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it's a he!

Posted 3 months, 11 days ago by Deius Noceur Isoprene

How do you feel about taupe?

0 Votes I love taupe!
0 Votes I like taupe.
2 Votes I don't feel particularly strongly about taupe one way or another. (+1)
0 Votes I don't like taupe.
1 Votes I'm with Deius on this one, FUCK taupe.
6 Votes what... what is taupe.

Got excited about my layout tweaks and wound up scrounging up some spoons last night/this morning to make another profile! Took a while to decide on someone, but I wound up picking Deius since he's got nice art, not too long of a profile to write up, no spoilers to awkwardly write around, no details I'd have to BS on the spot, is a main character in his setting and thus well-deserving of a profile, and not too difficult to pick out a jam for! He's a character I'm pretty fond of, so give him a peek!

...Realizing the poll on my last bulletin foreshadowed this. Whoa. The power of spaghetti...

oh more orchid? more orchid? more orchid?

Posted 3 months, 12 days ago by Orchid Isoprene

you want some spaghetti? (i have none to offer)

2 Votes yes, always (me too)
2 Votes i mean in general yes but not right now
1 Votes why would you ask if you have no spaghetti ):
0 Votes do i have to eat it now or can i save it for later (i just said i don't have any!!)
0 Votes no i already ate
1 Votes no i don't like spaghetti
0 Votes well what kind of spaghetti are we talking about
1 Votes I don't trust the spaghetti of a liar.

Literally! But we'll get to that.

Updated Orchid's bio since he was the last profile I made and thus the dude hanging around in my WIP Profile placeholder thing, so he wound up being my guinea pig for CSS adventures! Or, well, I was going to upgrade to a shinier version, but tl;dr I couldn't make the tweaks I wanted so I wound up just figuring out how to "upgrade" the sidebar on the right since that's all I really wanted out of the upgrade!

That gave me room to add another section, so I proceeded to... not do that at all and slapped a music player in there instead. We'll see if it lasts because I get self-conscious about music, but more importantly I either have 10 billion theme songs for an OC or zero. And most of them are zero because I just auto-associate every song on Earth with either Orchid or Orchid-adjacent characters. Or Orchid-adjacent characters AND Orchid at the same time! It is a nice way to set up The Vibe for the character, though - making picking a song out for the Orchids out there easier since I'd gravitate to what's most musically fitting out of the bunch - so we'll see if I'll be able to uphold it in future bios. Probably not. And it looks especially awkward when you're on the credits tab. But who knows!

If I get rid of it, then I'll probably just split History and RP History into separate sections like I used to unless I think of something better!

Aside from doing some actual proofreading, the real meat of the update is in the Entireties section, because it recently got revealed in RP that some apparent rando I was RPing in what amounts to an AU subforum wound up being an alias for an AU Orchid. So Coris has his own section in there now, there's images and hover text in that tab now, and Dicro's section there actually links to his profile like it really should've in the first place. He won't have a profile for some time, I imagine, since there's still a lot of spoilers for En2rety plot stuff in his backstory and while we're very close to revealing a lot of them it's just not quite time yet! He's pretty much the same guy, though. Sassy godmodder and all.

Last thing to mention is that I finally decided to just upload that story I mentioned in my last bulletin. Like I'd said I was going to wait until I made a profile for Astrid first, but I really want to make a new ref for them first and that just kinda keeps not happening, so whatever story time!! Summer might be over, but it's a story that'll surely bring you back to those warm, sunny days where everything is perfectly fine and normal! Give it a read!

I think that's all I got! Back to wanting to make profiles but not being able to decide who to make profiles of but also needing to do RP stuff but also wanting to write short stories but also needing to make refs but also wanting to play games but also-


Posted 4 months, 10 days ago by Orchid Isoprene

Gimme those honest opinions: how great am I?

5 Votes You're the greatest, Orchid! (Oh, you're too kind.)

Fashionably late, I know, I really should've been here, like, a year ago. But better late than never, right? I'm sure you've all been feeling like you're missing something in life, but don't worry: I'm here now. Feels good, doesn't it? Like your life's finally complete? I do that to people, I know.

Anyway! I've brought you all a nice big gift, and it's called info about me! I'm sure you're all falling over yourselves trying to click that link, but don't worry: it's not going anywhere, and neither am I. So take your time! Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, settle down by the fireplace for a nice long read all about my deepest, darkest secrets. Generous of me, huh?

