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GOT ACCEPTED INTO AN AFFORDABLE AND DEPENDABLE APARTMENT WITH A MERCIFUL MOVE-IN DATE OF APRIL 1ST (or earlier)............................ YEAH BABY!!! it's got its flaws but It's Affordable And Dependable and also near a lot of things so i'm ok with it

now i just need a full-time job to get back to me. any day now. that would be nice. i've been applying to three jobs a day every day for a while now (which is why i didn't actually end up being active for a lil bit on cc after all bc that rule (which is understandable) was put in place like a day after i made that bulletin) but haven't had any luck w/ even interview offers aside from one place which i quickly discovered is a Nightmare Hell Zone where the founders (who hang around bc the hq is in my area) throw millions of dollars at homophobes and transphobes and complain that millennials are special snowflakes (also common among management per glassdoor) so i decided to not pursue that. no amount of money is worth the agony that would be lmao even if my immediate co-workers were cool

ANYWAY i'm mostly just making this bulletin to say activity is still gonna be low for a while yet, but that kind of provides an estimate of when my life will start settling and my activity can be consistent again! i might get more active before then if i can get a damn job which is rly just my major obstacle, i could vent abt it for 50 years but i don't want a big ol vent abt unrelated stuff pinned on my oc website profile page but i'll just leave it at finding a job Is Hard esp when you kinda wasted your degree bc you didnt end up interested in its careers. so now i'm 30k in debt and spent 5 years in college and the result is me struggling to get a job that pays at least 11 dollars an hour - the bare minimum i need to pay bills every month and that might not be enough still bc our estimates are rough and also i'd still have to keep my current job one day a week - to take me

WHOOPS rambling again but yeah point is things are still gonna be inactive for a while, i still check cc every day to drop those mfuckin likes but haven't had time to send stuff, and i check here every day but mostly for bulletins and pings since i haven't had time for a lot of oc reading but i got all that saved in my inbox so i'll get around to it Eventually. atm any free time i have after i'm done scraping the bottom of the barrel for jobs is spent on playing etrian odyssey nexus bc it's so hecking long i feel like i'll probably have a job before i manage to finish it. which i mean is good bc god do you get your money's worth in terms of play time but what a terrible time for a long-ass game i rly like to release... suffering...

uh but yeah, tl;dr inactivity update: still inactive. still gonna be for a while. could be over a month before i have time to just sit and chill on the ol' internet, but could also be earlier

ALSO i might open commissions in the future if i can't get anything over 11 bucks an hour bc having that extra income would help a lot to have some form of emergency funds! art is a struggle for me and i dunno where the spoons will come from after working full-time 5 days a week + saturday mornings considering i rarely have art spoons when i have nothing goin on but we'll see... it might be a necessity so yeah. if i opened anything it'd probably be like lineless busts and chibis (i mean i gotta figure out how to chibi but ya know) akin to the little square fanart things i made a while back. it's a big maybe but i mention it bc when things settle i might open up requests to practice with and whatnot! would probably be around $10 bucks? also might open up a or something at some point for anyone who wants to throw money at my poor ass

and yeah thats it! 2 lazy to think of a poll but have a nice day

Princess Soul Ultimatum + other updates!

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Who's your favorite Princess?

1 Votes Rhiannon
0 Votes Isabella
0 Votes Primula
0 Votes Dakota
1 Votes Valeria
0 Votes Belinda
2 Votes Koa
0 Votes Yeong-hui
1 Votes Blair
1 Votes Nephele
1 Votes Lenore
0 Votes Irma

Have been working on a big ol' multi-character mini-profile thing for Princess Soul Ultimatum - also known as Princess RPG, the setting I've been hyperfixating on for the past month or two - and decided to post it! I was originally going to wait until after I finished the tabs for the Dark Princesses (a group of Princesses who had their unexpectedly psychological isekai adventure a year prior and decided to give up their humanity and stay in Delphys,) the B Team (a group of Princesses owned by my gf who wound up never meeting up with the A Team and go on their own parallel adventure,) and everyone's patrons, but... that could take a long time and I really want to have info about these characters available publicly somewhere!! Also I can't rly make the patrons in kisekae rip

But yeah, check it out! Bunch of fancy lil mini-bios that I think look pretty rad, definitely check out that coder!! Though this wasn't meant to have multiple copies in a single bio but I THINK I tweaked things enough to not break on small screens! If you notice any coding weirdness or any typos, let me know!

