The angry landlady.

disgruntled // conservative // tired

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2008


Full Name Harriet Petersen Age 61 Species Human
Nicknames don't you dare Birthday who wants to know? Gender Female
Prefers don't call her Harriet Zodiac none of that satanic nonsense please Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Other friends/family Religion Very Catholic Sexuality Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
Group Role Jill's landlady Background none of your business Relationship Status Widowed, God rest his soul
Day Job Secretary Birthplace Brooklyn, NY Living Situation In the apartment building she owns

"Three decades in this dump and never once has being nice to tenants failed to screw me over."

- Mrs. Petersen

Mrs. Petersen-- or Harriet, as she is regrettably incapable of preventing Jill from calling her-- is Jill's landlady. She is the sort of conservative, religious older lady with pictures of the Pope on her walls, a rosary around her neck and extra ones stashed around in case, and art that spells out "JESUS" in her curio cabinets. As you can likely imagine, Jill is her polar opposite in every aspect of life. Jill thinks Mrs. Petersen is a ridiculous old bitch and Mrs. Petersen thinks Jill is everything that's wrong with today's youth: a disrespectful slut. They don't get along.

To be fair to Mrs. Petersen, let's be real: Jill is a nightmare tenant and you or I would hate her if we were her landlord too-- and she has enough nonsense to deal with at work as it is.

Height: 5'4"/163cm Build: Average
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Light brown (natural but currently dyed), frizzy
Handedness: Right Style: Church lady

Mrs. Petersen looks like your typical middle-aged church lady, with a fluffed-up hairdo, the chained glasses that befit a secretary, and rosary beads around her neck. She has thin lips and calculating hazel eyes.

She dresses conservatively, in blouses buttoned to the neck, sweaters, sensible slacks and penny loafers. You'll never see her in "fun" colors.

She still wears her wedding ring.

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