Lore Introduction



'Unbleeders', or, as they're formally known, Calon Ddi-waed, are living weapons created by the Llawes Corporation.

Whether they're being put to use as personal bodyguards, security, or working for the Corporation to protect citizens on the whole, an Unbleeder is a valuable addition to the world where otherwise there would have been loss.

All Unbleeders were once humans like you and me, but post-departure each received an Insert and took on a new purpose along with their new, unending life, thanks to the hard work of the Llawes Corporation's top scientists!

When the Star fell, it was our work that made sure each and every person remained safe under our watch, and since then, we've been unravelling every last mystery contained within its complex structure. We are well on our way to revolutionary scientific advancements!

Not least of which is the extension of life through the creation of the Calon Ddi-waed.

By taking a fragment of metal from the Star's fallen husk, and inserting that fragment into a departed human, even a heart that can no longer beat will sustain life.

And by taking that metal fragment to surround a perfectly-formed Cor to create a fully-constructed Insert before reviving a departed human, the heart restored by that Insert will undergo a near-miraculous transformation, taking the form of that Cor and continuing to function even when removed from the chest!

During the time that an Unbleeder’s heart is outside of their body, it will remain attached to the opening from which they retrieved it by a chain formed from the Star’s metal, and it houses all of that Unbleeder’s concerns, allowing them to set aside emotional restraints that might prevent them from carrying out work assigned to them by the Corporation.

As an additional convenience, while in the Unbleeder’s hands, their heart can take the shape of a weapon perfectly suited to the individual - very useful in the lines of work typically taken by an Unbleeder, especially as many volunteers harbour strong desires to protect their loved ones with these fantastic new abilities!

It's easy to sign up today!

Because we only work with people post-departure, there are no restrictions when it comes to the age at which you can sign up for this life-extending procedure! The Llawes Corporation suggests applying as far in advance as possible in case of any sort of natural disaster or unusual circumstance that could bring about an early departure - and don’t forget to check if you qualify for our Insertion Remuneration Program, where we pay your loved ones in exchange for your treatment!

Apply now at

ouroboros.exe activated


you’ve probably already got llawes insurance, but here’s some advice: if you can avoid it or cancel it, if you can choose not to, CHOOSE NOT TO.


if youre really that opposed to dying, we have our own supply of insert materials and we wont own the rights to YOUR BODY AND ACTIONS after you come back to life, unlike llawes who WILL turn you into a living weapon for their purposes, worse than a mercenary. notice how they never talk about unbleeders like theyre humans? yeah

i mean sure youll be immortal and powerful as all hell

what they dont tell you is that when your heart is out it doesnt just take away your worries - you just stop caring about anything. makes you go apeshit fucking ballistic. chomping biting kill

not to mention the rumours about them offering to pay for your familys upkeep? yeah that shits in exchange for ‘pre-mortem insertion’ [which means they kill you, btw!]

people will tell you its that or just die, or that you can get an insert from other sources thatll just want to put you to work messing people up so its better to work for the people who do it legally and above-board, but it DOESNT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY

if you arent opposed to being stuck at one age for the rest of forever, this weeks meet up is on friday at midnight, three blocks south of the star crater at llawes hq. no guarantees on the cor type but we can hook you up with unofficial inserts. you can protect your loved ones just like they say, and never die - all without being owned by llawes

up to you tho


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Unbleeders are a closed species created by gutter and micolashing!

An Unbleeder is an immortal humanoid who had a shard of metal taken from a fallen star ‘inserted’ into their body after their death, a large segment of which is permanently visible, often seeming to be a horn or similar protrusion.

Inlaid into this ‘Insert’ is a ‘Cor’, a center made from all sorts of possible materials. This Cor material will then form a new Heart in the Unbleeder’s chest, which can be removed only by that Unbleeder, through a slit visible on the chest.

The now-unbleeding Heart is attached to the individual it belongs to via an endlessly long chain of star metal coming from the chest slit, and when it is removed the following changes occur:

- loss of compassionate emotions: any care or worry held for those in the vicinity and themself are no longer available, allowing for the Unbleeder to abandon their morals and let loose with violence.
- the pupils of the Unbleeder fully dilate, almost completely covering the irises: many Unbleeders fight with their eyes half or fully closed to reduce photosensitivity.
-the heart is able to become a weapon while in the Unbleeder’s hands: the variation in weapons is so vast that it seems potentially infinite, but each fits the owner’s personality or style, and stays chained to the Unbleeder.

All Inserts are made of metal from a fallen star, molded and carved into shape. They’re naturally shiny and black or dark grey but can be painted the same way you'd paint nails, decorated with jewelry, or otherwise adorned with no change in rarity.
The Cor of an Insert is, except in very rare cases, always partially visible, so even with the Unbleeder’s heart in their chest it’s possible to see the material that the Heart is made of.
The Heart is always made of the same material as the Cor.