...also i call them mini-bios but i accidentally went through like their whole backstories RIP i am incapable of making small bios... but considering the themes of the story I really wanted to get down to their specific role in the conflict, which requires a little backstory to explain why they feel the way they do! I wanted to describe their forms, too, but... so little space... I don't want to cram even more in that lil box!! I might make a thread about their forms and general abilities, though, which I'll link in that profile and make a bulletin about when/if I do! Shouldn't take Too long to whip up something like that considering I've epicly laid everything out before, so maybe I'll go work on something like that now... maybe a thread would be a good avenue for patrons as well...

ALSO I've made up a lot of monsters/names for things in there so here's a quick overview of the less-Googleable things:

  • Nephilim: Human-angel hybrids mostly defined by their massive size, naturally being approximately, well, 4,134 ft tall; Isabella's patron wears a shitton of accessories to reduce her size but she's still hanging around in the 40s. They also appear more human than angels, having mostly just wings and a halo and lots of feathers whereas angels get a little alien.
  • Ovis: Name pending hardcore; Ovises are basically sheeple. Curly horns, little tails, hooved legs, and lots of floofy fur. Typically have dream-related abilities, because where do you think the idea of counting sheep comes from??? (dakota's patron is a big math nerd)
  • Anodyna: A sort of sub-species of slime, though they're much more solid, more like a gummy bear than slime. They typically have glowy bits as well and their typical forms give them the suggestion of being in a nurse outfit. They have advanced healing magic and their slime - which they can change the viscosity of - is usually bottled and sold as a healing remedy.
  • Sucra: Basically dessert gijinkas of varying types and properties that have some undecided bits or another (might give them tentacles or a rly long flexible tail + some funky shard horns/ears??) made out of colorful sugar.
  • Formican: Ant folks. Yeah. Known for their large communities and sheer number of warriors.
  • Selachim: Shark folks. Yeah pt 2. They get a bad rap, but they're actually pretty nice.
  • Bicorn: Panther taurs who have two unicorn horns, a flowy unicorn tail, and horse ears. Kind of a hybrid of the original Middle Ages depiction and the typical modern form (Evil Unicorn With Two Horns.) Alarmingly vicious predators.
  • Nephoid: Cloud folks with various subtypes based off of cloud types. Nephele's patron, for example, is based off of stratus clouds.
  • Witch: Proficient mages who're also black cat kemonos bc dammit a kitty witch species IS A GOOD IDEA!!!
  • Nebuloid: Space-based beings partially made out of nebulae and have rocky limbs. They have mastery over gravity.

And yeah, that should be it, def give it a glance: PSU is a really meaningful story to us because it's very rooted in our own self-exploration, breakthroughs, and coping w/ the world around us both in immediate terms and wide-scale terms. It's influenced a lot by the experience of us, our friends, our families, and other people we know, and I think it's probably one of the only settings I have where I went into it with themes in mind and a message I wanted to say. Also it has cute monster girls and I like cute monster girls leave me alone (also poe's sister is in here which gives a little more context to his interabang tab and relationships)

As for the other notes! I uhhhhh never got too active again did I. TL;DR after being intensely distracted by that hbomberguy DK64 stream for a couple days I wound up having some laptop issues and got a new one (only possible thanks to an extremely generous contribution from my literal angel of a girlfriend bc I still don't have a full-time job and my hours have been rly dire,) so it took a while to get things backed up and ready for transfer. Then when I went to go transfer stuff TL;DR the new laptop almost started on fire so I had to take it back and get a NEW new one which works fine (I mean I can't fuckin get adaptive lighting to shut off but OTHER THAN THAT) and then transferring everything over took a million years...

