Rock show ticket taker.

peppy // reliable // quick-thinking

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2002


Full Name Kalyani Khatri Age 22 Species Human
Nicknames ??? Birthday April 12, 1985 Gender Female (trans dmab)
Prefers ??? Zodiac Aries Pronouns She/Her
Character Group The Great Mistake Religion Hindu Sexuality Bisexual
Group Role Ticket seller, coat check Background Indian Relationship Status ???
Day Job Front of house operations Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???

Cheerful Kalyani is the perky and capable face of front of house operations at cult DIY rock club The Great Mistake. She mans a little desk just inside the front door of the venue, where she sells tickets, runs the coat check and lost and found, and redirects anyone unwelcome in the club to the bouncer, Topaz, with a smile. Her desk has all the essentials: a stack of music magazines to while away the time, a Sharpie to X the hands of the underaged, a stick of deodorant for the smelly, a bullhorn for the problematic, and most importantly, a decoy duck named Jeff.

With Carrots she works on various advertising efforts for the club, and with Lyle, the two of them make up the venue's street team, distributing flyers for future shows. She's good friends with Lyle and Topaz, her partner-in-front-door-crime, and personable with everyone. She's friendly for sure, but not even slightly naïve: she lives for the chaos that is the beating heart fueling the music venue, and she loves being a part of what makes it tick.

Height: 5'8"/173cm Build: Average/slim
Eyes: Brown Hair: Lavender (bleached/dyed from black)
Handedness: Right Style: Neat, feminine

Kalyani loves soft purples and pinks, and she dresses neatly, typically in band t-shirts and button-downs at work. She's got a deep well of musical knowledge and delights in chatting about other people's band shirts and patches.


Carrots Employer

Carrots is Kalyani's boss, and as two sides of the face of the venue, they work closely together on efforts like advertising shows. They're good friends.


Topaz Coworker

As the bouncer, Topaz is Kalyani's partner by the door in dealing with guests. They make a good team and they're close friends.


Lyle Coworker

Lyle and Kalyani are also friends, and they work together on things like being the venue's street team, and other miscellaneous tasks that need doing.


Silver Coworker

Silver's soundboard is beside Kalyani's desk, and they're friends, too.


Big Red Coworker

Kalyani and Red don't interact as much, but they get along, and Red's stories are always entertaining for a listen.


Qiana Coworker

Kalyani doesn't much care for Qiana, if she's honest, but they mostly just let each other be.

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