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Name Maverick Cady, "Mav"
Age 47
Pronouns He/Him or She/Her
Species Human (?)
Location Belvite
Story TBA


A witch with an affinity for necromancy, who went into self-imposed banishment after being overwhelmed by the shame over his failure of a marriage and also his general inability to fit in with the other townspeople(after predicting the death of a neighbor as a child he kinda convinced half the town he was a changeling whoops).

He's not a good human so he might as well move out into the wilds with the fae, right? Plus if he IS a changeling, that means the fae still have the boy he replaced and he should something about that.

Finding them at all is difficult with little-to-nothing to go on so he's essentially wandering around the desert banging pots & pans together in an attempt to get something's attention. When he finally manages THAT it doesn't take long to get into a fight and then kinda get locked out of the faerealms so now he's kinda stuck unless he figures out a way to either force his way in or seek outside help.

His mission gets put on pause when his mother dies and he has to return to civilization to get her affairs in order, and then postponed even further when he gets super depressed about it. Shockingly(to him), he does still have friends in town, and they help him through it, and he decides maybe his hermitage was a bit extreme and it wouldn't be so bad to rejoin society(if nothing else there's better booze here & also he's just so fuckign touch-starved you have no idea).

He recently took on an apprentice which is conveniently timed because he's been fretting not having anyone to pass his knowledge on to ever since he noticed his hair is starting to go grey(plus this kid is into weird stuff maybe he can help with the fae-contact).

Personality & Outlook

Generally pessimistic. He's not necessarily distrusting or suspicious so much as he just assumes people already have reason to dislike/distrust him & doesn't feel obligated to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Intense(aka dramatic), grumpy. Easy to drag into a fight, whether verbal or physical(could definitely fuck someone up magically, but still seems to prefer punching? which he is less great at). Very candid about emotions, even on the rare occasion he tries to keep his feelings a secret they're not too hard to suss out. Much more patient with children(aka anyone under like, 25), which contributes a lot to the fact his friend group is about 50% teenagers.

Ride-or-die when it comes to his precious people or commitments, nothing is more devastating than letting someone down. Stubborn as hell when he thinks he's right, Defensive as hell when he's unsure, clams up and gets embarrassed when he turns out to be wrong.

Nobody can be so emotive all the time though & he burns himself out a lot. More likely to be silly/humorous when he doesn't have the energy to get in a fight(or when he's been drinking).

Curses frequently especially when talking passionately(which is almost always). Word choice is semi-proper/old fashioned. Refuses to talk about anything vaguely sexual. He runs his hands over the top of his head when he's stressed/thinking.

Powers & Assets

Has his own mana pool, rather than having to rely on ambient magic like the average mage. His magical nature also grants him a sixth sense, that alerts him to metaphysical rot. Metaphysical/spiritual rot occurs for a number of reasons: Someone could be slowly-approaching death and the rot in their body is seeping into their soul, magical damage/curses can afflict people with it, sometimes it's just there because ???. No matter the cause, it's usually a sign that a person doesn't have long left in the world of the living. The third benefit of witchhood is a bolstering of his magical potency, which makes magic easier for him to cast & in the event of competing with another caster for control gives him great advantage.

Hillbilly Necromancer
Embracing his natural strengths is the main reason for his choice of specialization. That said he's fairly uneducated on the proper/common techniques of this magical genre and does it in his own self-made way. Rather than summoning demons to possess corpses, he reanimates dead creatures by latching onto their memories/spiritual residue & feeding in the energy to move again under his thrall.

Theoretically he could overrule the will of a live creature on their own body and make them into a living puppet, but loss of autonomy is a huge fear of his so he would never inflict it on someone else

High ambient magic in his environment combined with a substantial mana pool has given him little reason to work on it, so he's actually fairly inefficient with his magic use(and has no idea).

Living as a loner 90% of the time and distrusting other people kinda forces you to figure out how to do a lot of shit for yourself so he's kinda a jack-of-all-trades by necessity.

• Knows a lot about home repair thanks to his mom's background in carpentry & also having moved into an abandoned shack he had to patch extensively to make livable. That skillset carries over heavily to fixing up smaller objects that might break or wear out over time, too.
• Has figured out some first aid cuz like hell is he going to see an actual qualified healer(he's way too self-conscious about his body for that & in Belvite if one person knows something weird about you the whole town will by the end of the month) (he has a few things under all those layers he'd prefer to keep to himself).



Lorant [apprentice/child figure #1]
Maverick found him in the middle of trying to summon a demon & made a day out of lecturing him about the dangers of such a thing. Apparently Lorant was more curious about the hermit witch than he was annoyed by the unwanted speech, because he still agreed to become Maverick's apprentice.


Kenny [child figure #2]
A haunted girl Lorant dragged out into the desert to meet him so they could make a project out of ridding her of her ghost problem. He sees a lot of himself in her & tries to give her advice that will help her not be like him hopefully.


