RPG Hell

Every 1,000 years a great evil awakens to terrorize the sleepy planet of Holann. Fortunately, at that time the soul of the Chosen One - child of human, demon, and fae - will awaken and strike said evil down using a magical blade.

...That's what the fortuneteller Praecipula Meissa told the fairy Carisel who told the half-demon Vitrail Alkester, anyway. It's been a long time and there have been numerous wars between humans and demons since then, so the texts are a bit vague on what exactly Vitrail is supposed to be doing. Still, always the optimist and never one to turn down an exciting opportunity, Vitrail sets out with Carisel to gather heroes to help find and destroy the great evil.

Vitrail's definition of "heroes" is apparently fairly loose, though, considering he ends up recruiting a gunslinging serial robber, a misanthropic healer with a pile of bodies in her wake, and a gleefully violent demon to his cause. Still, if his wholesome disposition can keep them all in line, they might just save the world yet!