I'd say I'd start being more active BUT I just found out the other day that Etrian Odyssey Nexus is coming out on the 5th... and it's like 100 hours long and much bigger than any previous EO game... so. I will not be more active. Well okay there's still time between now and then, but my RP backlog has built up a bit and I've been displaying the quality of my prioritizing skills by catching up on SA threads and LPs instead of doing more productive internet stuff so NO PROMISES

Probably gonna get to catching up on Curious Cat and asking stuff again for a while, though, so if you want sick Qs let me know what your profile is since I haven't recognized half of the people who've followed me so I dunno what to ask!! Mine's over here. I usually ask a lot of more general questions (like "which oc..." or stuff about favorite video games, etc.,) but if you ever want questions about anything specific feel free to let me know! or if you have kinds of questions you don't like getting! I love questions about pretty much anything, especially OCs, but you can probably find some info about interests somewhere on my tumblr I haven't edited anything on in almost 3 years RIP, probably even more than that on my pages bc the last few times i edited my age that was all i touched... rest in peace

uhhhhh that's it i think! gonna try and work on getting through notifs before eox comes out at least though i only have i little over 100 chara ones rn... and will probably start doing CC stuff tonight! have a nice eve my friends

OH ALSO holy fuck you can switch wysiwyg for specific things now im mcfreakin losing it this is all i've ever wanted... sheds a single tear... profiles will be much less of a hassle now

A couple new things!

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who's got the cooliest powers

2 Votes chiro shiroiro
0 Votes yseult voshell
0 Votes doctor chainsaw
1 Votes ametrine galena

WHOOPS should've made this yesterday but whatever! I've written a couple new things in the past few days - all of them pretty short - so check 'em out!:

  • warm - a super short (a whopping 337 words) fic about my cutie pie gf's cutie pie oc and her cutie pie feelings about her cutie pie gfs. it's Gay

  • Anomalies in Entirety - A library entry. Not a particularly amazing one and very brief, but it describes the unusual powers of a bunch of OCs I haven't uploaded. Well, you can see Chiro here at least...?

  • Entirety Theory - An absolute must-read if you've ever wondered "wtf is all this 'Entirety' junk Iso keeps mentioning!" It's written in-character and therefore doesn't explain things in the way I might to make things clearer. I'm hoping to make a thread like with Tested Anatomy and the stats thread that explains a lot of terms for my things, like elaborating further on what exactly a Reality it is and how it differs from, say, a universe or dimension. I'm always willing to answer stuff outside of fancy posts, though, so if you're ever confused about something feel free to ask on here or Curious Cat!

Still gonna be inactive for a little bit, I might answer some CC stuff soon but I drew An Entire Small Picture Featuring One Character And No Background(tm) last night and thus my spoons are drained for the next 10,000 years... also I'm still working on one more epic gf fanfic but we'll see how long that takes since it's considerably longer than the first one! It's still gay though. I think any work involving Solana is inherently gonna be at least a little gay. She's very cute please look at her!

Uhhhh yeah that's it I guess! Have a nice day!!

EDIT: OH YEAH as usual pls let me know if you spot any typos or other errors so i can fix 'em!! most of my writing is done at like midnight so i am not a very good proofreader.

Mini hiatus!

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how much do u think i love my gf

8 Votes INFINITY much (this it the only option because it is the correct answer. have a nice day)

Howdy folks, just wanted to let everyone know I'm gonna be slacking on notifications/responses/Curious Cat questions and answers/profiles etc. for the next week or so most likely! Tomorrow's my cutie pie angel wonderful perfect gf memeduchess' birthday and I wanted to make her stuff on my three-day weekend last week, but I wound up having a migraine the whole time and preparing Nothing. I have a disturbing amount of time off this week, though (like... almost the entire week. after tomorrow i don't work again until saturday. rip money,) so I really want to spend some time drawing stuff for her and maybe trying to crank out a short story or two about our OCs!

I am....................................... love my gf

BUT afterward things should be back to normal again and I'll still probably do stuff outside of that, just at a much slower pace for the next few days!

and now... i'm cat again

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HELLO it's me and i'm gettin all slow and inactive again because i started playing let's go pikachu.... Whoops. BUT i keep seeing people talking about curious cat again which made me really want to remake mine (i deleted it way back when when there was a brief scandal about them using personal data or something that wound up being false information but alas it was too late which is weird bc i don't usually do things so impulsively like that but ANYWAY) so i did!:

feel free to ask me questions about whatever, be it about ocs or what the best kind of toast is! (the answer is peanut butter toast)