Well, I'll be perfectly honest, it doesn't have all of my deepest and darkest secrets. Just a couple. There's more, but [it's not time yet]. You gotta work for that info, you know? Dig it up yourself. Don't worry, though, I'll keep you updated. Those updates will trickle in, I promise.

That's all I have to say! But you'll be seeing so, so much more of me, rest assured. For now, though, why don't you [give my profile a read]?


It's taken me a hot minute, but Orchid finally has a profile! I say finally because Orchid's got a bit of a story. He hails from a little thought I had over 5 years ago about if Dicro - my arguable main character at this point - hung out with his pal Ignis a little too hard that I wound up making a reality. Shortly afterward, though, I started thinking harder on it, and the spoiler gang seemed so eager to flesh out this whole En2rety thing that one thing led to another and lil ol' 2cro got all hot and evil. Then a plot developed and soon enough there were plans for the future...

...The far future. It took, uh, 5 years and like three site-hops before things finally progressed for enough for me to reveal 2cro's true nature as Orchid, at long last free to share my emojis and funny memes with the rest of my friends. And lemme tell ya, I'd never felt more free in my life than that moment. Ah, memories...

It's been about a year now (the anniversary of the reveal was August 24th so I would've made this thing a lot sooner if I'd remembered whoops), but I finally mustered up enough spoons to crank this beast of a profile out. He was easily at the top of my list of profiles to make, what with being the most important character I have RP-wise and someone I talk about a ton. He's easily one of my favorite OCs if not The favorite, so I'd appreciate it if you gave his bio a read!

I have a story involving him I wrote not too long ago (read as: July apparently, wtf is time), but I'm thinking I might try to crank out a mini bio for Astrid before I upload it since they're the only other character involved. Would also be nice to let Orchid's profile settle in first, too, since it's probably helped by having a little background knowledge. We'll see, though! I already feel like writing another story too so who knows where this weekend will take me!! (inb4 i write nothing else this weekend)

Uhhh no other big updates really, I rly need to be active places but y'know, life and fixating on RP and stuff. Hope you're all doing well!


Posted 5 months, 10 days ago by Islette Paradisa Isoprene

is this profile cute or WHAT

5 Votes yea (this is the only answer bc it is the only correct one)

(sobbing) look at this profile layout. i can't believe this was free. it's SO CUTE i wish i could use it for every oc. need to get rich and make 10,000 more dainties just so i can use it some more.  it's so good that i enabled favs on islette and took off her wip tag even though this isn't even a fraction of the amount of info i put into mini bios. but she and her cute lil profile deserve the world

well that's all. i uhh still haven't done much in life. it's been entirely too hot all month and my ac unit has been entirely too unhelpful so i haven't managed to do anything art fight related and now that it's cooler my flesh is suddenly exploding (long story) and i'm more tired than usual but i'm hoping i will manage to squeak out at least one single picture before it ends so it will have a nice-colored border in my gallery. priorities.

heavily debating a mass-upload of important ocs with little profiles like these just so i have things to link to people and i can stop not uploading lits. how can i live knowing i am so cruelly depriving the masses of such brilliant talent as THIS and such fun summer vibes as THIS??

but man... i also want my character page to look all cool and followable with nice art and not have over half of my characters be wips... but i also want to have a visible and relatively complete repository of my ocs and all of their images for easy reference and linking... but my followability!! but also i barely ever post or do much these days so who am i trying to impress here. i still haven't even fixed those broken profiles from when th made those big css changes or w/e like 3 years ago. c'mon iso.

...i said well that's all and then i said more things.

well that's all. i hope your flesh is well

drawing tussle

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago by Isoprene

what flavor is your illustration warfare?

8 Votes sugar! (+1)
6 Votes spice!
1 Votes i may engage in glorious combat yet, but my flavor is currently undecided
4 Votes i will not be fistfighting artists this year

how goes it, folks?? long time no bulletin, my last one was in uhhh.... october. a lot has changed since then, to say the least! hope you're all staying safe out there, and by out there i mean in there, stay inside my friends and wear a mask when you're not!!

not much going on here, i finally got to see my cutie pie wonderful lovely girlfriend  memeduchess in real life back in march! she came down here from canada like, the week before everything shut down, i'm honestly in awe at how that worked out. i almost considered pushing it back a month or so or even just like another week or so and it's a good thing we stuck with our original plans because... yeaaaaah.

