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Is this how you ping? Im sorry im new here!

hey NERD you are an awesome person!!!!!!!!!!!! with good heckin characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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OH THAT'S SO NICE... thank you!!

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I got a favourite too! Our little Otter corner is growing! Thanks so much for the attention, I really appreciate it!

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Thanks for the sub and faving Astral(and some of her images)! <3

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woah thanks for all the love!!

no prob, your OCs are all SUPER cool!!

//Joins the crowd of people thanking you for reading their writing??

Honestly im not a confident writer at all i barely was able to make myself post it,,, this means a lot to me :'D

NO PROB i am here to validate every writer on this earth... i lov to read a write especially bc everyone's have been so good!! keep on writing!!

Thank you so much for the faves, particularly of my writing! I appreciate you taking the time to peek at them! <3

no prob!! all of your writing is really great and i can't wait to read more!!

LMAO thanks for reading all my drabbles  HAHA-

NO PROB thanks for writing them honestly, i love peoples' writing and yours were all hecka good. now write more.

there are actually a few i have that i've thought about posting so i might finish them up and do that... we will see... thank you im glad you like them <3

i'm so ready... i'm preparing my finger for the favorite button as we speak

i can't believe you took all that time to read through all of my dumb writings ;___; thank you SO much!!! seriously you have no idea how much it means to me!!!!!! i hope you're having a great day

/late but no prob, it was all a pleasure to read and I can't wait to read even more stuff from you!!

Thank you (again) for all the faves! I always appreciate it~ <3

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Thank you so much for the faves?? I was kind of having a rough day so when I saw so many fave notifications on my dashboard it definitely cheered me up!  I really appreciate it <3

no prob! i'm glad my survey let me see more of your ocs and their art, they're all pretty cool!!

T.T Thank you so much for the flood of faves! I'm so flattered, aaahh~ <3

no prob, i'm glad the survey i made let me see a lot of your ocs whose profiles i hadn't checked out yet, they're all super cool!!

I can't believe I didn't already follow you here what the heck!! 

i am honored by your follow... !!


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Thank you for the fav~


omg.... omg...... i can never upload another pic again

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Thank you for favoring the Slyphies info! 

Ahh thanks for following me in a bunch of places! ;v; You seem really cool and I hope we can get to know each other!!

thank you for the fave on the volucrem species info page! 

Thank you for favoriting Mari! <3

Aw, thanks for favoriting Eiji!

Thanks for faving Robin, I'm glad you like her ;w;/

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Thanks for the fave and subscription on Gideon.

thanks a bunch for the fave and subcribe ;v;

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//aggressively gives you flowers

The young woman walks up to you as delicately as possible. Her hair sways around her. Once she approaches you, she curtsies and gives you a small smile. "I am very much obliged. Thank you for favoring my story out all the others."

Thanks for the faves <3 it means a lot!

"thanks but no thanks on the attention. You'd be better off getting friendly with someone else."

psst did you get my response to the fruit doodle/note

i need to check swapdoodle more often............. bullied so many people into gettin it and then didn't touch my 3ds for a month.........

Thank you for subscribing omg <3

omg the fav spam <3333333

(me on all ur OCs lately) dang what a good OC time to hit that favorite (looks for the button) (already fave'd) Curses.....foiled again...

honestly same about u...... why can't you fav ocs multiple times??????? it's a crime, i need 2 express my lov for Good Fuckin OCs

Thanks for the fav :')

Thanks for all the faves :'D

Thank you kindly for the sub, it's appreciated! :>

Thanks so much for the sub! <3

Thank you for the favorite.

ahh I was wodering how you save your free dreamselfies? ;w; bc I can't seem to ;v;

I use the print screen button or a screenshotting program like Gyazo to take a screenshot of the page, then I paste the screenshot in Paint, crop out the DreamSelfy, and save!

ahh alright, thanks! ;w; <33

Thanks for the fav! :D

Hey thanks for the fave!

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"Ah!" The angel gave a kind smile before bowing politely to you. After a few moments he looked back up, chuckling softly before speaking. "I am graced to be one of your favorites, I can not thank you enough~"

Thankies for the subscribe! Also I love your ocs, they're all great :>

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aw thank you for favoring little tv! ♥ she really is truly adorable!


you a real one for faving my bb Viq after i put in all that work on the profile!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYYYYYY! tysm!!!!

i love reading profiles so much so whenever people say they put a lot of work into a profile it always makes me want to read it!! good work and good oc imo, keep crankin out those sick words B)

"A-ah, thanks for the fave... Th-though I'm not sure why you would... Uh... Don't tell anyone about my experiments, okay?"

