Dag Dag.

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Story: Varies
Setting: Various
Created: 2015


"Dag Dag"

- Dag Dag

SONG: "Swamp Gas" ► Luke Harper 4th Theme Song (WWE) - Jim Johnston

Dag Dag is a purple ghost who is usually wearing a hockey goalie mask and a fruit hat, a breakfast t-shirt and tighty whities, but he has several forms:

Sometimes he is a hulking, wrestling brute, stinky, intimidating, foul and abominable-- he spits green mist-- but misunderstood to be sinister. Though savagely powerful he is a gentle soul and adores whatever he thinks qualifies as his "family".

Sometimes he is a medieval bloodletter who spooks the bejesus out of everyone in an executioner's hood but just really loves a good book and he'd like to get back to it right now, thank you.

And sometimes he is a long-suffering baseball reporter on a troubling (not troubled) local sports affiliate, where he has to contend with the league's head scout, a giant killer robot who gets in a stompy huff whenever the spotlight isn't on him; the host of the morning drive-time sports call-in show, who shrieks and throws shoes at Dag Dag or hides under the sports desk whenever he sees the ghost; and the laissez-faire station director, who never takes Dag Dag's side on anything.

d  a  g    d  a  g

(He's Dag Dag. If you're drawing him, let your imagination run wild; you don't have to be limited by his refs. As long as he's some kind of purple ghost/monstrosity, it's canon.)

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits