
RARITY - Common / Uncommon / Rare


WEAPON - Not constrained by rarity!

MUTATION - If relevant (remember, only all-common Unbleeders can have mutations!)
CELESTIAL - If relevant

DESIGN - Don't forget to link or attach an image of your design!
ARTIST/DESIGNER - Any commissioned artists or used bases must be credited.

It's easy to sign up today!

If you don't receive a response after 24 hours (and there's no bulletin or such indicating that Gutter will be away), please feel free to message again to check in!