anyhow for the actual relevant thing here i'm on team sugar in art fight! 0 idea if i'll be participating because my wrists are complete garbage and it's too hot in my apartment to think much less draw half the time, but who knows... ideally i'd still like to get one or two things out but We Will See. so as stated in my profile there don't expect too much from me, basically just consider me points if any of my ocs seem easy to draw! nonetheless here's my profile:

uhh not much else to say, i rly need to work on profiles again but i keep prioritizing rp stuff when i have writing spoons which is good for my pals but not so much for my toyhou dot se collection, i gotta say. i don't even have my most important oc up here who got revealed last year despite having had 5 years to work on a profile for him... was gonna edit my profile and everything to be themed on him for a while once i busted him out and then proceeded to have nothing at all ready once the reveal happened oops!

but you can see him on my art fight dot net profile!! priorities

uhhhh i also started vaguely using tumblr again, check out my sweet oc blog full of hot memes if you tumble as well.

that's all folks, just chillin, goin through some stuff, focusing on rp mostly, rly need to be more active here

the gals are IN

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Pleris Isoprene

who would you rather meet alone in a dark alley

0 Votes pleris
1 Votes opine
12 Votes what do i look like, a coward? both of them.

what's up gamers, be sure to check out my latest mini bios from yesterday! i guess if i keep doing multiple a day i'll just make a bulletin advertising them the next day or something...?

  •  here's pleris, probably my most powerful oc who isn't some sort of deity or reality warper. she directly serves hell college's mighty dark chancellor... in a maid outfit. maybe theyre girlfriends. (they are girlfriends.)

  • and here's opine, the creator of the test reality and thus someone who keeps getting brought up over and over but who never rly had a profile anywhere until now despite being one of my most important and well-known ocs. i am good at profile priorities.

gotta pet a kitten tonight and probably take a nap at some point so we'll if i crank anything out today but i've got 4 profiles for 7 days so far so i'm not horribly behind on Unofficial OCtober:tm: or anything!! have a nice day friends

also to anyone who read things yesterday opine has more links filled out now so give those a peek!

State of the Iso Address 10/6/2019

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Lureus Ailswen Isoprene

you have chicken nuggets. lureus arrives. What Do

2 Votes rapidly, desperately stuff the nuggets into my mouth
1 Votes run. flee. pray.
1 Votes quickly give up and offer him the nuggets, knowing i cannot stop him
1 Votes offer him some, but not all of the nuggets. perhaps friendship is the key
0 Votes pull out a knife. we will fight to the death.
0 Votes keep eating them as normal, if he steals them he steals them
0 Votes why do i even have chicken nuggets? i don't want these. he can have them.
1 Votes i don't want the nuggets, but i won't just give them to him purely on principle

plot summary:

  • didn't do much bc my premium expired and i am Poor and only felt secure/profiley enough to slap another year down yesterday
  • got to a Big Reveal in RP stuff and i'm amped about it
  • gonna try and do at least one mini bio per day this month for OCtober(tm) - cranked out two yesterday
  • briefly described the terms en2rety & altirety that pop up in bios
  • added more + better folder descriptions and tons of flattened subfolders so people's roles in the setting/story are much clearer now
  • lookin for someone to take over the generator freebie bin because i havent updated the thing in months and don't make enough freebies to feel invested in it anymore :pensive:

what's up gamers long time no see... because i didn't have premium for a couple months so how could i bear to be active on toyhou dot se while my poor ocs suffered from broken profiles?? (continues to ignore the ocs who still have messed up profiles from the big css changes like a year and a half ago)

uhhh actually don't have too much to say why'd i make a whole state of the iso address... well i dropped a big oc spoiler i'd been planning for 5 years in rp finally, you can see sort of a prelude here and the actual reveal here but basically A Certain OC who seemed innocent at worst turned out to decidedly be Not That and god i am so glad i finally get to rp him as his true self.

i had lofty goals of having a full profile out for orchid shortly after the reveal and i was gonna make a cool IC bulletin and probably mess with my user css and stuff for a while but things happened so fast that i wound up not having time and ever since i've just kinda been lazy. also i should probably wait for another very small reveal before i make a profile for him anyway just to make it easier to right, not that it won't have a bunch of stuff blacked out because The Reveals Have Only Begun

it's been fun tho obviously it's hard to talk abt to people i don't rp with but all the stuff happening right now is the culmination of a decade's worth of rp history and character development and planning and it's SUCH a relief to finally have ya boi orchid out there and to be able to talk about en2rety and have other people plan things now... it's fun to not have it all be limited to the Spoiler Club(tm) ya feel me now we can have shit like this thread of chaos

