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Nameless is a bit kooky. They collect things, stray bits and pieces from souvenir shops, or picked up off that poorly-swept street corner—rocks, bottlecaps, parts fallen off of an old doll—certain that they'll come in handy in their rituals eventually. (They usually do.) Their sense of humour is almost as abominable as the ghosts that pursue them, involving an unholy combination of puns, gallows humour and offal jokes.

When they become interested in a certain subject, they will plunge neck-deep into the literature surrounding it, incapable of thinking about anything else for weeks on end. Lately, they have turned their voracious attention on the subject of ghosts and exorcism. It's not just necessity that drives them to study the supernatural (though it is mostly necessity): they find the entire subject endlessly fascinating, and eagerly devour every gory detail pertaining to it.

Being cursed to hell and back has given them the impression that they would've died long ago if they were meant to. As a result they've become increasingly eager to take dangerous risks without any mind for the possible repercussions. They've made it this far alive, it couldn't hurt to wager more on this gamble for their reprieve.

Despite being rather high-strung, they've come face to face with the most gruesome of ghosts often enough that they aren't particularly shocked when it happens anymore, just annoyed at the inconvenience.


Nameless inherited a curse from their mother, who fell for the classic "your firstborn's soul for what you desire" ploy when she called upon the demon Malphas for relief from the memory of her estranged partner.

Due to the effect of this curse, Nameless has found themself increasingly a magnet for vengeful ghosts and other kinds of spirits and the undead (because of the way the Singapore branch of Death operates, it's usually vengeful ghosts). Hungry Ghost Month in particular became a downright nightmare for them, what with these ghosts spilling of the afterlife in the droves, swooping food off the roadsides.

Much to their (already existing) bad luck, the ghosts they attracted ended up casting more curses upon them when they mistreated them unthinkingly in the hopes of being rid of them. Ultimately they took to studying the hybrid arts (magic combining angelic and demonic powers) for solutions to their ghost problem. It is a dangerous game, but they are far more meticulous than their mother was.

Throughout their studies in demonology and exorcism, Nameless has learned that in order to break the base curse wrought by Malphas, they must collect three bizarre and rather vaguely described items: tears shed for the curse-victim, the despair felt by a dying being, and the blood of the curse-wreaker drawn at its strongest. How they will obtain these, is anyone's guess.

PhanuelTo add to their misfortunes (this is becoming a pattern, isn't it) the angel Phanuel has caught wind of Nameless' unholy exorcist exploits and is not particularly pleased at having his job usurped by some heathen half-breed art. Phanuel, normally mild-mannered and firm as an angel who presides over the repentance of souls, is just a little miffed that someone's managed to make Wesley Shiu's previously-theoretical magic to work. He is having trouble obtaining the rightful permit to send his legions after Nameless, since this is not his purview, but once he does, all hell(?) will break loose.
MalphasThat bird demon would be a lot easier to hate if he didn't like taking the form of a crow. Despite being the cause of Nameless' misery, they are hard pressed to hate him, perhaps because they never saw his trickery at work, maybe because they blame their mother far more. Malphas appears to taunt them every now and then; he doesn't seem terribly invested in keeping the curse in effect, but he's certainly not going to help break it.
StolasNameless does rather like Stolas, a mild-mannered demon who's easier to work with than most of the others. Finding him a good fit for their fondness of working with astronomy and gemstones, they nevertheless find his tendency to go on and on about the properties of herbs a little irksome.
AminahAminah, who returned after death as a penanggalan, was the first ghost whom Nameless laid to rest in the proper manner, by burying her daughter Kai Li. The encounter was harrowing experience that has affected them towards greater sympathy and kindness in subsequent meetings with the supernatural.
  • Nameless traded their name to Stolas in exchange for his help. No one can remember it, and every record of it has been erased.
  • Nameless is yet another redesign of my pirate RP avatar Circlejourney who looks more Singaporean and more like me irl.