Marta [ex]
His ex wife who he is awkwardly attempting a friendship of some sort with after purposely avoiding her for many years because that marriage ended in cheating & violence & was generally bullshit. Would die for her, both out of genuine love and to repay the debt he feels for being such a remarkably shitty husband.


Gale [if you refuse to label it it's not real]
Local pub owner who Maverick may or may not go crawling back to whenever he's feeling particularly touch-starved for some drinks & makeouts. Plot-twist: Also Kenny's dad. Double plot-twist: Also Marta's new boyfriend.


Mother [mother]
A solemn & paranoid woman. She immigrated from Angstrom before he was born, and raised him by herself. He loved her very much & did his best to heed her advice despite his rebellious nature. RIP


Generally, his aesthetic falls in line with exactly what would be expected of a secluded necromancer. Very into bones and runes and cloaks and black feathers and all that.

Also loves ponchos & other similar textiles, dresses in so many layers, the ideal form is one whos exact dimensions are unclear. Literally never removes his gloves. If it doesn't have tassels is it even an outfit? Mav says no.


• has chronic back pain from an injury he suffered when he was younger, Lovs a heat pad..............

• Essentially a magical merc, mostly fixes peoples' runing, maybe does more questionable shit a CoL certified mage wouldn't touch

• Not CoL certified despite the benefits it would grant him because his mother is from a place that forcibly drafted mages into its military and forbade him from putting himself on a list like that

• Actually pretty squeamish, especially when it comes to touching anything vaguely gross(never seen not wearing gloves)

• Prefaces terms of endearment with 'my'[my love, my boy, etc]

• Completely sex-repulsed, will call you vulgar if you try to talk to him about it

• Tries to live self-sustaining so he can avoid going into town but he is frail & it's hard so he kinda just has some chickens and a dinky little garden.

• Has absolutely no fear of death in his entire spindly body

• Can not eat if he's in extreme emotional distress

• Doesn't season his fucking food & lives mostly on oatmeal/grits/bread/potatoes/any other bland shit he can get his hands on, "This water is so spicy"

• also loves meal-replacement shakes because eating is a goddamn chore & a half
• prolly autism spectrum

Q & A

Q: Why would you much rather fist fight? Does your magic end quickly and waste lots of your energy? Or do you like the feeling of being physical? - Alrozsk
A: (IC) "Nothing so amateurish as inefficiency, but I'd be lying if I denied that I liked the feeling...the motivation is mostly just plain spite, though. Why bring magic into it when using it maliciously is what's expected of me? The only time I've actually used magic against someone in a fight was...Well, I was very much intending to kill them." A shame it didn't work out.

Q: Failed marriage? What exactly caused its failure? Was it both ends, or one main person's problem? How does she feel about your attempting to be friends? - butterfly
A: (IC) Maverick grimaces, straightens his hair to buy a little time. "It was...It was on both ends, but I'd say it was...more my fault. I was not a very good husband. There were things I just couldn't..." He gestures vaguely, trying to describe scenarios he doesn't want to put words to. "Do."

"Eventually...Eventually it drove her to find what she wanted in someone else. It wasn't surprising, in retrospect, but it still hurt." He crosses his arms, shoulders tense as he forces the words out. "I hit her. We separated shortly afterwards."

"If she is as uncomfortable with it as I am it doesn't stop her from inviting me to her get-togethers. I don't know if it's out of pity after my mother's death or that she genuinely wants to be friends again. Even with her second husband and children out of the house I can't imagine she's just lonely."

Q: How are things between you and your ex-wife now, since a few years have gone by? What are your feelings towards her now? - Paracosm
A: (IC) "I...well, not to be pathetic but I still love her. I'm sure I always will, seeing as the hell that was our splitting hasn't completely ruined my regard for her and I can't imagine there's anything worse than that to come between us. That said, I'd never consider another attempt at a romantic relationship with her. She's a good friend but we could never be a happy couple."

Q: Do you ever see yourself committing to a relationship with Gale in the future? - Zinnia
A: (IC) "No. Or- It's complicated. I certainly didn't when we first started..." He makes a confused gesture with his hand and avoids eye contact while trying to come up with the right description. "...Seeing each other. It's not that I have anything against him personally, I just...swore off romance a long time ago. I'm not any good at it and even if it's appealing in the moment I know it'll only end horribly."

"I keep finding out he's close to many of the people I am close too, though, and it's harder to keep his presence in my life compartmentalized to lonely mistakes." He sighs. "I don't know."

Q: Aside from magic, and with the context of his failed marriage/relationship with his old town in mind, what else will Maverick want to teach his apprentice in terms of life lessons? - d-m
A: (OOC) Maverick is actually resistant to talk about romantic relationships at all, with anyone, but he considers it especially inappropriate to try to discuss it with a child(his apprentice is technically an adult but it doesn't stop Mav from viewing him as a dumb lil baby). If Lorant asked he might try his best to advise him, but luckily Lorant hasn't yet(and probably won't ever, he knows enough about Mav that he assumes he'd just get an hour-long lecture on the virtues of abstinence or something equally boring & overly cautious).