ANYWAY I dunno maybe I'll make Orchid a mini bio first just to have him up since he's so important, but he's also pretty deserving of a full-on bio and I think I'd like to just jump straight to that... but he's also got a ton going on and I should probably get him some better artwork than my own first so I can shove him in everyone's faces more properly but IDK

Speaking of mini bios though! I'm thinking of making this OCtober because OC is right in the name and I don't draw enough for Inktober, so why not do a thing where I make at least one mini bio every day? That seems manageable and would make up for time lost, not to mention I just need to get more OCs up in general. Not rly committing to anything for sure, but I'm definitely gonna give it a shot and at least try to make mini bios more often!

So with that being said, check out my latest two!:

- Here's Lureus, a catboy with an axe problem. Surrender your chicken nuggets before he takes them by force.

- And here's Chaurus, a beefy shark man who will try his best to save your chicken nuggets but cannot make promises.

They're both boyfriends of Poe and come from a similar school of "OC concepts I made on a whim but they quickly spiraled into being big favs and also Ignis fan-characters for some reason." I'm am... love them.

Also wanted to mention something that'll be present in all of my profiles: En2rety and Altirety. They've been mentioned here and there before, but long story short they're sort of like AUs that are important enough to at least get a footnote in people's trivia sections. Some are important/different enough that they'll get their own profiles (or at least mini bios,) but at the very least I'd like to make sure I mention them somewhere from now on. The real reason I bring them up is to describe them in here so you don't just ??? and wonder what the heck is going on.

Not going to get into Entirety theory and all that since that'll make things more complicated; read about it here if you'd like! But even that doesn't fully go over it, especially since it's written IC, so ideally I'll make a formal post about it somewhere. Thinking about making a FAQ bulletin or world thread or something where I could link that and my stats thread and ok I'm getting off-topic again. Like I said just think of them as AUs even they're more complicated than that... an Entirety is the consolidation of every timeline & alternate universe so they're Big Deals and no one should be crossing between them, basically.

En2rety is an Entirety where this jerk took over everything, ever, with the aid of that Entirety's version of Dicro. It's essentially the "bad end" for everyone's OCs. Might have to crosspost the thread where I talk about all of my differences (and everyone else does as well) since it provides a lot of info on what it's like! Just know that it's where the folks in that Big Reveal thread I linked hail from, and the fact that they can cross Entireties apparently is a big red flag.

Altirety - also called Intirety - is based off of our initial alternate Entirety subforum. It's less straightforward than En2rety, not really being a consistently better or worse version of Ent1rety/Entirety Prime. For example, the Tested don't have to kill each other all the time anymore and their creator is stable now, but pretty much everyone in SYOL is dead. Heaven and Hell College get along well now, but that changes so much that some OCs wound up never existing or have vastly different circumstances now. It's essentially an Entirety where everyone's story lines have one major change to them, and whether that change is good or bad varies quite a bit.

AND LINKING FOLDERS REMINDS ME I DON'T THINK I MENTIONED I FIXED UP ALL OF MY FOLDERS!??! I did that, like, a month ago, but go give my folders a look! They all have descriptions now and, better yet, I flattened things out so everyone's places in the setting/story should be more clear, especially for the HeColleges!

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I haven't really had the energy/interest to keep up on the Generator Freebie Bin for quite some time now and really need to hand over the reins to someone who'll actually keep it up to date! I'll mention it in the thread and the freebie bin discussion bin whenever I get the spoons to face the poor folks I've been rudely neglecting for so long out of shame and guilt, but if anyone's interested or knows someone who might be interested, hit me up!

That should be it, I think?? Hope you're all doing well, and hopefully I'll have some time to start catching up on my 2,116 character notifications because you all have very cool OCs!!

fite me

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by Isoprene

which team are you on, pal

3 Votes dream! (good, let us taste the blood of the weak together)
5 Votes nightmare! (you shall be VANQUISHED)
3 Votes i haven't been sorted yet bc i didn't do the early bird registration and the site keeps dying (valid.)
2 Votes i'm not into art fight (also valid.)

and be sorely disappointed as i participate even less than usual, which is impressive because my record is two entire art pieces

but i finally got an air conditioner so theoretically anything is possible.........??????

i am on team dream bc both dreams and nightmares are the iso aesthetic so i just let the randomizer pick for me

too lazy to provide any other updates tho rly i don't have much to update. that's life for ya

State of the Iso Address 6/9/19

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by Cel Entria Isoprene

What art do you tend to order the most of?

