The bouncer. Sweetheart of the rodeo.

no-nonsense // tough // country

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2002


Full Name Topaz Guerrero Age 30 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday May 24, 1976 Gender Female
Prefers Topaz Zodiac Gemini Pronouns She/Her
Character Group The Great Mistake Religion Methodist Sexuality Lesbian
Group Role Bouncer/door woman Background Mexican dad x American mom Relationship Status Dating Marianna
Day Job Club bouncer Birthplace Wyoming Living Situation In an apartment with Marianna

Topaz is the bouncer/door woman for the music venue The Great Mistake.

She's a country girl and it's easy to tell from listening to her. She was a former rodeo queen back home, and she can yodel. She could also tear your arm off if she wanted to, so if you want to make fun of her accent or say Topaz sounds like a porn star name, just try it and see what happens.

Belligerent drunks would do poorly to underestimate her for being female. Rumors say she's also an MMA fighter. Is it true?

She's seen all the tricks, and Topaz isn't not fooled by anyone's fake IDs. Take off your sunglasses, kid. You don't even look like an Enrique.

As tough and no-nonsense as she is, Topaz is also very nice. She remembers every face that passes through the club, and greets all the regulars-- even if they've only been there once before-- like family. How have you been, darlin'? Long time no see!

She loves her girlfriend Marianna, and as far as her co-workers at the club go, she's buds with Silver, friendly with Big Red, and utterly unmoved by Qiana's bullshit.

Height: 6'0"/183cm Build: Muscular
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Dark brown, curly/wavy
Handedness: Right Style: Butch

Topaz looks like the badass she is, tall and buff and imposing. She has curly or wavy brown hair usually tied back into a practical ponytail.

Off-duty, she still dresses practically, in dark jeans, jackets, and simple shirts.


Marianna Girlfriend

Marianna is Topaz's gentle sweetheart of a girlfriend. Topaz adores her and will always be her knight in shining armor.


Big Red Coworker

Topaz and Red are good friends, and as the security team for the venue they work well together.


Carrots Employer

Carrots is Topaz's boss, and while she thinks he sometimes overburdens himself, she respects him and what he's built The Great Mistake into.


Silver Coworker

Topaz isn't as close with Silver as some, but they're plenty friendly.


Kalyani Coworker

As Topaz's neighbor by the door of the venue, Kalyani is a good work partner and friend.


Lyle Coworker

Topaz doesn't work closely with Lyle, but she thinks he's a good kid.


Qiana Coworker

Topaz has no patience for Qiana's nonsense-- not from a place of anger; just from the place of someone who deals with young people trying her patience on a daily basis. Qiana's learned not to push her, though, and they have peace.

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