For non-romantic relationships? He can see Lorant doesn't seem to mind not having many friends, but he's kinda experienced in being lonely and not wanting to show it? So he's unsure if it's genuine apathy or if he's just adapted to being isolated(Lorant is kind of a weird kid, he loves him but can see why people would be put off by him). So he'll do his best to encourage him to make friends? Or at the very least help him maintain a friendship with Kenny since she's around anyways for the magic/ghost shenanigans.

Q: Is where he lives exactly where he'd like to be, or would he rather live somewhere else? - d-m
A: (OOC) He's actually living adjacent to the town he grew up in; he wasn't really planning to come back to live there but after his mother died and he had to come back to deal with her affairs he was kinda too depressed to go anywhere afterwards. He lived in her old house for a while but eventually the frustration from memories and proximity to town overwhelmed his lack of motivation to do anything that he sold the place and moved out into the desert(still not very far from town, but far enough for his sanity).

He could have gone out 'adventuring' again but he's old & doesn't want to. Belvite isn't IDEAL for a number of reasons but he's a lizard he missed the climate. Nice and toasty during the day & it gets chilly enough at night to bundle up under 6 blankets? It's good. Plus he ended up back in contact with Marta and learned about her whole fae-fiasco & somehow backways blamed himself cuz he 'could have saved her if he had been around'.

Q: Is there a particular reason why he has more patience with children and teenagers than people that are older? Is it simply because kids are generally more innocent than adults are? Are children usually the people he will fight on behalf of? And lastly, do they (children and teens) look up to him as a kind of role model for defending them? -kokohearts
A: (OOC) There is something to the innocence thing, but he really feels like it's the duty of the older generations to protect the younger ones & teach them about the world anyways(and the generation before him kinda failed him on both fronts, he suffered a lot from ignorance & disdain & honestly....spite is at the root of a lot of his convictions)? Plus he just, never had kids of his own, despite wanting them, and has a surplus of paternal energy that has to go SOMEWHERE.

Honestly, he doesn't really like to have children see him fight? He really feels like that's when he's at his worst. He will definitely protect a child he sees endangered but will typically be more concerned with taking them away from the danger rather than angrily murdering it in front of them, that's not something a kid should see..............

He's not really a publicly-heralded hero of the children? I don't think he has a reputation among young people, really,,,Maybe this has something to do with the children in his life being kind of outcast & therefore not talking to other kids about him & also his self-imposed isolation from the goings-on of the town. His protectiveness & willingness to fight & die for them is underappreciated by the children that are in his life, sadly. (it's actually his student's least-favorite thing about him lmao, he sees it as a lack of confidence in his ability to keep himself safe)

Q: What injury caused your chronic back pain? -Nonstop
A: (IC) "For some context: a dear friend of mine disappeared, and typically when people mysteriously vanish it's the work of an enemy, or the fae. And Marta had no enemies." At the time, people were suspicious it was his doing, due to their unfortunate romantic history, his reputation for violence and magic and fae-adjacency, the fact that he'd just recently returned to town. In hindsight he can't blame them for accusing him, but while it was happening it was just too much to handle on top of losing a friend and mourning his mother. "So, I went out looking for the fae. Again. Fortunately it's much easier to find them when you're not trying to be diplomatic about it and can just go around ripping their doorways to shreds."

"Unfortunately, even having their attention, and the bargaining chip that is stopping the destruction of their homes, it didn't get me any closer to finding her. I just kept going, ripping realms open and hoping she would fall out of one. It was...incredibly reckless."

"One of them pulled me into their realm in an attempt to stop me. Honestly I don't remember much about what happened inside but I'm sure I was still eager to fight. My next clear memory is falling out of it, and landing in...basically a pile of jagged rocks and stabby desert flora. I was probably lucky to not have broken my spine entirely, but it still fucking hurt, and dragging my ass back to civilization before I died of exposure or thirst or just opportunistic beasts in that condition was just...hellish."

Q: Do any of your friends or companions know about [your back injury]? How does it affect your day-to-day life? Has there ever been a time where the injury affected you in a really inopportune way? -Nonstop
A: (IC) "I don't keep the fact I have a bad back a secret. They might not know all of the details but I'm sure most of my friends are aware." He rubs at his lower back on a subconscious impulse. "I can't really stand or sit up straight for too long before it starts bothering me. Some days it's not so bad, but if I overwork it I'll end up stuck in bed the next day. It's definitely caused cancelled plans, and living alone while you're bedridden turns simple tasks like eating or getting to the bathroom into incredible ordeals."

Artist Notes

  • Skin should be darker/browner than his hair
  • Main ref, but you can draw him in the blue poncho/red scarf outfit too