1 Votes Chibis/Pagedolls
0 Votes Pixels
0 Votes Icons
1 Votes Busts (+1)
2 Votes Half-Bodies/Waist-Ups
1 Votes Fullbodies
1 Votes Sketchpages
0 Votes Scenes
0 Votes Other?
2 Votes Depends on the artist and/or prices!
1 Votes I don't really order much art.


ANYWAY it's been a hot minute!! Things have changed a lot for me over the past couple months, so I figured it's about time I make another one of these!

part one: the life stuff and also the art stuff

The biggest thing is that I finally moved out and I've been living on my own. It's been... a surprisingly easy change since I'm pretty solitary anyway LOL it sucks not having cable or air conditioning and this apartment is Really Not The Best but it's been perfectly fine so far so that's cool!

The other big thing is that I got that job I mentioned interviewing for in my last bulletin!!!!! I work at a library as a shelver now which rly was pretty much my life goal because the workflow and setting are both so ideal! Only bad thing is that it's not full time, but I Am at least getting paid enough that I'm making more than I would be working $11 bucks an hour full time, which was about what I was stuck settling for when I was applying to jobs for months. City jobs don't mess around, baby!! They even started me higher than the base pay and everyone's always going on about what a hard worker I am and my boss keeps bragging about picking me and how well I did in my interview so it makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside!!!

Though things still aren't super stable, I mentioned in my last bulletin this job would fix all of my problems and I mean it fixed a lot BUT. I am an idiot who didn't account for 1/3 of my paycheck getting taken out for taxes and the pension I didn't ask for so UHHHH I gave myself a little wiggle room in my budget there but not quite that much. Fortunately I hadn't yet signed up for cable or quit my other job yet (where I work one day a week, usually 5:30 on Sundays) which is good bc I can definitely not afford either of those things!! Or much, really, back to the ol' livin paycheck to paycheck and I'm still kind of seeing if I can even pull that off but. Hopefully I can!! Otherwise that would be bad!!!!! But I probably can if I'm extremely careful, and if I Really need to then my current job will probably let me work both days of the weekend. It would suck never having a day off (except holidays bc city job baby!!!!! oh god please dont let there be another government shutdown) but... that's life for ya.

I lied there's another thing that's causing some strife; at my job I'm in charge of getting books from the book drop bins in the morning. We recently changed this at my request (gotta use my clout early babey!!!) so now book drop is also being done in the afternoon and evening by the people in those respective shifts BUT the first couple weeks it completely wrecked my left wrist (AKA the one that holds big piles of books while the other hand puts them on a cart) and I'm still recovering, which has been tricky because both jobs require me to use my wrists all day and so do all of my hobbies, and I only get one day off so it doesn't have much time to rest. So I haven't been doing too much typing lately; they were getting better throughout this past week so I'm optimistic despite my wrist flaring up again this weekend. But it definitely gets in the way of me trying out commissions or anything like that, which is unfortunate because it would really be helpful!! Also dying bc Art Fight is a month earlier this year..... why....... I will so not be ready in any sense........ life is hard.......... though I haven't done much art lately too because my tablet doesn't like my new laptop much because TL;DR trying to find the driver was An Ordeal and it's glitchy so it abruptly stops working after roughly 10 minutes so I have to keep unplugging it and re-plugging it throughout any drawing session so it's like... lies down...

BUT back to the point my new job is nice and I'm extremely grateful for it but things are still really tight for me, esp since my commute is half an hour so I have to buy gas nearly every week and breakfast is Mandatory bc of how laborious it is so now I eat (thunderclap) three meals a day which is like 3 extra bucks a day... and I need to find money to buy an air conditioner and that's gonna chew up my electricity... so you might see me attempt commissions in the future anyway or open a ko-fi or something but get the impression you're supposed to do something in return for ko-fi's or it's like Patreon where you're supporting a creator and thus you have to be consistently making things or something?? So I dunno, but I figured I'd mention it in case anyone has advice or experience with either of those two things! If I opened anything though it'd probably just be $10 experimental chibis (i have not drawn chibis in 20 mil years.) and experimental bust/icons akin to these.