ALSO be sure to link yours bc i followed some people i recognized from my twitter recs but i dunno if those are current accounts or not plus i'm sure i missed 10,000 people i'd love to follow and make up questions on the spot to!

shiny new profile oooooooh

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how much water have you drank today

0 Votes all of it.
0 Votes maybe too much water
2 Votes plenty!
1 Votes probably enough
1 Votes maybe enough?
4 Votes probably not enough.
2 Votes DEFINITELY not enough.
3 Votes none. fear me. fear the state of my flesh

no not a character it's my user profile!!! saw this code around the block and decided i must have it bc i've been meaning to revamp my profile anyway since there was a bunch of outdated stuff on there (like not having adopts uploaded and whatnot)

also there's a list of COOL PEOPLE on there now and YOU'RE PROBABLY ON IT!!!!!! and if you're not well ur probably still cool but i am very forgetful and was inactive for a long time or don't feel like we comment on each other's things a lot etc etc so don't feel bad, mayhaps you will end up on the wall of fame someday... Imagine... especially if i just managed to forget our mutual acquaintanceship. i am not a talented acquaintance.

and now u can also click on all of my sweet friends essentially none of whom use this dang site, upload your donuts you jerk so i can link mine to them!!! the nerve of some people...

New story + Felicity's profile!

Posted 1 month, 18 days ago by Felicity Gottschalk Isoprene

on a scale of thyx to 2cro how depressed are you

1 Votes thyx (cryptid incapable of experiencing sorrow)
1 Votes felicity (every reason to be depressed but dammit you're doing your best)
3 Votes dicro (depressed but you hide it with a chipper attitude and a comical enjoyment of death)
1 Votes poe (no one will know you're depressed if you constantly hide it!)
1 Votes lysis (obviously depressed but in denial)
0 Votes tigel (radiates depressed energy and doesn't care who knows it)
0 Votes laplata (avatar of tragedy and woe, you will die of second-hand heartbreak if you draw near)
0 Votes 2cro (so depressed you could destroy all of existence and hop into another concept of existence to escape your feelings and Still be depressed)

Decided to spruce up a profile today, and the next on the poll was Felicity! She had one of the more up-to-date profiles, so the only new info is under RP History, Stats, and Interabang, though she's got pics in Attributes now with the usual hover text! Her profile was pretty broken, though, but now it's nice and legible! And even more rainbowy!  S o   m u c h   c o l o r !  Hopefully not too much, though...?

Also cranked out a short story last night called Exuviae, which is a peek into 2cro's early days that gives you an idea of where and how his fall really started. It's a bummer! But also pretty short, so if you need your depression fix there's a nice little snack for you! Maybe someday poor Spades will get a nice ref and a profile... Someday...

Other than that Uhhhhh still busy but things are slowing down a little, it's been nice having the time to post in forum games again here and there! Hope everyone's having a pleasant end of the yearsmas!

Tested Anatomy

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uhh.................... apple juice?

5 Votes yes!
2 Votes sometimes
0 Votes no.....
0 Votes Never.

Throughout my profiles, you've probably seen me make reference to the Tested quite a bit and the fact that they have anatomy that differs from a normal human being despite looking pretty average. So what's that all about? Who are the Tested (well aside from the name of the people who live in the Test Reality?) Well, now you can read all about their deceptively strange anatomy!! Be warned, however, there's lots of talk about death, body horror, and there's a bit under a spoiler box at the end about sex; if you feel like you might need more specific warnings let me know!

I wrote this last night in a rush while super tired so it's SUPER sloppy and disorganized imo, drops a bunch of character names of people who I haven't uploaded, and it's not as in-depth as it could be (particularly in terms of how the Tested feel about their weird bodies and the cultural norms that exist there because of them) but I think it covers all the bases? It's not locked, so if you have any questions or want more elaboration on a subject, feel free to ask and I'll add it to the FAQ portion! You can always ask here, too!

I'll probably edit profiles to link to that thread at some point but I also said that about the stats update and I've yet to do that......... thonk.......

Otherwise Uhhhhhhhhh not much goin on here, well I mean lots going on IRL and whatnot but still checkin in pretty regularly, hopefully after Christmas things will start settling so I can do profile stuff more and post more on the forums and whatnot!!

