The pioneer.

dedicated // innovative // determined

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1994?


Full Name Kenshin Tachibana Age 34 Species Human
Nicknames Carrots, Ken Birthday November 7, 1972 Gender Male
Prefers Doesn't mind Zodiac Scorpio Pronouns He/Him
Character Group The Great Mistake Religion ??? Sexuality ???
Group Role Owner, booker Background Japanese Relationship Status ???
Day Job Venue owner, talent buyer Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???

"Here's to many more years of Great Mistakes."

- Carrots

The Story So Far...

"Carrots" is the owner and talent buyer (booker) of a cult music venue in Brooklyn called the Great Mistake. He's a notable and active figure in the local music scene and he also organizes an annual all-ages, free-or-cheap-attendance music festival hosted in his venue and other small venues around the city, called Catband Fest (CBF). It's not a moneymaking venture, but many local bands have gotten their start in the new band showcases that are the staple of the festival.

2007 marks the 10th year of the festival, which gets more expensive and complicated to run every year. When a television network proposes sponsoring the year's festival so they can film it as a reality competition for amateur bands, Carrots agrees. The festival has never had a competition aspect before, but he's excited about the festival becoming bigger and better, getting national exposure and a larger audience than it's ever had before. CBF has long been a labor of love, but now people all over the country will get to see what's so special about the local scene.

Catband, as the show is simply called, will be filmed later in the year.

Carrots is strong-willed and has a calm determination to see through anything he sets his mind to. He's clever, inventive, and flexible in thinking, and not easily discouraged by setbacks. He's not what you could call easygoing, but he has a thoughtful confidence about him that puts people at ease: it's clear he knows what he's doing, and people know that they can trust him.

He has a strong business mind and he's a good tastemaker, but his greatest strengths lie in his ability to galvanize people. He has a great deal of conviction and raw enthusiasm for music that spread to everyone in his radius. Carrots throws most of himself-- probably too much-- into his career, but he enjoys his life and is satisfied that what he's doing is important.

He is a vegan and yes, he does love carrots.

Finest Moment

Carrots regularly covers bands' expenses that really aren't his responsibility when they're in need. He won't get rich this way, but he's created a lot of goodwill in the scene.

Lowest Low

Home improvement isn't Carrots' strong suit. In converting the warehouse to a venue, Carrots more than once cut the wrong line: power, sewage...

Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Fit
Eyes: Brown Hair: Blond (bleached/dyed from black)
Handedness: Left Style: Grunge/hipster

Carrots looks like he stepped out of 1994, usually clad in old band shirts and plaid button-downs, and comfy shorts and sandals in the summer.

He has long, soft hair, bleached and dyed blond.

Carrots is passionate about the local music scene; he wants to support every kind of act, but his personal favorite genres are grunge, metal, punk, and garage rock-- and he gets especially excited about anything experimental or unique.

He and his friend Silver share a love for weird old movies; Carrots also has a deep love for incomprehensible art films and the cheesy TV shows of his formative years, like Xena, Baywatch, and the Kevin Sorbo Hercules.


Carrots aren't actually his favorite vegetable (it's kale).

Carrots is the sort of guy who's been floating around the local music scene for years, in a variety of roles and ventures. He's been putting together shows since his early 20s, and he's been an influential force in the scene for a long time.

He had the opportunity to take on a derelict warehouse in Brooklyn years back, and together with Silver and other friends, they made it into a music venue that has become a cornerstone of the scene.

His proudest creation is Catband Fest, though, and he considers it the most important legacy he could leave.

Guilty Pleasure

Carrots was in a really shitty stoner metal band when he was younger. It still has its fans... who still bother him about it... but a reunion is not happening.


Silver Employee / Old Friend

Silver is the longtime audio engineer for the venue, and along with Carrots, the earliest member of the crew. Carrots and Silver have been good friends for years, and Silver is a big part of CBF as well.


Dwayne Hudson Colleague?

Dwayne is the famous TV producer who's taken on transforming Catband into a reality show, and he and Carrots are working closely together.


Roadie Acquaintance

Carrots knows Roadie from back when he was working as road crew for a larger local band that frequented CBF for years, but mostly he knows him as Silver's friend.


Qiana Employee

Qiana is the venue's house DJ. Her ability to draw patrons makes her ego worth putting up with... probably. Anyway, that's mostly Silver's problem, not Carrots'.


Topaz Employee

Topaz is the bouncer for the club, and Carrots would rely on her for anything.


Big Red Employee

Big Red is head of security at the venue; Carrots is very fond of the guy and his wild stories.


Kalyani Employee

Kalyani is an invaluable part of the venue, selling tickets, running the front desk, and working with Carrots on advertising; they're good friends.


Lyle Employee

Lyle is the jack-of-all-trades for the venue, and Carrots can always rely on him to help out. On any day, you'll see him, Silver, and Carrots working together.

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