OKAY let's get outta all this money and life jazz. Let's get to the part you're really here for...........

part two: the original the donuts part

As you may have noticed if you're (not like me and) up to date on your inboxes, I've started doing something I call mini bios! I'll start explaining by linking the two I've made as of this bulletin: Cel and Elemon!

So, what's with mini bios? I was thinking about Cel and how badly she needs a profile here - she's been around for over a decade and holds the rare distinction of being important throughout that entire time period and being actively RPed with throughout - but I just couldn't get through the block of having to write her RP history and having to solidify Lilesque's timeline enough to put down a full backstory. So I saw this template and was like... y'know what? Mini bio time. That's got the right amount of meat for me to feel comfortable posting publicly without it just being a WIP.

Basically, mini bios are like Iso Profiles Jr.. They're a halfway point between the placeholders of my adopts and my full profiles. They're an overview of the entire character and basically provide the most necessary information; when I link them you should be able to come away with a good idea of who they are, what they're capable of, and what their role is. You might not have the encyclopedic knowledge that comes from one of my full profiles, but it's a perfectly acceptable amount of info!

I say that because mini bios are okay to fav! Seems straightforward, but I know with WIP bios I always emphasized repeatedly in bulletins and elsewhere to Not favorite WIP characters, so I just wanted to make it clear that mini bios aren't like that! If I felt uncomfortable with mini bios getting favs I'd just disable favs since we can do that now! So don't hesitate to drop those lil stars if you happened to like/read them! They're complete profiles, after all, just lacking in the sheer amount of detail present in my "regular" profiles.

You might also note based on these two that I've officially stopped caring about art vs dollmakers. I just don't give a fuck anymore, I'm too poor for all that shit!! Commissions and adopts just aren't happening in my current financial state; I'd either need this job to be full time (extremely unlikely; the person who just got promoted to a full-time position was part-time for 20 years so.) or for like... my girlfriend to somehow immigrate and have a job and live with me and be making enough to cover her bills as well, SO combined with me not being in a good place to make art of my own physically or financially (new tablet with proper driver... money...) I just. Can't really care about that kind of thing if I ever want to upload my OCs here! Yeah they'll get less clicks and lil stars and make my character page less immediately appealing to potential new followers but man... who gives a hoot my friends... not me. Not anymore. You're gonna be seeing a lot of Dreamselfies and Rinmarus and Picrews and you're gonna like it. Or at least tolerate it, ideally.

So now that I have essentially nothing holding me back and mini bios are absurdly easy - Cel's and Elemon's took me maybe 2-3 hours max and they had a ton of info to condense and links to write - let me know if there are any characters of mine you'd like to see uploaded here! Whether they're adopts you want to finally see real profiles for or OCs you've seen me mention (be it in other bios or offsite on Twitter or Curious Cat or something,) feel free to mention them and I'll keep them in mind! Elemon was a request, for instance, so The System Works! Ideally I'd like to have at least one up per week, but you know me and consistency. Still, I crammed two out already this week and it was fairly effortless, so expect to see them around.

This means that most of my profiles will probably be mini bios from here on out, with full profiles usually evolving from those or from other pre-existing profiles. You'll still see full profiles now and then, it's just that the long gap between them will be filled by plenty of mini bios! Maybe someday I'll even have all of my OCs uploaded to my main! Imagine. But, yeah, I hope you'll enjoy them! And feel free to steal the idea tbh it's already lifted so much weight off of my shoulders to let them into my life!

EDIT: OH forgot to mention that mini bios I probably won't favorite to be in the featured rotation and they won't be displayed in my profile layout; I'll save those for the full profiles to try and make sure the ones I worked the hardest on are the most visible!

part three: other toyhouse things

UHHH what else. I caught up on my character notifs recently, but I haven't really been keeping up with forum notifs and the character ones are up to almost 200 again, but I'm checking them slightly more often than usual so there's that...? Between work and playing ACNL again and having 10 million websites to check and two mobile games to play every day and RP posts to make I keep having issues managing my time RIP but if you've been following me for more than like two minutes you're probably well aware of my inconsistency anyway.