OH also if you'd like to see a sampling of the ill effects of soul vibration, look no further! I should find a place to link that in the thread maybe...

also if you couldn't tell the specific phrasing of buttholes not being canon is a meme in my friend group. we're very mature folks. well thats my story

Aranaea and Fray's profiles are fixed/completed!

Posted 2 months, 1 day ago by Fray Isoprene

How long have you had your oldest OC?

0 Votes 0-1 years.
0 Votes 1-3 years.
1 Votes 3-5 years.
1 Votes 5-7 years.
2 Votes 7-10 years.
1 Votes 10-15 years.
2 Votes 15-20 years.
0 Votes 20+ years!
2 Votes It's kinda complicated. (i feel ya)

WELL UH. ABOUT THAT WEEK THING. whoops. I actually finished Aranaea's profile so long ago that I should've said something about it (outside of that one profile thread,) but... I foolishly assumed I could take on Fray's next since she was next on the list. It actually went smoothly at first since I had already filled in quite a few things - though admittedly I did very little revamping and a lot of her sections leave something to be desired, but effort - but... then I hit the RP History section. Oof.

Fray happens to be my oldest extant OC since she's just an evolution of my various ancient self-inserts, so needless to say even though I glossed over a lot that section is probably longer than the rest of the profile combined! Just click on History and look at your scrollbar. Yeah. Can't blame anyone for skipping through it, but it gives a lot more elaboration about her and Dicro's relationship with this Ignis dude that's in like every damn OC of mine's links. Someday I'll bully Exuro into finishing his profile, someday...! But it's a pretty good crash course in my RP History anyway since Fray was in Lila (a roleplay on RPGateway that ran for 2 years and established most of the OC connections that exist to this day) and has been used on every site I've gone on, not to mention her involvement with major players in the RPverse. That whole thing is pretty much just a summary of Lila though, man did I go hard on that

Thanks to everyone who voted on that poll from my last bulletin, btw! Felicity is up next and then Tulippa and Ochotnik have one vote each, then after that I'll just sorta update whoever I feel like first. Then onward to new profiles! Though I should mention the timeline is foggy there. I just finished my last week of school - graduation ceremony is tomorrow!! - so needless to say things have been busy the past two weeks or so! I also work in retail so my hours have been pretty brutal; I have to get up at 3 in the morning for all of my shifts next week, for example, so it leads to me napping the day away.

...But honestly though the big obstacle is that Smash Ultimate came out LMAO outside of school/work I've mostly been binging through World of Light. I don't have Nintendo Online yet bc I'm poor and I'm not done with everything I want to do in Smash before messing around online anyway, but if you want to add my Switch my code is SW-3765-8078-5108! We could theoretically play something together someday, maybe!

But yeah, things'll still be busy because retail + job searching full-time now that I'm done with the one obstacle I have to time + Smash, not to mention I want to catch up on RP stuff again before focusing on things like profiles. But at least I'm gradually trudging through notifications....???? I only have 118 character ones right now which is pretty impressive for me ok

And that's that! Enjoy the spider lady and the evolution of baby's first OC!

While thinking about whose profile I should do next, I realized that I kinda have a shitton of profiles that are still broken since the Toyhouse update way back when broke profiles v3 and v4. Mostly v3, oof, at least v4 is just obnoxious and jumpy to get through. But, point is, I'm looking for advice on who I should prioritize! I'll probably work on v3 characters over v4 ones either way, but it'd be nice to be able to prioritize characters that my followers are more interested in and would like to be able to read again! Not to mention I've added plenty of new sections over the past year or so, so they'd have some extra information to write up!

Here's the strawpoll; it's anonymous and you can select multiple options!:

And here are the options so you can click and see how horribly broken they are:

Feel free to leave additional opinions and whatnot below! I'll be working on these instead of new profiles for the next week or so, and the timeframe is only that long because I've got homework + a project to do at the last minute. Only one of these OCs aside from Fray (who's gonna have one beefy RP history section) have been RPed with and they otherwise have a lot of the same sections, so it shouldn't take Too long to convert? I'll probably make a bulletin to advertise how many I've completed on a daily basis if I really end up being that snappy, but I'll also of course slam that notify button when they're finished!