Thank you for the fave! It's super sweet of you! <3

Thanks for the fave!

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i get subbed by someone that have great chaaracter omg tysm ;))

omfg... thank you, and no prob!!

Thanks for the sub' : ) Lot of good character profiles right there!

no prob; i rly like your art style and designs, so i'm looking forward to seeing more from you!! and thank you!!

Thanks for the fave!!

Heya! Letting all my fans know to stay positive as much as they can during these trying times! :D

Hey! Thanks for the fave! :) Pleasure doing business with you. Be sure to be kind to your pets.

thanks for faving~ i hope to see you in my show *~_^

<3 thank you for the fav~!

Thank you for the subscription and the favorites!! :D

"Thanks for your time, I, like, really appreciate it. maybe you could show me your fav coffee shop sometime, and I'll take some totes amazing pics while we're there."

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no prob!! keep making cool ocs!! also "He's too busy dying to care about that but last time he checked he was straight" is a beautiful orientation

"thanks a lot for the interest, i bet you're just dying to know more right? Don't worry, i know a place that's just killer~"

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Thanks for the fave on Twiggy! ♥

I miss your thread.

You're beautiful ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Where is your OC Question of the Day? D:

Thank you for the sub <3

Aww, thanks for faving! She's my fave character right now, uggggh <3

Thank you for the fav.

suddenly 2cro and 2no's links make a lot more sense now. especially 2cro's side :^^^^^^^)

Thank you for the fav.

woah thanks for all the follows!! your OCs are super rad!

Thanks so much for the favourite on my dear character Malachi!!! You have some really diverse and interesting characters yourself, most definitely going to follow!!!

Aw thankies for the fav on Twig. It makes me feel really nice to see that other people enjoy my characters.

no prob! he's a super cool character and what's up of his profile so far is gorgeously written... i can really get a feeling for his demeanor and emotions!! he seems like a really realistic character who you've put a lot of love into!

Thank you for the favorite on Sumiye, I appreciate it a ton <3

no prob!! her profile was a lot of fun to read! i could tell you put a lot of love and effort into her! i love me some dangan ronpa so i always love seeing how people make ocs that integrate into that universe! i could totally see her being in a dr game tbh

I'm glad it was! I did put a lot of effort into her and I love her a tooonnnn. Yeah, it's really fun doing it- I'm in love with DR, too. I've been obsessed with it for over a year now! Ahh, really? ;-; Thank you that means a ton!

Thank you very much for the favorite of Vilandria :)

Thanks for following me on like, all my sites XD. How did you find my Twitter? I don't have a link to it on anyone's page like my tumblr.

Ha! No problem. I think I found it through your tumblr FAQ page; I always check out every page on tumblrs I follow, especially link pages since I like to follow new people on every site I have an account on!

Oh ok! Cool

Thanks for the favorite on my bab, Eli! < 3 I'm glad someone likes him ;o;

no prob, he's a really cool character with a really cool design!! and i'm hibiscus-loving buds with him so i gotta show him some love

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no prob!! though while you're here i gotta ask is his fear of cucumbers based on this?? thats the first thing i thought of when i was reading his bio haha

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aaaaaahhh tysm for faving my characters! :D

no prob!! keep makin cool ocs and thanks for posting in my threads all the time!! B)

Thank you so much for faving Maya!

Thank you for subscribing! I hope you enjoy what you see and that you have a nice day/evening! ;w;

Thanks so much for subscribing and faving~ I hope you like what you see! ^^

No problem, thanks for subscribing back! Your OCs seem really cool from what I've read so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!

Aww, thanks! I've only been able to read a little bit about your characters so far, but I like the detail you've put into them from what I've seen! ^^

Thanks for the subscription! And funny coincidence, I just discovered your OC question thread yesterday. I think it's really cool you started that. :D

no prob, your ocs look really cool and i like your art style a lot, too! and thanks, it's a lot of fun to run and i'm glad so many people are enjoying it!!

Thank you for the sub ;v;