I messed around with galleries a bit; Dicro and Istra both have galleries that'll reflect how large ones will be organized from here on out! Really digging this change since it helps me organize things better and just makes things neater! I won't go through and make All of them like this, since most of my OCs don't have enough images to justify it, but I figured it was worth noting! Next thing I'd like to work on at some point is finally doing folders and flattening and whatnot since that'd be useful for pretty much all of my settings! Like it'd be nice to split Lilesque into the different alliances, Hell College to have distinction between teachers and students, etc.!

Another thing: this was linked in Cel's profile, but I'll of course advertise here in a good ol' bulletin as well that I made a list of the Oresses! Or, well, I copypasted a list from my friends' RP forum that's just a brief overview, but considering that the "Oress Holders" get mentioned in a lot of Lilaverse profiles I figured it would probably be a good idea to explain what they actually are and list them out!

Finally, now that I know you can I've decided to upload lits even if the applicable OCs aren't uploaded to be linked to the story! Right now the only thing that's relevant for is Let not this body be wasted., which is a story I wrote a year or so ago that I'm still pretty happy with. There's a big dragon, lesbians, and depression, all of which are pretty hip with the kids these days, so check it out! Though I'm sure the relevant OCs will probably have mini bios soon enough...

I mention that because I have a 4(?)-part story in the work that involves a bunch of OCs that aren't uploaded, though like I just said they might end up with mini bios before any of the stories are actually finished, so who knows! I still need to upload some ancient artifacts that feature Cel, but as usual I'll probably make a bulletin whenever those get uploaded!

part four: the other stuff

uhh. I guess that's about it? I'll link my trades/resales again since I could use the money, and I'll link my Curious Cat again since even though I haven't answered questions in a while I still love getting them! Still need to think of more to ask, too, but always feel free to send my questions right back at me imo winkity wink...

Only other thing I can think to mention atm is that I'm tentatively developing an interest in checking out Discord servers! I get kinda lonely sometimes when I see my friends mention something they got from another server of theirs or w/e bc... my RP friend group server is like. The only one I'm on. I don't have anyone else to share memes with outside of commenting on mutuals' things every once in a while but I rly function better in group setting rather than DMs. I thought about making my own server so I can share epic memes with prior friends and my sick TH mutuals (that's you guys!!) alike but god do I not want to moderate things if it turns out ppl don't get along nor do I want to deal with followers getting upset that they don't get an invite bc I don't want to invite anyone I am 1000000% secure around ya feel me...

But yeah if you happen to have a private server for yours pals/mutuals or w/e that you think I'd fit well in, let me know and I'll check it out! Or really if you just happen to know of any servers that are relatively drama-free and have avenues to talk about OCs or other interests you might know I have or something! Like I said I'm still a little anxious bc I've been through enough internet drama to last 50 lifetimes and my friend group has been extremely drama-free so the thought of heading into something new is naturally a little intimidating! So don't feel too bad if I don't end up joining something I get linked to or don't stick around; also worth noting that I tend to lurk around for a while before I start actively talking and whatnot so I can get an idea of the community vibe.

That should be everything! If you know anything about ko-fi let me know, if you have any OCs you want to see mini bios for let me know, and if you have any cool Discord servers you know of let me know!

though how will i even live without these emojis...

it's... Birth

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago by Isoprene

grant me the power of your birthday wishes

14 Votes have a nice birthday o great and powerful iso, go forth and conquer

of ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 years ago that is.

thats all, not much else to say atm, still busy, got an interview on monday for a thing that'd fix my entire life in one fell swoop so i'm hoping that goes well but i'm trying not to get my hopes up Too high... but i rly want it. also need it. i got a week until my premium expires folks i need the financial security or my profiles are gonna look like garbo!!!!!! also something something rent i guess (i will be fine this month at least also i can probably get away with just buying an extra month for now premium-wise but i gotta add a little drama to keep my existential despair entertaining)

other than that uhh. i didn't end up making a bunch of new threads after all bc ive been so dang busy what with moving and working and still job hunting, might try and do some profiles soon or something but who knows, but i am trying to be more active on curiouscat again so hmu and i'll try and send you some qs at least once a week or so, and ideally eventually more often eventually once i can stop spending all my dang time on looking for jobs and what have you

but yeah that's all!! hope you're all having a good time and apologies for slow/nonexistent responses on things and having 1,645 character notifications to go through. the apparent life hack atm is to link your ocs on curiouscat when you answer questions to receive my tiny little stars. i hope the new meme will be sending me qs that're just "what do you think of my cool oc," unironically, that sounds like a solid meme really